How Keyword Research Improves Your SEO


Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.
Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.

If you haven’t done keyword research at all or haven’t done keyword research recently, your SEO campaign probably isn’t reaching its full potential. No matter how awesome your website is or how informative your content is, if you don’t have the right keywords, you’re not going to be reaching the right readers, and that means you might as well not even have a website or any content. Keyword research is integral to a robust search engine optimization campaign. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Keyword Research Ensures Your Website Actually Shows Up in Search Results

Use the wrong keywords, and your SEO campaign will have so much competition that is has no chance of showing up anywhere near the top of the search results. You might end up on page three or four, but if you really want significant traffic, you need to be on page one or two. In fact, 98% of searchers won’t click behind the first page of Google. If you want to be truly visible, that’s where you want to be. Keyword tools make it possible for you to find keywords that would actually allow you to do this.

Keyword Research Helps You Reach the Right Audience

If you use the wrong keywords, you will not be reaching the right audience. Why? Because the people that you really want to find your content won’t be able to find it and those that do find it won’t be interested in it. When you properly research your keywords, you can reach out to the audience that is actually going to be interested in what you have to say, instead of wasting your time and budget trying to reach people that do not want to read your content.

Keyword Research Improves Your Content

How can finding the right keywords improve your content? One of the biggest benefits of using a keyword tool is finding suggestion for new keywords, and therefore new topics, that you might never have considered writing about before. The right tool will be able to tell you want people are looking for. This can help you produce better content that reaches out to your audience to provide them with information they actually want to know. It really is as simple as that!


What Makes a Good Keyword?

JAAXY 1Introduction:

A good keyword has essentially three components. It has:

High search volume
Low competition

Each of these components breaks down into a number of different sections. Understanding what makes a good keyword can mean the difference between a successful website that reaches your target audience and just another dead website that has no relevant visitors.


Is your keyword targeted? Or is it too broad? Is it actually related to the topic of your website, or is it just a high search volume keyword? You do not want your keywords to be too broad. Finding targeted keywords means finding keywords that people who are actually looking for your website will search.

It’s the difference between “shoes,” and “black leather combat boots.” If what you sell are black leather combat boots, but you’re using the keyword “shoes,” you’ll find some people who are interested in your product, yes—you’ll find many more if you used “black leather combat boots,” however.

High Search Volume

This simply means that the keyword is likely to be searched. Many keyword research tools will provide you with this information because they know that the right keyword is on that gets plenty of traffic. You might have a really good idea for a keyword, but if no one is actually ever looking for that keyword, no matter how great your content is, no one will ever find it. The higher the search volume on a keyword, the better.

Low Competition

Picking a keyword that has low competition, in addition to relevancy and high search volume, means that you will not have to work very hard in order to get your website to the top of the search results. Keywords with a lot of competition are difficult to top, while those that your competitors have ignored, but which are still being searched by your target audience, will send plenty of traffic your way.

Which Is Most Important?

None of these three components is most important—they are all equally important. A good keyword is one that has all three of these aspects. It may be impossible to find a keyword that has very high search volume and very low competition, but one that has a good compromise between these two aspects is still great, as long as the keyword is still highly relevant.


How to Find Keywords No One Else Is Using

Looking for a NIche
Looking for a NIche

The problem with keyword research is that it can sometimes only show you keywords that everyone else is using. If this is the case, you may not be using the right seed keywords or you may not be looking in the right places. If you want to find keywords that have very low competition but still have high search volume, here’s how:

Start With the Right Keyword Research Tool

If you’re not using the right keyword research tool, it’s going to be impossible to find keywords that no one else is using. If you were just to sit down and brainstorm keywords, you probably wouldn’t be able to come up with original keywords or you wouldn’t be able to come up with keywords that people are actually searching for. Finding the right tool that gives you suggestions and stats about those keyword suggestions. I suggest JAAXY for affiliate marketers.

Look for Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords that are longer than a few words. In general, they are a full phrase like “how to find good keywords,” or “best black shoes for weddings.” As searches have become far more conversation and far less structured, using keywords like these are far more effective than just using the standard one or two word phrases. People are searching for them, but your competitors probably aren’t using these keywords.

Look for LSI Keywords

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. In general, these keywords are synonyms and context clues that Google and other search engines can use to determine the topic of your content. For a very simplified example, consider this situation: you have a website about different types of sandwiches. Google uses clues like “ham sandwiches,” “roast beef sandwiches,” and even words like “mustard,” and “mayonnaise,” in order to determine that you are talking about the food and not the Earl of Sandwich. Using extended keywords and long tail keywords that include this kind of LSI information can make you much more successful in the search results.

Research Your Niche

If you’re still having trouble finding keywords that have high search volume but low competition, you might want to start researching your own niche. Reddit is a great place to find thousands of topic suggestions under just about every heading. Search for businesses like yours on social media and see what people are saying about them. Look for words and phrases that come up a lot and test those in your keyword tool.


I Just Started My Ninth Year at Wealthy Affiliate University

Note: The FTC wants you to know that links from this article may lead to a purchase that will pay me a small commission. If you do join WAU, I will be grateful.
John T. Jones, Ph.D.
John T. Jones, Ph.D.

I’m 83 years old but I’m still bucking the odds. I just enrolled for another year at Wealthy Affiliate University. This will be my ninth year. Sooner or later I’ve got to get out of this business of trying to make a buck on the Internet, but for now I am staying.

I still have about a dozen active sites. I have been cutting back the number of sites dramatically. I host them at Wealthy Affiliate where I’m allowed to have 30 sites on their server. Their hosting service has been very good over the years. It is one reason that I stick around at WAU.

Ivana is one who learned how to make money on the Internet at WAU. There are many others, some very wealthy.
Ivana is one who learned how to make money on the Internet at WAU. There are many others, some very wealthy.

Wealthy affiliate is a community of people of common interest. It’s like being part of a society for stamp collectors. Wealthy affiliate is a community of people who want to earn money on the Internet. Since wealthy affiliate is the premier training site in the world and far surpasses any university course of study that you could take on the subject of making money on the Internet, and far less cost, many folks have been there for a number of years.

Personally, I think those who join Wealthy Affiliate should enroll for one year. The reason is that the cost is greatly reduced and a full commitment is made to setting up websites and getting income. Any half hazard approach will fail.

It cost nothing to start that wealthy affiliate because they have a lifetime free membership which will allow you to create two websites on on their server to get you going. Which can see daylight, you can sign up for the premium membership which has many advantages over the free membership.

The cost of a premium membership is $47 per month. That is pretty stiff for most people even though it is much less that a college course at your local junior college. That is why I say to pay annually to reduce the cost dramatically. When you join wealthy affiliate as a premium member, your cost will never go up. I am still paying what I paid over eight years ago.

WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to  learn and that take time.
WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to learn and that take time.

Wealthy Affiliate offers many courses of study. Premium members also enjoy tutorials on many subjects, some created by members such as me. I have always been one of the top trainers at Wealthy Affiliate University. I’m getting a bit old for that now, but I still put up a tutorial now  and then.

One of the most important things about affiliate marketing is that you need answers to questions. You can get answers almost instantly at Wealthy Affiliate because they have a chat room that is always open. You can also post questions for members to answer and you will get a response quickly. If all else fails, you can always ask one of the owners, Kyle or Carson.

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.
One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

One tremendous advantage of wealthy affiliate is that Kyle and Carson worked their way through college by affiliate marketing. Unlike a college professor that is trying to teach you how to do this, they have the experience that is needed to lead you in the right tracks. And they are always up to date and know directly what is going on with the Internet.

You need to realize that affiliate marketers are not liked by the search engines. They will do everything they can to stop content appearing on the Internet that is not related to what people are looking for on the Internet. Wealthy Affiliate will tell you how to create relevant content that is useful to readers on the Internet but that also helps them to solve a specific problem. Then the search engines will love you.

To make money on the Internet, you need to generate traffic to your sites. There are a number of ways to do this and you will learn them at WAU.
To make money on the Internet, you need to generate traffic to your sites. There are a number of ways to do this and you will learn them at WAU.

That is really. The secret to making money on the Internet. You need to be helping people solve a particular problem. Of course you need traffic on your websites to earn money. How to generate traffic will be an important part of your training.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to learn the basics. That takes time. I will probably take you several months, even a year, to start making income. But that income from free you from financial burdens and improve your lifestyle. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is a good investment for your future.

Stay away from the gurus who offer you get-rich-schemes that do not work. They know how to make money. That is how they rip you off! John

How much longer will I stay at wealthy affiliate? I’m too old to say. But I plan to be here for this next year. If I’m still kicking in 2016 and able to punch a keyboard or dictate into my computer as I’m doing now, I will shoot for 10 years.

That is called career planning. LOL


P.S. I’m tjbooks at WAU. Say, Hello!, when you get over there. John

Easy Affiliate Marketing

John T. Jones, Ph.D. Buhl, Idaho
John T. Jones, Ph.D.
Buhl, Idaho


There is no such thing as easy affiliate marketing. At one time, it was easy. Folks were clicking on banners and if you linked a banner to an affiliate link, you could make a sale for which you would gain a commission. Placing banners on your website will not make you rich as an affiliate marketer.

The search engines upon which affiliate marketers depend, hate affiliate marketers. So they do everything they can to make life miserable for them. The search engines want folks who are using their search function to find information that is relative to the information they are actually looking for. So crappy websites geared simply to pushing a product are dumped from the listings or buried so deep that it would take a month of Sundays to find them.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Business

If you’re going to go into affiliate marketing you need both training and a business plan. In my opinion, since I’ve been a member since 2008, Wealthy Affiliate is the premier site for learning affiliate marketing. You can join for free but if you want the whole shebang, you will need to be a premium member which costs $47 each month. I suggest that you pay annually where the cost is about one-half.

You can go to and prepare a business plan at no cost.

You really need to know where are you going before you take your first steps to success as an affiliate marketer.

Advantages to Being an Affiliate Marketer

There are some advantages to being an affiliate marketer:

1. You can work at home, if you have a computer. If you don’t have a computer, you can use a computer at the library.

2. Once the you have made enough money to leave your day job, you can save money on transportation, clothing, union dues, child care and other costs associated with working a day job.

3. Affiliate marketing can lead you to selling your own products, or products for which you have an exclusive, on the Internet.

4. The startup cost for affiliate marketing are low. The minimum cost are for purchasing a domain and having it hosted.

5. You have the potential of making a substantial income.

6. If you have a portable computing device with Internet access, you can work wherever you are.
7. You can work in your underwear if you want to.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

1. You do not have control of your own products. You are dependent upon vendors who may discontinue their affiliate programs or even compete with you.

2. You do not have control of your customers. Your vendor will pay you a high commission, often up to 100%, for your first sale. But you don’t know who the customer is and the vendor will make all of the back sales where the big money is.

3. You need to give your readers, the visitors to your website, a free gift to get them to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter. You probably will have to pay some like AWeber or GetResponse to maintain your list. You must sell (promote) to this list.

4. You must attract traffic to your website which can be either a lengthy or expensive procedure.

Writing Relevant Content

To be an affiliate marketer, you must supply continually information that is relevant to the niche you are working. A niche is a small segment of a larger market. You must work within that market to learn what people are like, what they want and what they need. Your job is to promote, not to sell. Selling is the job of the vendor.

You need to begin with keyword research. I use JAAXY because it was designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Your keyword should be in your domain name and in the first paragraph of any post or article that you put up on the web. Using more keywords may be considered to be “stuffing”by the search engines. However, relevant keywords will come up natural as you write in the search engines will use these two characterize your article. Articles need to be at least 500 words for the search engine to determine its relevance.

Many affiliate marketers purchase content from writers at or other sites. Whoever does the writing, it must be checked for proper spelling and grammar. is a good place to purchase banners, logos and many other functions related to affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

1. Find a niche market. Sometimes the best niche markets are based on your own skills, talents and education. Avoid the money-making niche at least to start. It is very competitive. It is better to look in a niche in relationships, expensive hobbies and health and beauty. But don’t limit yourself. A good niche should have magazines associated with the niche. Then you can see what the niche members are looking for by reading the magazine and am looking for related advertisements.

2. Go to and start preparing your business plan.
3. Learn how to do affiliate marketing. Just stay away from the gurus who will give you a gift and then sell you one thing after another and may actually give you harmful information that will delay your progress. Remember that the gurus are your competition in the money-making niche. I suggest you start at Wealthy Affiliate. If I were you, I would pay for a one-year premium membership because of the low cost. That also will help you to make the required commitment that you will have to have to be successful in Internet marketing. There will be no up sales or back sales by the owners, Carson and Kyle. If you don’t have the money, then use the free membership at WAU to get started.

4. Go to the affiliate networks for the companies themselves to obtain affiliate links. is very popular. For Digital Products, I suggest that you use

5. Develop your own products or get access to products that you have an exclusive on. You can start with a free web store at to sell products that you make or older products that you may pick up at garage sales. My story is MyStuffy and my granddaughters’ store is YumBaby.
Having your own little store can bring you some extra cash that can be used to get you established in Internet marketing.

6. Buy your domain name, get it hosted, and build your website. is a good place to buy your domain names and is a good place to host them. I use Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting because I’ve been there since 2008. Most all hosting companies provide themes and plug-ins. You will learn to do all of these functions if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Keep updated on what is going on in the Internet. That is one reason it is nice to be part of a community of Internet marketers such as WAU.


P.S. If you visit WAU, my ID there is tjbooks.

Make Your Blog Work

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site, including links from images, may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)
Wealthy Affiliate. I joined in 2008. This is the Premier Internet training site. John
Wealthy Affiliate. I joined in 2008. This is the Premier Internet training site. John

Make Your Blog  Put Groceries on the Table

1. Your blog should provide relevant and useful information to a niche market.

2. A niche market is a smaller segment of a larger market.

3. To work a niche market, you must be part of the market.

4. To be part of the market you must join in on chats and forums.

5. Niche markets often have niche magazines. You should be a subscriber.

6. Magazines will help you keep up on trends and what your competitors are doing.

7. You can promote your blog in niche magazines.

8. From the start, you should offer a newsletter or other free item to build a mailing list.

9. Back end orders from your mailing list should become a major source of income.

10. Placing AdSense ads on your blog will add income.

11. Offering affiliate products can add income.

12. It is wise to add your own products, products that you have complete control of.

13. You can sell space on your blog to advertisers.

14. You need to post often with original up-to-date information.

14. Your emails or newsletter must not become solely a sales platform.

15. Use WordPress for easy blog post and page creation.

WordPress. Most all hosting companies give you free access.
WordPress. Most all hosting companies give you free access.

16. Choose your WordPress Theme carefully. You may have to buy the exact one you need but there are plenty of good free ones.

17. Use social media to promote traffic to your blog.

18. Consider PPC  (pay-per-click) and other paid ads to check out your concepts to see if they lead to sells.

19. Never buy traffic. It doesn’t work. I’m talking about the scam houses that will send out thousands of emails to get you traffic.

20. Stay away from the gurus. They are your competition. Build your own blog and keep it humming. It may take time to earn some money but the rewards can be great.

21. Use keyword post and pages to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings.

22. Consider a reliable training site to help you create your blog, post and pages.


What Is the Google Keyword Tool?

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

JAAXY 1The Google Keyword Tool

The Google keyword tool is free but to gain access to it, you have to join Google Adwords. Hopefully you will place ads on Google. (However, since Google and the other search engines hate affiliate marketers, you will probably be priced out of the market. Maybe better to go to Bing (MS Yahoo) or AOL. Also, ads on Twitter, and especially FaceBook, might be better for you. ) Just search Keyword Planner or Google Keyword Tool.

The fact is that the Google keyword tool is used by most Internet marketers. You don’t have to place ads on Google to use it and it will give you a tremendous amount of information. You will be able to see the monthly keyword visit count, the amount of competition, etc. Click Here to see how to use it.

Alternatives to Google’s Keyword Tool

The JAAXY keyword tool is specially designed for affiliate marketers you might find that suits you better. JAAXY will probably give you more accurate results.

There are plenty of other free keyword tools. Word Tracker has such a tool. Others are KeywordSpy, SEMRush and KeywordEye. Click Here to see descriptions of these tools.


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Be Thoughtful in Business

(Note: The FTC requires me to tell you that some links in this site may result in me receiving a commission from a vendor. That hardly ever happens but I Am grateful for any commissions that I may receive. John)

disappointedTheodore Roosevelt

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.
Theodore Roosevelt (thanks to

I have two things come in mind when I think of being thoughtful:

The first is that we care about others, think about their needs, and we help achieve their needs.

The second is that we think. That is, that we think before we jump into trouble. We think about our lives, our families, our communities, our religion and our businesses.

Both are important in business.

Be Thoughtful in Business

After World War II, a businessman and good friend, purchased a popcorn factory in Salt Lake City. The factory had been running for many decades and their main product was a caramelized popcorn formed into a biscuit. He changed the formula of the popcorn which changed the flavor to maple. I asked him as his business went down the drain, want in  all hell happened?

He said that some guys offered him some new syrup at a low price so he bought it.

I told him that he had to get that syrup out of there as soon as possible before he went completely broke.

He told me that he had no more money for syrup.

It’s unfortunate that he could not go to the bank and float alone for some decent caramel syrup. He said that he couldn’t return the remaining syrup to the vendor.

He chose to go bankrupt.

That bankruptcy put a lot of my neighbors out of work. Even my mother had worked for him for a while and all of my sisters. There was a too sad situation.

I was only a kid. but I knew that business. I had dressed as a clown many a time and sold popcorn at the crossroads of City Creek Canyon and at the fairgrounds. But who wants to take advice from a kid?

Well he would have if he felt he could have.

Obstacles get in our way all the time. Sometimes we have to think our way around them.

Another Almost Identical Example

After World War II, my sister’s brother-in-laws, and a couple of others, started a soft drink company. The soft drink was very good and all of us kids were drinking it. But then one day we opened a bottle of pop that tasted like crap.

A while later I was out birding with one of the owners and asking what happened. He said some guy offered the company to buy the soft drink syrup at a very low price, and despite his advice, he was overruled and they bought it. So they were bankrupt as far as the business went. Why they didn’t correct the situation, I’ll never know.

Look At Coca-Cola®

Coke® probably had a great report from focus groups about how good their new Coke® was.

The fact of the matter is that focus groups can be very deceiving, especially if you asked them the wrong questions, or leave out questions that you should ask. Nobody wanted their new Coke®. They had to pay tons of money to reestablish the original formula.

But the Coca-Cola® Company did something about it. They took action and they corrected the situation. They now supply a variety of different Coca-Cola® products that have been accepted by the public. But most people want that original Coke®.

Think Before You Saddle Up

Asking yourself this question, “What might happen if I do this?” That can save you a lot of misery.

In the extreme, my former company developed an unneeded product for a non-existing market.

There were people who fit into that market, but they were not part of the market.

There was no market.

Not knowing that, our designers told us what they wanted us to develop the product.. We put it into production.

Nobody wanted the product.

It was sold off for peanuts in outlet stores.

Outfoxed by Focus Groups

Our marketing department was outfoxed by the focus groups. The focus groups said that they liked this pattern better than that pattern, and such. If they had been asked which pattern they would buy, they would have said that they would not buy either.

The members of this theoretical market were not part of this newly discovered  marketing segment. They stuck to buying our most expensive products.

Taking Risk

I went to a seminar in Miami one time and a gentleman from General Electric Company told us about two companies who had the opportunity to upgrade their factories which would lower the manufacturing cost of their products.

The major company in the business decided that the return of investment, ROI, would be too low. So they didn’t modernize.

Their competitor looked at the ROI, saw that they could grab a larger market share by modernizing, and modernized their factories. As soon as they could lower their costs, they stuck that dagger into the side of the major manufacturer and gobbled up the blood for a larger market share.

Think of Individuals in the Market More than the Market

If you understand the individuals in your market, then you will understand your market.

Your market is not based on what you want but on what the market thinks they want or need.

Sometimes what they want, is not obtainable. It is up to you to agree with them about their wants and needs and then gently guide them to what is actually available. To be able to do this, they have to trust you. Only then will they take your suggestions and advice.


Your Internet Business Can Flop Before You Get Started

disappointedWhy Businesses Fail

Businesses fail all the time. Would you like to read a good article on this point from Forbes magazine? Click Here!

Eight out of 10 businesses fail within 18 months. The main reason is often given as lack of finance. Actually, businesses reach that point before that point in time arrives.

Back In Iowa

Years ago in Iowa, I was designing and building a furnace for two men who had an SBA guaranteed loan to build a ceramic detailing company. Their business model was simply to purchase blank dinnerware plates, place a decal on them, and sell them.

They had been in this business for a long time. But they had other factories decal the plates for them. These companies were purchasing blanks and placing the decals as ordered. The two new businessmen decided they would cut out that process. They would buy the blanks themselves, make their own decals, place the decals on plate blanks, fire them in my furnace and then ship them to their customers.

They told me after they failed that the only thing that worked for them was the furnace that I designed, installed and show them how to operate. The reasons they failed were not the major reasons for new start-ups failing (read the article).

Here is why they failed:

1. They blew a good portion of their money on things that had nothing to do with the business.

2. They didn’t understand the manufacturing side of their business.

3. They didn’t understand that new employees had to be trained, and it goes without saying, that they didn’t know how to train them. They were impatient and callous and new employees walked out the door as fast as they came in.

4. The selling function that they did so well in the past was neglected because of their panic while trying to start their new manufacturing operation.

5. They gave up before they really got started.

What Could Have Saved Them

The solution to their problem was really simple. Only thing they had to do was to hire an experienced manager of a decal operation. If  hey have done that and stuck to sales promotion, at least to start, they would have been very successful. But they felt this business was going to start itself and that they could sit back and live a life of leisure.

Unfortunately, they started living that life of leisure to soon.

Requirements for Business Success on the Internet

You will not succeed in this business unless you:

A. Choose a profitable niche market where there is competition but not so much that you can’t succeed. Don’t go into competition with General Motors nor your local hardware store.

B. Work your niche from within, communicate with your potential customers and discover their wants and needs. Then supply those needs and wants.

C. Become an expert in your field and share important knowledge with your potential customers. Stay in contact with your customers continually to determine changes in the market. Remember that Internet customers can not kick the tires and feel how smooth that jacket is. You have to tell them all the details and show them many pics or videos so they can see the product from all angles. You need to tell them that you use what you promote.

D. Attract potential buyers to your store (website), make them feel comfortable and welcome when they get there, provide them valuable information. Use traffic generating methods to entice Internet searchers to come to your website.

E. Remember that you are in business, that you should have a business plan (, and that you communicate with the business community.


Lazy Ass Stoner Affiliate Program

IBTC 23I saw this guy on YouTube who calls himself the Lazy Ass Stoner. His name is Jay. He swears like a stevedore and concentrates on small sites.

This Jay even show one of his sites and explains why he decided to build it and what he put on it.

Jay plays hard on keywords and SEO. He likes to build a site with good keyword activity, not too much competition, adding just a half dozen pages. He has many sites as do all such affiliate marketers.

Crazy Jay
Crazy Jay

Jay has a course he sales to folks interested in getting in the market. To me, he is an interesting bloke so I decided to tell you about him.

If you can stand a bit of his vulgarity and irreverence, you might enjoy and learn a thing or two fro m his Video. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO!




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