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Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission on any sales generated which I use to help care for my wife.

The IBTC ToolboxThis Tool Box is a glossary and tool box related to Marketing on the Internet. If you have something to add, just leave me a comment: John

About Page: The webpage that is about you. Every site should have an about page. It is very important. Read the about pages on several websites.


AdSense: Allows Google to put ads on your webpages. You get paid if someone clicks on an ad. There is the potential for Google to draw people away from your site but you can negate a competing ad. Content sites often make considerable income from AdSense. The following video show how to set up 30 free blogs on which you put 10 articles. Each blog will generate about $1.00 each day and you will  make about $1000.00 each month from your hard work.

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting other people’s products. You get a commission if the vendor makes the sale. You promote by giving related useful information that links to the vendor’s site. You do not sell the product. That is the vendor’s job. The premier trainer for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate University. I have been a member for over six years. It is strictly training, much of which is free. Affiliate Bootcamp.

Affiliate Networks: Networks that put vendors and promoters together. ClickBank handles only digital products but CJ.com puts vendors of many other products in front of promoters. Make a search for affiliate networks to find many more.

Affilorama:  An affiliate marketing training site by Mark Chen with some useful free marketing information. Home Page, Blue Print, AffiloTools, AffiloTheme, JetPack, Premium. Going to the home page you can start marketing for Free! Mark has been around for a long time and knows the ropes and gives good value.

Amazon.com: (See also Drop Shipping) Many affiliate marketers are Amazon associates or affiliates. Amazon is the oldest and largest affiliate program. Commissions are low but sales can be high. Click Here to learn how Jay earned a new car from Amazon Affiliate program commissions.

Amazon Fulfillment Program: For a fee of $30 a month, Amazon will allow you to ship product to them which you can list on Amazon. The secret is to professional photographs and detailed descriptions. Your traffic will come as folks buy and review your products. The reviews are most important. You need to find product at alibaba.com or other source and have it shipped to Amazon. It will be your job to keep amazon supplied. It will be Amazon’s job to deliver the product to the customer and handle customer relations. There is big money in this but there are also risks. It is a business, not a get rich quick scheme.

Article Marketing: You can write articles on article sites (directories) to drive traffic to your website. Just don’t plagiarize. Be original. Provide useful information. I have written many hundreds of articles at Ezinearticles.com, Streetarticles.com and other such sites. I have hundreds of thousands of readers. 

Authority Site: A site dedicated to providing relevant information on a certain topic. How to Build an Authority Site.

Autoresponder: Used to automatically transmit messages to respondents to an email address. It may be a single message or a short course. aWeber and Getreponse supply autoresponders for email marking.

Banners: Once an important part of affiliate marketing, they no longer are but they are useful to bring attention to other information.

BizLand: If you want to put a website with a shopping cart quickly, then this is the place to host your site. I did this some years ago when I was selling books. They not only put me in business on the Internet quickly, they also brought plenty of traffic to the site. I sold many thousands of books. Hosting is very economical. The following videos show how it works:

Drag & Drop Site Builder by BizLand

Easy WordPress Installation with BizLand

Blogging or Blog: (See also AdSense video) Blogging is posting often from a blogging site like Blogger (free) or from your WordPress or other website. Essentually it means posting often. Click Here for some great blogging tools. Here is a blogging guide for beginners:

Buyer’s Keyword Tools: A number of buyer’s keywords tools are coming out, focusing on the keywords buyers use. They start making a general search as given by the major keyword tools but when they are ready to buy, they use different keywords. Sites like ebay, Amazon and such are good sources of such keywords which these tools give. More later. Buyers Keyword Generator is an example: Click Here!

Business Plan: A document that lives with your business from start-up to end. SBA has a free business plan module.

Carson and Kyle: See Wealthy Affiliate University. It descries your business and its operations.

Categories and Tags: Useful in WordPress blogs to keep posts articles ordered. You can link to tags or categories in your blogs so that readers can find more material on a particular subject. How to Use Tags and Categories.

ClickBank: A major hub for putting degital products in front of promoters (affiliates). Using ClickBank. ClickBank now has excellent free training for affiliate marketers that goes far beyond ClickBank: Click Here!

Conversion Rate: The number of prospects from a PPC ad that convert to buyers divided by the number of clicks on the ad. The return is the amount of sales divided by the cost of the ad.

Commission Junction (CJ.com):A very large affiliate network where you can join many affiliate programs in one spot. The products are real, not digital.

Competitor Evaluation Tools: Click on title for an article describing the major tools. One good one that is free is Google Keyword Planner which lets you look at the keywords on any site.

CopyBlogger.com: A great resource for webmasters and marketers.

CPC, CPA, CPM: Cost Per Click, Cost per Action, Cost per Thousand.

Domain: Property you own on cyberspace, your website name. You can register your domain at a number of sites. However, the trend for affiliate marketers who use a lot of names is to go to NameCheap.com because there a new domain name cost just a few dollars.

Drop Shipping: You can have  a vendor drop ship to your customers. I have done this for years selling thousands of books and many flagpoles. You never see the product. You never see the customer. It is virtual business. I have a sister site that has more information.

eMail Marketing:Gathering email addresses from a form on your website and then using email to contact your list giving them good information and opportunities.

eMail Manager: A service to handle your email list such as aWeber and GetResponse. The manager keeps track of your list, removes and adds names. Sends your messages and broadcast and newsletters to list members. Email marketing is one of the most important methods to make money as an affiliate marketer. MailChimp.com is a good low-cost alternative.

Fold: The exposed part of a webpage without scrolling down. Used by article sites to confuse writers.

Google AdWords: PPC words from Google. Bing is the other major source for PPC activities.

Google Analytics: A plugin for WordPress to help evaluate your site activity. Very important.

Google Slap: Google decides to punish you for not providing good information on your site or to keep you from competing with them. They put your site in the Google “garbage can.”

Google Sniper: A system designed by George Brown to out guru the gurus. Google is focused on blocking users who use this  approach.

Hit Counter: Software that counts the number of hits and or unique visitors on a website. The software may just count hits or include valuable analytics. WP has hit counter plugins. There are lots of free hit counters on the net. Some carry advertising, others do not.

HTML Editor: Software that allows you to build a website using HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language. Replaced in many cases with WordPress and similar programs. Sometimes you may want to use some code. There are many free HTML tutorial on the net. Click for an example.

Internet Marketing: Marketing on the Internet using websites and traffic generation techniques.

JAAXY Keyword Tool: A keyword tool specifically designed to give accurate results to affiliate marketers. The tool was designed by WAU. I have a website devoted to JAAXY and keyword marketing.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.: That is me folks. tjbooks.com

Keyword and Keyword Phrase: Words in constant use by Internet searchers which are gathered up by the search engines. Your site needs to relate to a Google keyword search term. Negative keywords are used to stop those using unwanted keywords on you ads.

Low Hanging Fruit are low completion keywords that can get you a high search engine ranking. Click Here for my article on the ABC Method for finding keywords.

Keyword Marketing: Focusing on keywords to improve SEO.

Keyword Stuffing: Cramming too many keywords into an article or webpage or post or in the meta tag for an article or post. Google will punish you for doing this. Put your keyword in the title, the first paragraph and the last paragraph and leave it a that. However, having said that, you can use related keyword phrases in your article if they actually are useful to providing relevant content.

Kyle and Carson: See Wealthy Affiliate University

Link Cloaking: Links can be rifled and the commissions stolen. Going to TinyURLcom can convert your links for you to make them less conspicuous.  Coding can be added to your links so that you know the source of visitors.

Long-tailed Keywords: A descriptive keyword chain that points specifically to a search topic. Example: Flowgrabe L-22 Lawn Sprinkler.

MadMimi.com: Email management like AWeber and GeResponse but they do not accept MLM, Affiliate Marketing and other stuff in their guidelines. Great people with wonderful customer service.

Meta Tags: Title, Description and Keyword tags added to your webpages. Search engines use to count meta tags as important, not so important now because site content is King. In WordPress you should fill in the title and description in the tag box but DO NOT add any keywords. Google will think you are “stuffing.”

Micro-niche: A smaller part of a niche market. Click Here to read a good article  on selecting and PPC testing a micro-niche.

Monetization: Adding money-making activities to your site. You can link to vendor site or use AdSense. Also, you can sell ad space on your site. Ten (10) Ways to Monetize your blog. Books on SEO Monetization

Niche Market or Niche: Part of a larger market where new marketers can compete. You can find a new niche by using DMOS, AMAZON, eBay, upersuggest.org and JAXXY or other keyword tool. You need to find a market that has a need but not a lot of competition. If you have a certain expertize, passion or hobby, it can provide you a good niche market. You need to be part of the market so join forums and read newsletters and such from the market. You need to find a solution to a need or desire or potential desire. Have the members of the niche jump up and down to see if they have money in their pockets because you want buyers, not tire kickers. CLICK HERE to learn how to build a niche market. 

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course: By Kyle at WAU.  Click Here! This course will get you started to make money online.

Paid Social Media Advertising: You can place paid ads on Social Media Sites. You might get a lot of traffic and no sales so know what’s up.

Page Content: The relevant content on your webpages that provide important information for those searching for that exact content on the Internet. In other words, specific content that the search engines recognize and seek after. 

Page Rank: Where you rank on a search engine first page. If you are not on the first page of Google or Bing you are out of the running. Page rank increases with good frequently updated page content. Article marketing can increase your page ranking for a certain keyword.

Pay-Per-Click: (See PPC)

Pinging: The practice of alerting a search engine of an update to a website, normally done automatically using a pinging service, with the aim of having a site indexed more frequently. For example: Ping-O-Matic.com. You should the pinging service listed under “Writing” in WordPress. Email me for list.

PLR: Private Label Rights which means you can use the content of a PLR article. Restrictions may apply. Never copy verbatim. Use your own words. I use PLR articles but I modify them greatly before I publish. Some sites have commercialized PLR information: Click Here! to see such a site. I sometimes use plrplr.com which is free.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click ads bring traffic to your website from the web search engines. You pay for the clicks. The profit from your sales minus the cost of the PPC ad is your net profit. PPC searches must be truly specific to your product. Don’t ever use broad keywords in your PPC campaigns.

Ten (10) PPC Errors.

Privacy Page: Your readers want security in what they do. You have to tell them how you protect their confidential information which includes names and email addresses. Click Here to get text you can modify to create your own privacy page. Do Not Neglect this page. Google will be looking for a privacy page and an about page.

RevenueHits.com: An alternative to Google Adwords and the Bing Affiliate Program. Placing their ads on your sites can bring you revenue, perhaps up to $100/month. CLICK HERE to join instantly.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication): A method of publishing frequently updated works, such as blogs or news sites, in a standardized format. RSS readers are used to subscribe to an RSS feed. Go to feedburner.com for your feeds. Grab an RSS icon off the net and link to the content with your feed URL.  Stick it in a sidebar widget if you like.

SaleHoo: A good resource for drop shippers to fill your orders:

Search Engine Optimization: Called SEO is the process of making your website attractive to search engines. The protocols of the search engines are always changing as things change with time. The best way to be attractive to search engines is by writing relevant useful content and linking to other similar information and having great sites link to your site. It is all about Traffic! You will want to use the All in One SEO plugin.

Screen Capture:You can grab frames from your browser screen and add narration. You can add them to a movie. I made a short tutorial: CLICK HERE! ScreenCastOMatic is a great program at little or no cost that I use instead of the $300 program for making videos.

Social Marketing: Now days Twitter, Facebook and many other sites allow folks to jabber with each other, create webpages and such. It is now popular to promote product and services on such websites. For example, when I write an article or post, I send the info to the social sites. I also use Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg and StumbleUpon.

Super Affiliate:  A super affiliate is a person who has captured markets for affiliate products and services and promotes to the extent that he or she is making tons of money. Super Affiliates often rank first in several affiliate programs. Super Affiliate Handbook

Surveys: Surveys can be used on your website to gain information or you can earn money by taking surveys. You need to tell a few fibs to get into surveys so I don’t like this method. Also, you may be asked to buy something you don’t want or need. However, I do take surveys from Survey Monkey to donate money to Doctors Without Borders. In fact I have a survey there about gurus that you can take: Click Here!

Tags: See Categories and Tags.

TJBooks: My company and my I.D. at Wealthy Affiliate. Click Here to see my WA Profile. Here is the link to my training at WAU: Click Here!

Traffic: The number of visitors to your website. No traffic, no business. You can increase traffic to your site by adding good content frequently which is relevant to keyword searches, by social marketing, by article marketing and by social marketing.

Ubersuggest.org: A great site to get thousands of keywords and ideas for creating websites and themes, creating information on products that you can use in your marketing. Best of all, it is free. You can grab keywords and keyword phrases and them use JAAXY or other keyword tool to evaluate traffic and competition.

Veronca: A  friend and very successful affiliate marketer. She came from Sweden and learned fast at WAU. See her money making tutorial: Click Here! Her website is itsvicky.com. Get her Friday Newsletter. 

Video Marketing: Promoting products and services by video. This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. You can put videos on your website and on YouTube and other video sites. If a video goes viral, you will be in a new world of profit. Note: WP restricts the size of videos. Therefore you may have to put your video on YouTube or some other video storage site and the embed the video on your site. Make sure you embed the video and not  just link to it. You can make your videos “private” if you don’t want them available to the public.

Video Marketing FX

Video Making Software from Movavi Video Maker Suite

Wealthy Affiliate University: The premier training site for affiliate marketing. Owned by two Canadians, Carson and Kyle, the site provides training and tutoring to new and old members alike.

I have been a member of WAU for 9 years (May, 2017). I am a Top  Creator for WAU, one of the top people offering training.

There are two (2) membership levels.

For full access, you will want a premium membership. (I always recommend that you pay the tuition annually  to save about half the cost.) Paid members have free domain hosting.

A free membership will give you two (2) free websites and access to important startup training. You also will have access to Chat so that you can learn from members.

Here is the link to my training at WAU: Click Here!

Wealthy Affiliate University Affiliate Program: This is one of the highest paying affiliate program on the internet. Click Here!

Webinar: (At WAU, WAbinar.) A webinar is a web meeting using audio visual. How to Create a Webinar. Webinars are great for training and for list building. Jay is the WAbinar expert at WAU. Here is Jay’s WAbinar on how to create a Webinar.

Website Design: The layout for ease of use for your website. You can use HTML or WordPress, etc. The design of our website will determine your Internet Marketing success.

Website Health: This refers to search engine acceptance of your site. You need to update often, communicate with viewers, have incoming and out going links, mobile friendly, fast lading, images and videos, etc. If you click on the title, you can read the criteria.

Widget: A text box you can put into a side bar using WordPress, Appearance, Widgets. You can add Amazon and other links to a widget. I like to put a heading on my widgets because they easier to identify when I am updating widgets. Amazon code can be pasted right into a widget. If you want to add a pic, you can use this method: Click on add new post, leave the title blank, add your pic to the post, make sure you are in HTML or Text mode and add the HTML you want to use, perhaps the Amazon HTML. Copy or cut the post and put it into your widget.

Windows Movie Maker: You can easily make movies with Windows Movie Maker. You can make a screen shot video and add it to a WMM movie too. Here is a short video I made: Click Here!

WordPress: A website building platform such as I use for this site. Click here for training on how to make money with WordPress. When you install WordPress you will be asked to select a theme. There are many, many are free, some of the others have a cost but they may be more like what you need. You will be able to make some modifications to the theme. I suggest you click on the free training link above.

How to Backup WordPress. 

How to Create a Website in 30 Seconds.

Books on How to Use WordPress

WordPress Plugins: Plugins are software programs that are used in WordPress to perform a certain program. For example, social plugins connect your post and pages to social sites. In other words when you right an article, it will provide icons of social sites for you to notify the sites that you have published a new article or post. Analytics are important topics for WordPress users. They make sure that Google and other search engines can find the site. A site map plugin can help a search engine analyze your site. Some programs protect your site from spam. There are plugins for handling videos and pics and such. Many plugins are free. Some have an advanced version for a small fee. Books on Creating and Using WordPress Plugins Too many of the wrong plugins can slow down your site. Examples:


1. Security: iThemes Security

2. Backups: UpdraftPlus

3. Contact: Contact Form 7

4. Email Marketing: the

5. Yoast SEO

23 More Plugins

1. Social Icons Access Press
2. Google Analytics
3. Pretty Link Lite
4. WP Smush-image optimizing
5. W3 Total Cache speed
6. All in one email Icegram
7. Clef Two-Factor login security
8. YARPP yet anther ost
9. Foo Galery
10. Simple Image Widget
12. WooCommerce
13. Cue audio
14. Duplicator
15. Broken Link Checker
16. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets
17. Safe Redirect Manager
18. Thive Lead

19. Thrive site builder
20. Landing Pages with above
21. Thrive Dumb to Clever Widget
22. Thrive Headline Optimizer
23. Ultimate Scarcity Marketing Tool
24. Thrive Ovation testomonial
25. Gravity Form
26. BackupBuddy

Another 10 Free

1. Insert Headers and Footers
2. Lazy Load
3. WP Smush images
4. Link Checker
5. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
6. Q2W3 Fixed Widget (sticky widget)
7. BackWPup backup

WordPress Theme: A template for a website based on a selected theme. A theme should be selected that suits the purpose of your website. Many themes are free but paying a small amount can bring you a much more effective theme.

Books on Creating and Using WordPress Plugins

Words That Sell: Exciting Words for Headlines and Text

Writing Jobs: You can work at home writing for others: Click Here for Training. You can also have writers work for you.

YouTube: A site to publish your videos where you can also earn money if you have high exposure. You can make a movie for YouTube using the free Windows Movie Maker Program: Click Here for my short video tutorial.


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