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Traffic is name of the game in Internet Marketing. Webmasters continually contrive ways to drive traffic to their web sites. One of the most used methods is article marketing. Here is how the process works:

1. A keyword search for a niche is made looking for frequently used keywords with high traffic and low competition. Using the Google External Keyword Tool which is free or a commercial keyword tool like JAAXY they can estimate the traffic a keyword might bring and the number of webpages that will compete with the site. Most marketers want less than 400 competing pages and some want less than 300 pages. You need to look at the competing pages to see if they are true competition or just junk.

2. The article is written in a casual informative way with keywords in the first and last paragraph and in the title. A sprinkling of the keyword or keyword phrase may be added from one to four percent but this should not overdone. The article content is what is important. Four-to five hundred words or more is usually desired.

3. The article is uploaded to a site like or or one of many other sites. The webmaster must read the requirements of the site which is in the site guidelines. The article site edits the article and either accepts it or rejects it. If it is rejected, the reason will be given so the article can be corrected.

4. The article should and in most cases, must, link to more relevant content which should be  on your website. You will want the landing page to have more than 250 words in some cases. From your site, you can link to an affiliate link or such.

5. The webmaster watches for the article to be ranked on the first page of search engines. If it is not on the first page, few people will see it. Once it is up  and available, the webmaster tells the world about it in his emails, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

That’s about it in a nutshell. Just pretend you are writing a letter to your grandmother and you will be alright.

I might note that article sites make big money from your writing. Some pay you for it and others don’t. pays its writers the full Amazon commission as they get a double commission. These sites make their money with advertising.

You can always test a website with a free test run at You may want to buy the domain with your keywords in it before you put up your article. You can go ahead and host and build your site while some things are already happening at Squidoo. Think about it. Just a suggestion from this old man.


P.S. Don’t forget Father!

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