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SBAHere is the latest bulletin from the Small Business Administration:

I am pointing this out because it reviews the last SBA Conference and selects the SBA business of the year. This year’s winner is a couple who started a cosmetic business in their kitchen. You can watch their video from the Bulletin.

The SBA or Small Business Administration provides two very important things for small businesses:

1. Information on how to start a business and operate a business, and

2. Financing for a business.

The SBA Business Plan is available to all directly from the Internet. The SBA also provides a listing of vendors in your area who can help you arrange the loan.

Don’t underestimate the value of the SBA in starting a new business or operating an existing business. It is called the “Small” Business Administration but the SBA is not small and the businesses they help start often become large businesses.

Some folks don’t realize that an existing business can expand using an SBA guaranteed business loan. Even large businesses may have access to this kind of support.

You can take the SBA Bulletin by going to the SBA site.


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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