Lazy Ass Stoner Affiliate Program

IBTC 23I saw this guy on YouTube who calls himself the Lazy Ass Stoner. His name is Jay. He swears like a stevedore and concentrates on small sites.

This Jay even show one of his sites and explains why he decided to build it and what he put on it.

Jay plays hard on keywords and SEO. He likes to build a site with good keyword activity, not too much competition, adding just a half dozen pages. He has many sites as do all such affiliate marketers.

Crazy Jay

Crazy Jay

Jay has a course he sales to folks interested in getting in the market. To me, he is an interesting bloke so I decided to tell you about him.

If you can stand a bit of his vulgarity and irreverence, you might enjoy and learn a thing or two fro m his Video. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO!




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