How to Start Internet Business: Online Business Errors

jackassLots of folks get ripped off by the gurus or fail because of lack of knowledge of Internet Marketing business procedures. I wrote an article for my friends at Wealthy Affiliate University on this subject: CLICK HERE to read the article.

New marketers are too hasty because they think that getting on the Internet is a get-rich-quick scheme. All they need to do is put up a website and the money will come rolling in. If only that were true!

When they get no traffic and no sales, they panic. That is when the gurus really nail them. Also those that sell spam, millions of “low-cost” emails that bring in nothing at all. You can spend $1000 bucks for a million emails and think that you will make money. It just doesn’t happen. I know from experience.

New marketers don’t understand niche markets and how to reach them. They are often trying to hit a non-existing market with an unwanted product. We did that in a company  I use to work for. Our marketing group asked the wrong questions. They asked which products the people liked best but they forgot to ask them if they would buy it. The answer to that last question was “no.”

Read about other errors and how to avoid them at WAU by Clicking Here.


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