New Year Resolutions Should Not Be Your Business Plan

business manNobody seems to keep New Year resolutions. I made mine very simple this year: Be More Righteous. It is easy to remember and something I can take action on as the year goes on. When I do something I can say, “Is this the right thing to do?” That should help keep me straight.

Here are some hints for the year:

Have a Calendar for the Whole Year:

Make sure it has all the holidays and major events on it. Why? You may want to market certain days and events. I have a gift site so I try to cover all major gifting events and holidays.

Put Major Tasks on your calendar:

This will help keep you on the right track.

Write down seven major tasks to be completed during the week:

Don’t worry about the actual day of the week. Do the most important thing first. Keep plugging along until you have completed each task during the week specified.

Note Seasonal Events:

Sporting events like the Super Bowl, the opening day of fishing, camping season, winter sports, etc. Stay on top of these selling opportunities.

Watch my Video on Planning: httpv://


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