Nobody Is Buying The Stuff I Promote! Why?

Market 1Why That Guy Didn’t Buy!

He may be buying the products, just not from you. This assumes you have adequate traffic to your site but your site is not effective in converting prospective buyers to customers. Here are some reasons:

1. They don’t know you from Adam.

You need to establish yourself first as an expert in the area that you are promoting.

2. You’re presenting your stuff to the wrong market.

You need to narrow down your target to people who want what you have to buy, need what you have to buy, have money jingling in their pockets.

3. You do not give your reader enough information.

If you’re in a grocery store, you can pick up a frying pan and look at its construction carefully and decide if you want it or not. In Internet marketing, you must be the eyes and hands of the reader. You must give him the details of the product that he needs.

4. You do not use expert photographs of the product and you fail to to link to the pictures.

You need images from different angles so that the potential buyer can see exactly what he is getting.

5. The product simply does not meet the needs of your reader.

You somehow convinced him that the product was not for him. It looks too flimsy. It is the wrong color. It is ugly. It probably won’t work. It is your job as a promoter to overcome these objections before hand.

6. You give your reader no way to contact you with questions.

I have an Etsy store. It is set up so customers can ask me questions and they do. They cannot contact you, the questions are not answered. You will not get the sale.

7. You do not give your customer a choice between product.

You do not rate your products against other products. Your customer leaves the store.

8. You have forgotten that people are selfish.

You forgot to appeal to that selfishness, that self-aggrandizement, how much better they will feel or look, etc.

9. You forgot that people have emotions that drive them to action.

You didn’t tell them to hurry or they might miss out. You didn’t tell them the product is new and one-of-a-kind and will give them an advantage over others.

10. You didn’t ask for the sale.

You must do that!

Tell us what you know and have learned about this subject. This is just a start.


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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