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It is NOT all that easy to make money online. The gurus, who turn you upside down and shake the money out of your pockets, want you to think that it is. They will give you a free ebook and start blasting you with emails. They will sell you one worthless program after another until you are broke and have no money left to invest in a real business. They offer you get-rich-quick schemes that just don’t work.

Making money on the Internet is a rather simple process. However, you have to pay your dues to learn the process details. The process starts with you:

1. What is your passion or major interest? Are you willing to share what you know with other like-minded people? Are you willing to become an expert in what you have a love for. You will not stick with a market if it does not appeal to you. You will be willing to work hard in a market that you love. A small special market of buyers is what we call a niche market.

2. Are you willing to obtain a business sense? Marketing on the Internet is business. If you were to start a storefront business you would have to think about financing the business startup and operations, how you would attract customers, how you would present your products and services, etc. An Internet business does not require a building, heat, light and running water, etc. You can run it from your home if you have a computer and a high-speed Internet connection. You can operate with a more limited Internet connection but it will slow you down. But for an Internet business, you need no inventory unless that is what you want to do. You can simply promote other people’s products and services. This is called Affiliate Marketing. But whatever you do, start with a Business Plan.

3. Can you create a website? It is very easy to do and you need know little about programing and HTML, the code used by some of us old guys at times. WordPress or other such program will create your site for you in a few minutes. But you will have to supply the content. It must be relevant content to your site. Any links in or out of your site must be directly related to your site purpose.

4. You will need to drive or attract traffic to your site. That means you must tell the world that your site exists. A beautiful site with lots of good information can draw little or no traffic for years on end. You must use social marketing, article marketing, blogging and other methods to attract traffic. You must post to your blog (site) often and tell the world about your post.

5. Your site can be a blog or content site. I have been changing my sites to blogs so that went a visitor comes to my site, he will see my most recent post. However you can have a visitor visit a static page full of introductory information. If you want folks to come back to your site, consider the blog option. Folks are looking for good information. Loading your post with banners and image ads can be a detriment so use them sparingly. It is better to link directly to words in your content.

Well, that is enough for one session. I’ll be back!


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  1. Cyril Almond

    The best of Christmas greetings to you and a happy and prosperous New Year. From one old Korean, Vet to another Cyril.


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