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Edison learned a thousand things that did not work, but he never stopped working.

Edison learned a thousand things that did not work, but he never stopped working.

There Has to Be a Reason for an Internet Business from Home

There are a number of reasons that folks want to put up a business online, an Internet business from home.

1. They have a storefront business and they want to go online.

2. They have an existing home business that they want to put online.

3. They want to start a new business online.

There are Advantages to Putting a Storefront Online


The greater presence brings in many more customers. It is not quite like walking into the store where they can pick up the product and bend it and squeeze it and smell it, etc., But if the descriptions are good on the webpages, they make a pretty good substitute,

I have watched the sales of such business increased dramatically, especially if the storefront business already had a mailing list. Then you can just inform those on your list that you have a new website where they can purchase product.

One of my sons had an existing home business and a mailing list. We build a website and told his mailing list that we had the new site. It not only was a great service to his customers but it brought in customers worldwide.

He recently sold his business ( so he could put more time on the second business that he was working on ( My son has 15 kids he has to educate so he needs the extra money to supplement his income (he is a veterinarian).

The Reasons Why

Many folks  want to start a new business online. They know the power of the computer and the Internet and may think that if they can get online, they can gain income in a short time. They may need money to support their children in college. They may want to travel to Europe. They may need a new car or even a new home. They may want to eat and pay the rent on a heated home.

Women who stay at home enjoy profits from Internet businesses.

So do handicap people. I have a number of  friends who are handicapped who support themselves online.

You Have to Have Passion

Having a reason to go online is important. You have to have a driving force to succeed. If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you probably will not be successful.

The reason for this is that Internet marketing is difficult, especially for those starting a new business. It usually takes at least a year to start earning significant income. Some do it in six months, but not many. Those who can stick it out for several years, can generate a full time income.

Friends and Family

I have a number of young friends who travel the world because of the income from their business. If travel is not your cup of tea, maybe those needs that I have mentioned such as to educate your children, and requiring a new home, come into play. But the bottom line is that increased income allows you to live a better life.

One of my friends just took his wife to Hawaii to meet another friend who was getting married there. The second friend lives in Taiwan. All expenses for both were provided by the two businesses that these men own. They do business exclusively on the Internet.

Both learn to be Internet marketers at Wealthy Affiliate University. They promote other people’s products from their websites which is called affiliate marketing.

In my family, we have always preferred to sell products that we create or manufacture ourselves or products for which we are distributors. I’m 84 years old and pretty much out of that business. For that reason, I am now emphasizing affiliate marketing. Because it takes $60k a year to keep my wife at home who has a full-time caregiver. Some of my retirement funds have been diminished over the years so I would like to sustain them.

Two or my granddaughters are earning good incomes to put their husbands through college. One purchased a new car the other day as the wheels are falling off the old one. They have about a dozen of the employees working for them. All of their employees are’s day at home mothers.

Selling Your Own Products Online

If you want to make products and sell them from home, I suggest that you go to to set up a store at no cost. Other sites are AFTCRA, ArtFire, Big Cartel, Bonanza, Craft Is Art, DaWanda, RebelsMarket, Storenvy, Supermarket, Yokaboo, Zibbet and Ziibra.

If you want to sell your products from your own website, consider Shopify. Here are some alternatives to Shopify:
OS Commerce
Drupal Commerce

The above are free sites. Some require certain programming skills (HTML).

Paid Services

You can use a paid service for your website such as I used it for years setting up a bookstore simply by plugging in the the information for each book. The site had a traffic feature which immediately brought enough traffic for me to earn money almost instantly. The e-commerce was very inexpensive so that I could receive payment by credit card or other means. I think that Weebly is free at least in part, but provides such services. There are many others.

And if You are a Distributor

If you’re a distributor of products and you either ship the products yourself or you have the supplier drop ship them for you, you will need your own website. You will not just be promoting products, you will be selling them.

I once had a flagpole site and also a book store site which I sold books and flagpoles and flagpole assessories. The supplier shipped the stock but I handled all customer relations.

Amazon Fulfillment Program has a program called Fulfillment which allows you to have Amazon stock your goods. You have to put the good descriptions on Amazon, but Amazon handles all customer relations including shipment of the products, handling complaints and returns, and handling all transactions. You can also list your products on Amazon and ship them yourself (or have them drop shipped).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers set up a website from which they describe and promote products. Each product links to a supplier. The supplier has a landing page which describes the product and provides a way for the visitor to purchase it. All selling is done from the supplier site.

The best way to promote a product is to own it so that you can describe it exactly, how well it performs, its good and bad points, and why you suggest it. The products are promoted to a niche market which is part of a larger market.

You focus on servicing the niche market, providing solutions to problems that people in the niche have. Your suggestions may or may not have an affiliate link. It is your job to provide a significant flow of high quality information to your niche market.

Folks in your niche need to know that you are part of the niche community. If they think you know what you are talking about, they will consider you to be an expert and they will take your suggestions. It takes time to build such a reputation, so it may take time to get a place in the market.

Best Way to Become an Affiliate Marketer

On May 29, 2008, I joined Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate was established by two young Canadians who worked their way through college as affiliate marketers. They are Kyle and Carson.

It took Kyle 6 months to gain a full-time income. He joined up with Carson that they started Wealthy Affiliate to train others to market on the Internet.

Two Membership Levels

Fairly recently, Kyle and Carson decided to give a free lifetime membership to anyone who would like to get started in Internet marketing.

Free members, once they decide that they really want to do affiliate marketing, should join as a Premium member.

The difference in the two membership is shown on the table below:

Start Free at WA with the Affiliate Bootcamp

Lesson 1: Starting Your Foundation (Introduction)

There are 10 Lessons in the Bootcamp. Read them all to get the basics of affiate marketing, two set up two free websites on SiteRubix, and to start promoting.

A Few Hints

To make money as an affiliate marketer, you will need to:

1. Build a website
2. Continually provide high quality content.
3. Describe product and promote those that you know provide a solution to your niche market members.
4. Link to product vendors will sell product.
5. Start a mailing list so that you can stay in contact with your readers. This can become your major source of income because those who read your newsletter or emails are following you will believe what you say.

Two Losers

Those who cannot sustain themselves in business are those who never start and those who never stick with it.

You must be motivated.

You must be passionate about what you’re doing.

You have to want to help other people solve their problems by providing them solutions.

If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “Who can I help today? How can I help them?” You will succeed!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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