How to Waste Time Effectively

Try Netflix for Free!ACTOR SLEEPING jpgDo you know how to waste time effectively so that you don’t do what is important? Here is how to make sure you fail at your real purpose?

  • Have that extra cup of coffee. Savor it.
  • Take an extra half hour in front of the mirror. Did you miss a spot there?
  • Call that friend on your cell. Chat for an hour or so about nothing. You must keep up relationships.
  • Push off what you can do tomorrow until next month when the weather is warmer. Have another cup of coffee.
  • Don’t miss that all important TV show, LIfe is So Grand. You can call the doctor tomorrow. That lump on your pelvis, which has turned black, is probably not all that important.
  • Spend a couple of hours at the gym. Work until you are completely exhausted and not able to do anything useful. Get another cup of Latte de Minte.
  • Read that novel you like and have read six (6) time before. What a joy.
  • Break out those Netflic movies on the Crusades. Watch all four (4) disk. Don’t miss the Children’s Crusade.
  • Get on a chat board and a forum. Chat about your Aunt Bessie.
  • Get on Twitter and tell everybody about your new hobby, Wasting My Time and Everybody Else’s Time.
  • Decide that  a long walk in he Mall would be good for you. Talk to all the vendors in the aisles, high school kids selling sun glasses and cell phone cases from a kiosk.
  • Buy a pack of Oreo s and gobble them down with a half-gallon of chocolate milk. Now take a long nap in front of the TV.

 For You Internet Marketers

  • Focus on Google rankings. Study them in great depth. You can write that post later.
  • Write a post on gardening on your fishing site. Your fishermen readers will be thrilled.
  • Write several post that are cozy and make you feel warm. Stay away from offering a solution to a problem that could bring in that filthy lucre.
  • Follow the gurus watching endless videos and e-books that tell you all but what you need to know.
  • Spend a great deal of time chatting with other marketers. Maybe you will learn a new trick or two.
  • Read e-mails from gurus and follow their links. The solution to your money-making problem must be in there somewhere if you only spend more money so the gurus can work from Hawaii.

Conclusion: If you work at it, you can waste all kinds of time that will keep you from doing what is important to your success.


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