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I have used a number of article sites over the year. Some pay you for articles and some don’t. I use two non-paying sites and one paying site: My old standby. They have always been strict but not difficult to get along with. They have good services so that writers can contact the editors when the need arises. A new site created by our friends at Wealthy Affiliate. Articles are quickly reviewed and published. Very strict guidelines. Difficult for writers to get a reply from an editor using the form on the site. Continued rejection will get you kicked off the site. This happened to me and it took too weeks to get back. I finally had to get help from Kyle at WA. I write most of my articles here. A couple of times I never could find out what I had to do to get a rejected article published. I’m old and dumb. I just clicked on the delete button and sent the articles to If you are promoting affiliate marketing, forget this site. Articles are published immediately without edit. However, they are read and if you don’t meet their guidelines, you will here from them. They will shut down your lens. I never have gotten any support from them. You need to go to their forums. You can earn money from your lenses. They make it easy for you to put up products from They take half the commission and you get half. However, they get double commissions so you lose nothing by using their Amazon modules. A lens is really a website. A free website at that. I had many lenses at Squidoo and dumped them later. However, I’m back over there with a dozen lenses or so. I get traffic on only four or five of them. Like all websites, they must be promoted.

Auto Responders: Auto responders keep you in contact with those who sign up for your mailing list. For example, a new member of your list might receive six to ten emails after signing up. These emails are designed to welcome the person to your organization, give them valuable information and present you as a knowledgeable friend. They send out your newsletter and broadcast important information instantly. You can buy software to handle mailing list which provide auto responders. I use such for years. It confused the heck out of me. See email list management and email/name list building.

Buy Articles: Some webmasters who promote by article marketing seldom write their own articles. They buy them. You can buy an article for a few bucks. Just search for “buy some articles.”

Domain Names: You want your own domains based on your interest and keyword search. I suggest Godaddy or Hostgator.

Get Noticed - $7.99 .Com or .CO from!

Email/Name List Building: There are several companies that do this. I use AWeber but GetResponse is fine too. They are fairly expensive for new site owners so you might want to search for one that cost less. You can always move name list if you have to. Also, you can just put an email link on your site and collect names and send them information as needed. That is free.

Email List Management: See above. Aweber and GetResponse will verify that a person actually wants to be on your email list (opt in). They will remove the list if a person clicks on the “unsubscribe button.”

FTP Programs:

There are many free programs to upload your files to your server. I use CoffeeCup Direct which is not free unless you host with CoffeeCup.

Hosting Companies: See Domain Names.

Keyword Tools: I use JAAXY but there are several free tools. The Google External Keyword Tool is popular and the only tool some people need or care to use. WordTracker has a free keyword tool and a very good monthly fee tool with great customer support. I use JAAXY because some of its information is more accurate and it helps find affiliate programs in a flash.

PPC Sites: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are the only ones left. There use to be a dozen or so companies providing this service. This is no playground for beginners. You can lose your shirt. They all have good instruction and customer service.

Training Centers: Wealthy Affiiate is The Place to Learn to Earn. Watch out for the gurus who make you think you are getting proper training.

Website Creation: Use WordPress rather than an HTML Editor. I use both but I’m too old to change some of my ways. WA members have this service as part of their membership. But just go to and they will show you how to upload WordPress to your sever. I have a book called WordPress for Dummies. It was not designed to be read like a comic book. I use it only for reference but I have found that the answer to almost any technical question can be found on the Internet. I learned how to make videos for YouTube in no time at all. OK, I had to dump the first two.

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