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Capture 1Amazon is the oldest affiliate program, certainly the largest. The commissions are only about 6-8 percent but a single link to an Amazon page could lead to multiple sales and significant commissions on high-priced items. It is simple and it is easy to use.

Signing up for the Amazon Affiliate program is easy and free. Also, they will not reject you before you get started like some affiliate programs do. It is great for beginners. Those starting out with Squidoo lenses need not sign up with Amazon at all. Squidoo recieves double commissions from Amazon so they give you a full commission when you use the Amazon modules on Squidoo.

But you can add Amazon links to your regular websites, even free websites like the two Free Websites on Siterubix given to Free Life-time Start-up of Wealthy Affiliate University. Also you will be given free training there showing you how to start your website and populate if with affiliate programs of your choosing.

Read this paragraph for an example of Amazon linking: In 1732, George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, VA. The date on our calendar was February 22, 1732. He was a surveyor, military commander and eventually, the First President of the United States. It is said that he had a set of false teeth made of wood. He was the major figure during the Revolutionary War. A major victory was when he crossed the Delaware River and attacked Hessian Troops at Trenton, NJ. His troops suffered horribly from starvation and disease at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The French played a major role in the victory in the Revolutionary War. Washington became the Father of our Country.

Move your curser over the paragraph. When you see a word or phrase light up, right click and then “open on new tab.” You will see the Amazon item or page the highlighted word is linked to. NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE THESE LINKS WORKING. EXAMPLE ONLY!

The quick linking to the words in the above paragraph are my affiliate links. Amazon will give you the code for such linking. You can also link to Amazon pages, Amazon Products and you can create your own stores, a page of Amazon products on your site.

I am not going to give you all the details of linking to Amazon here. The reason is that the Amazon Affiliate Tutorials and Instructions are certainly adequate. You also can get help there on any Problems that may come up.

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