It all started in SLC, Utah in 1932. I was born in family of seven, my father out of work, out car on blocks in the garage, and friends and relatives giving us a hand. Finally Dad got a job on the WPA as an accountant. After that he went into politics and was never out of work again, an elected official.

I remember the hobos coming to the door during the depression. We fed them navy beans and homemade bread at the back door. They had to walk a half mile passed are neighbors to get to our house, stopping only at our house. Our name was listed somewhere in the hobo jungle saying they could get fed there but I never could find the address there.

My first business adventure was with my friend, Paul. We gathered bottles along the highway in his red wagon. These we sold to the local grocer, Ken Horsely. We took that seed money to the junk yard and bought more bottles which we sold to Ken making one red penny on each bottle. We did this until Ken said, “No more bottles!” Then we blew the money on carrots, potatoes, meat for stew, hotdogs and marshmallows. We cooked and ate hot dogs in my back yard while waiting for the stew to cook.

In 1950 the North Koreans made a tremendous attack into South Korea. The  Utah National Guard was called up. We were artillery and most all went to Texas for a few weeks and then headed to Korea. Many died there. But my outfit was an observation battalion with special training. We were sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for more training and we took three groups of recruits through basic and then taught them our skills. I was transferred to a regular army outfit and then I volunteered to go to Korea where I ended up as an infantry platoon sergeant. So much for special training. (Ted Olean from Minnesota on my left. We were both forward observers for mortars, Co. D,  17 Infantry RCT.)

I graduated from the University of Utah in 1957 and returned in 1962, graduating again in 1965. I spend my career as a research engineer, then a college engineering professor at Iowa State University, then an executive for two Fortune 500 Companies. I also worked from home as an international trade magazine editor.

I wrote three engineering books while I was working and published four novels after I retired. I have written many hundreds of articles for journals and the Internet. Just plug my name into Google.

I became interested in Internet Marketing about 20 years or so ago. I once sold flagpoles at AAAFlagpoles.com but I have a number of other sites. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate University for eight years.

I am still an active marketer, not because I need the money but because I like the “sport.” I am an avid photographer, paint things that my kids and grand kids hang on their walls, mostly landscapes, and I fish with my Idaho grand kids.

My wife has a full-time caregiver and I take care of my wife when she is off duty. It’s a pleasure! She took care of me and the kids. We will be married 61 years on Sept 15, 2013.


John T. Jones, Ph.D.



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    Hi John,

    When I read about your background, the only think I can say is ‘Wow’. I found your website through WA blog. ‘How to start’ keyword. I will read more about your experience later. Thank you.



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