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One Dozen Internet Marketing Problems/Solutions

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?


One Dozen Internet Marketing Problems/Solutions describes 12 problems that we marketers face. I have faced all of them and I still face them. I have listed what I think are good articles that will help all of us solve our problems.

Problems and Solutions:

Problem: I write and write but nobody reads my stuff. My post hit recorder often shows action only on the first day of publication.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: Visitors to my site don’t stick around.

Solution: Read this article: and

Problem: Site visitors do not comment on my content.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: Visitors do not sign up for my newsletter or my email.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: I don’t really know what my site visitors want.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: I get few or no sales.

Solution: Read the following article:

Problem: I have no or very few repeat sales.

Solution: Read read this article:

Problem: I have too many customer product returns.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: I make too little money for the time that I work online.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: I get only poor search engine rankings.

Solution: Read this article:

Problem: Social marketing does not increase traffic.

Solution: Read this article: and

Problem: Because of my failure as an Internet marketer, I want to quit.

Solution: Read this article: and

I hope that this article, One Dozen Internet Marketing Problems/Solutions, will help you on your way to success.

Hang in there, Pilgrim!


John T. Jones, Ph.D. Buhl, Idaho

John T. Jones, Ph.D.
Buhl, Idaho

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How to Survive on Minimum Wage

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

Do you know how to  survive on minimum wage? You can’t!

States have a minimum wage from $7.25-10 per hour. Exceptions our Alabama that has no minimum and Wyoming which has a minimum of $5.15. Many families have one or two family members who work one or more minimum wage jobs trying to make ends meet.

Food Cost

It would take about $300 per month for food needs for the average adult in the U.S.  Actually, about $200 is spent so some are undernourished.

Housing and Other Cost

Over all annual cost for one person is about $20,000.00 which includes food cost.

Let’s See?

A man and a wife have three teenage children and they both hold minimum wage jobs to support them. For a 40 hour work week at say $8.00 per hour, they earn together $33,280 each year. That is enough to support how many people if the cost of living is $20,000.00? Almost 2 people.  They are 5 people.

Food Cost Estimate $2000.00/month

Housing Cost Estimate $600.00

Insurance and Medical $400.00

Car Payment $350.00

Clothing and Such $100.00

Utilities $300.00

That’s $3,750.00 each month.  That’s $45,000.00 each year. But that is not all the expenses (and I’ve low-balled here). There are educational expenses, business expenses, medical expenses not covered by insurance, entertainment, eating out and donations, etc. The family might pay over $3,000.00 in taxes.

Such  a family would be hurting!

Many families are hurting!

Thinking Outside the box can get you on the road to earning sufficient money again.

Thinking Outside the box can get you on the road to earning sufficient money again.

Just think about a single-parent family with one source of income. Some are on welfare. Some end up on the street.

Not only minimum wage folks are having problems. Some folks with good incomes have been forced out of their homes due to economic conditions. Those who have been able to keep their homes, have found that the value of their homes has dramatically dropped. The loan value on their property is now zero whereas not long ago, they would have been able to take a second mortgage to get through rough times.

Many people have lost their jobs due to downsizing and outsourcing. They have become underemployed with some taking minimum wage jobs as second jobs to supplement their income. Many of these are at the age where they are trying to put children through college. You know what has happened to college costs having gone up 1200% in recent years.

Retired people get few increases in retirement income. Small increases by Social Security don’t do much. Savings put away in 401 and other plans have diminished dramatically. Some have tremendous costs to take care of the aging. (It cost about $60,000 a year for me to take care of my wife who has a ALZ. I have insurance but the company is facing bankruptcy.)

If seniors cannot pay for their care, the states gobble up all of their assets when they die to pay in part the cost for the care that the state provide. There is nothing left as an inheritance.

Work From Home Jobs

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

Many workers have become tired of the workplace. A day job has expenses such as transportation, work clothing, eating outside meals, and other business expenses. If they can work at home, they don’t need a day care center to take care of their children. This works well for stay-at-home mothers. But finding the  right work from home job can be difficult.

If a person has special skills, he can often provide those skills from home. For example, after I retired some 20 odd years ago, I did engineering consulting which included travel to foreign countries.

Those with secretarial skills can provide those skills to local offices. Accountants and medical professionals can work from their own.

If you are a writer, and you can learn income from your writing. I have written a number of novels and that is certainly a work-at-home job.

The World of the Internet

WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to  learn and that take time.

WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to learn and that take time.

There are ways to make money on the Internet. From my experience, and that of my family, creating your own products and selling them on the Internet is a fast way to earn income. If you have skills such as knitting, sewing, crocheting woodworking, metalworking and such, you can open up a store on a site such as ETSY at no cost and start selling immediately.

Three of my granddaughters are making good incomes by creating products and selling them on the Internet. My son is a veterinarian, but he has had two good businesses Internet-based. One he sold musical instruments(which he sold last year) and the other is in herb business which he operates on and off the Internet.

Two of my granddaughters are putting cousins through college. They have children and marketing on the Internet allows them to earn a good income. They have about a dozen employees working for them.

My other granddaughter imports materials from China and then has products created locally which she and her partner sell on the Internet.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.

You can promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. You must be careful here. There are too many gurus that will give you a free gift and then grab you by the hills and shake the coins out of your pockets. They will drain you dry.

The premier training site for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free membership which is lifelong and it will get you started. They will give you two free websites.

Like so many college students who have worked their way through college through affiliate marketing, Kyle and Carson, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, did the same thing, joined up a created training center. I joined WA in 2008.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

I suggest that before you start a business of any kind that you have a business plan. You can prepare a business plan at no charge at

John T Jones PhD

Buhl, Idaho

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Make Money College

Make Money College

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Make money college is a keyword phrase often used by college students who are in need of income. I went to the University of Utah in 1952 after I returned home from the Korean War. I had the G.I. Bill which lasted for about three years, but I had two years to go.

When I first got home, I worked part-time for an asbestos supply company as a truck driver and mechanic. Later, I worked part time in an engineering laboratory during the day, and in the evenings and weekends, I worked in my uncle Joe’s service station.

When I needed more money, I left the laboratory and drove a taxi cab.

My department head wanted to know why I had left my laboratory job. I told him that I could make about $1.75 an hour driving cab and that he was paying me only one dollar an hour for my laboratory work.

He raised my pay to $1.75 an hour. In my senior year, he raised my pay to $3.50 per hour because he had a better research contract.

I left school after our first child was born. He needed surgery the day after he was born, and my wife would have to stay home and take care of him.

I took a job in a warehouse.

Soon after I started, the company told me I had a call from Dr. Ivan B Cutler at the University of Utah. Ivan told me to get back up there because he had found me some money.

The good folks who owned the warehouse said that I should go back to school.

Ivan sent to the Assistant President of the University. He gave me a check for $1200. (Needless to say, I was then three weeks behind in my school work. I had a B+ on my calculus final but the professor gave me a “D” because it wasn’t fair to the students who didn’t take three weeks off. He did this as an exception to the math’s department’s rule that he had to give me at least a “C”. A “D” meant you had to repeat the class but he make an exception there too.)

During the summers, I worked 13 hours a day plus weekends. But when I got out of college, the only debt I owe was that $1200 loan.

Now It’s a Different Story

All of my children have 8-year degrees. Two of my sons and my son-in-law also had long medical residencies.

My youngest son is an attorney. Like his siblings he incurred large debt in college.

My number three son, who is a veterinarian, put himself and his family through Purdue veterinary school by selling vacuum cleaners and running a fish business.

Skyrocketing Cost for College

College expenses have skyrocketed since I went to college. It’s almost impractical to go into debt for over $100,000 befor graduation. Many graduates do not receive enough income after graduation to handle this terrific debt load.

In my mind, it is not only a national disaster, the problem is hurting the progress of our country. We need educated people.

Not everyone can be a doctor or an engineer or a computer scientist.

They have to go into fields that do not pay enough to meet their needs.

Women, who must take care of their children, have a special problem. It doesn’t matter if they work or stay at home.

Some couples are covering three or four jobs during each work week.

There Are Two Problems

The first problem is that while you are in college, you have to pay tuition and books, room and board. Some students are actually living at the starvation level. After our first child was born, my parents somehow got word of our situation, and brought us boxes of food. And things are worse now.

The second problem is the one I have been talking about, the tremendous post-college debt load which suffocates families.

Some families have lost their homes or cannot afford permanent housing because they can’t meet mortgage payments. This is true for some because they have excess college debt.

It’s a national disgrace.

College expenses have increased over 1100% over the last 40 years. Some students leave the country to find an affordable college education.

Was your search phrase: Make money college? I hope the following helps:

College students don’t have a lot of time for off-campus part-time jobs. There are too few hours and the pay is too low to help much with college costs. Many of these jobs are minimum-wage.

I know a number of people who have been able to support themselves and college, but they didn’t do it by slinging hamburgers.

They worked at home using their computers so they not only conserved time, but conserved energy.

There is nothing like going into a final exam after having worked into the night in a warehouse or flipping hamburgers in a fast food joint.

You Don’t Have Much Choice

You almost have to use the Internet to earn enough money for college. Here are some ways that folks are doing it or have done it:

Luci and Jenni are my granddaughters. They are not going to college, but their husbands are. One is still an undergraduate and the other one is in graduate school working on a PhD. Luci and Jenni make baby hats. So do their dozen employees.

Right now they are making baby hats to be sold much later in the year so they don’t go crazy in the fall try to keep up with orders. I told them to start in January, not July for the fall markets.

Candace is making bibs, dying quilts, and making all kinds of children’s clothing. She just lost her full-time job, but her part-time job is paying her more than when she was working, leaving her baby at my house every day (her mother is my wife’s caregiver), then having to take care of him at night. She no longer pays the expenses to drive to work, buying dresses so that she looks pretty in front of the public, or eating out.

How to Start Such a Business

If you know how to make products,–college men or women can do this–you can sell them on the Internet. You can use a site like ETSY or your Facebook page to promote products.

You can buy your own domain and build your own website easily if you want to save money. The problem there is that you may not be able to get enough traffic.

What Others Have Done and Are Doing

Mark, from New Zealand, saw that his friend was earning $50 a month from a banner that was placed on his website. He started a website, put on such a banner, and sure enough made about $50 a month.

Mark then started many websites, too many to maintain while he was in college. He hired English majors to write the content for his websites, each bringing in significant income.

He had to rent a large home to accommodate his business and his father was so impressed that he join him.

Mark is now showing other marketers how to do what is called affiliate marketing. His site is Affilorama and you will find free training there.

Ryan, who is being sent to school by his single mother, earned his money also by promoting other people’s products (affiliate marketing). He built a number of websites and he used pay-per- click (PPC) to drive traffic to his sites. He earned over $500,000 while in college and still is a prominent figure on the Internet.

Ryan is using Amazon’s fulfillment program, Amazon warehousing his products which he buys from various suppliers, marketing them and shipping them and handling customer relations. So all Ryan has to do is find a good product, prepare the Amazon sales page, and help to bring traffic to the page.

Kyle began Internet marketing is attending college in Vancouver, Canada. After six months he was earning enough money from affiliate marketing to pay all of his college and living expenses. In a year, he was earning more than any college degree pays right after graduation.

He joined with Carson, another student who was doing the same thing, paying all of his college expenses by marketing on the Internet. They formed Wealthy Affiliate University which is now the premier training site for affiliate marketing.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2008. I use some of the training I got there to start my son into business on the Internet. He was selling flutes and he had a mailing list. We set up a website called the Irish flute store, (which he sold last year), and he started selling worldwide. Recently he started and herb business with the website: Is a veterinarian, but today he’s off in Utah giving lectures and promoting his products.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I suggest that you go to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up as a free member. Take the lessons in the affiliate boot camp. If you want to continue to pursue wealthy affiliate training,  I suggest that you join as a premium member. The cost is $47 each month (If you can pay annually, you can save about half).

You can start with the two free websites they give you head should be able to earn enough money to pay your monthly tuition. It is much cheaper than going to college. There are two affiliate programs that you can join that will help you are available right on the site. One is to promote Wealthy Affiliate memberships, as I’m doing here, and the other one is to promote JAAXY which is a keyword tool developed by wealthy affiliate. Keywords are very important in marketing on the Internet. (You will have a free keyword search tool on the WA site.)

Kyle and Carson are not gurus. There is no up-sell from the site. They will not pester you with one offer after another. That will make no offers to you.

This Table Shows the Two Memberships.

Conclusion of Make Money College Search

If you are going to earn income on the Internet, it will not be easy. You will have to work hard. But you can choose your hours and work from wherever you are if you have computer access.

It will take several months to make money. You will have to work to a niche market(s) which is a part of a larger market. You will need to provide quality information often to your readers.

You many not be selling. If you are promoting other people’s products, you will be sending them to the vendor’s site where he will sell them. You get a commission on every sale. (In affiliate marketing, the vendor ends up with the customer.) You need to promote what you know about.

Good Luck!


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Best Content and SEO Marketing Blogs


My Home Page at WAU. John

My Home Page at WAU. John

With the advancement in search engine metrics and outburst of social exchange on social media networks, the digital marketing industry has seen a major boom. More and more brands, producers, re-sellers want to launch themselves on social media channels and get in touch with their buyers directly. Social media networks, along with SEO marketing techniques provide brands to promote their goods to millions of customers online. This has given rise to a number of content and SEO marketing blogs which help in providing marketing strategies to brands interested in promoting their products on the Internet.

Blog Marketing

The blogs are mainly run by professional web marketers and SEO specialist who advise on how best to market your products and service to your target audience without spending too much on advertising. They provide tutorials as well as tips on creating quality content and how best to optimize it in order to get more traffic on your website and boost your ranking on Google search engine.

Getting Google Rankings

In order to rank in the top results of Google you need to have a lot of technical knowledge of SEO and these blogs will provide you exactly that. All the tips and tricks that you can use on your website to improve its SEO and get maximum traffic. In this article we will list the most informative and reliable blogs that provide daily updates on Google metrics and strategies that web administrators must follow in order to improve their website’s SEO.

1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the best SEO marketing blogs on the Internet with over a million subscribers. Moz posts articles regularly on content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, link building, inbound marketing, as well as copywriting. All the tricks to make your website appealing to your visitors.

2. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another leading SEO marketing blog that is loaded with hundreds of valuable article about search engines, social media, SEM and SEO. The writers at this blog are accomplished SEO professionals and provide great insights regarding search engines, social media, and SEO on a regular basis to their visitors for free. Visitors can subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feeds to benefit from their insights daily.

3. BackLinko

BackLinko is run by SEO Specialist, Brian Dean who shares his insightful SEO tips that he learns himself daily through his own experience and shares them with the whole world. He also discusses viable link building strategies that can help your website improve its SEO considerably. Today he has over 70,000 monthly visitors.

4. Pro Blogger

Problogger is considered as the ultimate resource blog for effective copywriters and content marketers. It offers various tips and suggestions to improve the way people write content on the web. From highly appealing short ebooks and guides to very detailed blog, Problogger promises to give its readers a fantastic learning experience.

Some content and SEO marketing blogs also offer professional consultancy and training to clients who are interested.

Want to Start Your Own Blog? Why Not?

For training from the premier Internet marketing training site: Click Here!


Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

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JAAXY Keyword Tool Review

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

I have been using the JAAXY keyword tool since it was first introduced by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, my friends Kyle and Carson. This tool is specifically designed for affiliate marketers. In just a few words, tool gives the following properties of each word on a list of keywords that come up during your search. The best way to see this is by simply opening the window to

1. Here you will find a list of your keywords.

2. The average number of keyword searches the keyword receives each month.

3. The number of visits that you receive on your website if you rank on the first page of Google.

4. Search results: the number of competing websites ranked Google for this exact keyword.

5. A keyword indicator light which is color-coded to show you which sites are best (green) to market your site.

6. Your SEO score which shows how likely you will write for this keyword on the first page of Google. A high score (90 – 100) indicates that an article written based on a particular keyword will be successful in ranking on Google.

7. The availability of a domain with your selected keywords.

8. A list of related keywords that will help you improve your search results.

If you’re a member of JAXXY like me, you will be able to promote JAAXY and receive commissions for others to join. This has always made taxi profitable to me.

My rating for JAAXY: ***** or 5 Star.


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Does Content Marketing Work?

Content Marketing Introduction

Content marketing is a favorite of affiliates, professional digital marketing companies, and marketing newbies alike. It’s easy to do, and it’s touted as being an effective way to reach out to people who are actually looking for the information that you have. That said, does it even work? A recent study published in Forbes suggests that it doesn’t work—unless done the right way. What’s the right way to do content marketing? Here are some tips:

Pick the right keywords.JAAXY 1

This is where a keyword tool should come in handy. If you’re not using the right keywords in your content, your content marketing is simply not going to work. If you are using the right keywords, however, you’re going to see a boost in your page traffic and, if you’re selling something, in your sales. A keyword tool can take a basic keyword and show you other keywords that you can use that might have better search volumes or lower competition.

Make sure your content is actually useful.

If your content isn’t useful, of course it’s not going to work. The theory behind content marketing is that internet surfers use search engines to look for information and that if you provide that information, they will be able to find you and the usefulness of the content will endear them to your brand. For that to work, you have to have content that is actually useful. This means it is well-written and contains information that your readers want to know.

You have to market that content.

It isn’t enough just to post something on your website and hope that people will find it. You have to get the word out about your content, either by Tweeting about it, posting about it on Facebook, or contacting big-name bloggers to write about your post or website.

Make sure your content is tailored to your niche.

You might be able to write a fascinating article about raising German shepherd puppies, but if that isn’t the main point of your website and has nothing to do with your business, your audience won’t care about it. It will either bring people to your website that won’t care about your brand or it will drive people away from your brand because you appear inconsistent and therefore not worthy of trust.


Make sure your content is useful to those in your niche market. Use social media and other means to let readers know about it. Make sure that the content is not just useful but specific to your niche market.


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Internet Business Tool Center Tool of the Week: Outgoing Links

traffic 4Tool of the Week: Outgoing Links

When you place important information on your website, post or pages, the search engines expects that you will link to other important information on the web. Your page rankings can be lower if you fail to link off your site. However, you do not want to link directly to a competitor. It is best to link to information sites that have useful unbiased information.

Where to link to (thanks to :

• Links to pages which actually add value and cover the topic really well.
• Link to blogs having good PR or Successful blogs.
• Link to the bloggers in your networks or same niche, this will help you to create community with fellow bloggers.

Read the reference article for a more comprehensive discussion on outbound linking.


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Easy Make Money Online

It is NOT all that easy to make money online. The gurus, who turn you upside down and shake the money out of your pockets, want you to think that it is. They will give you a free ebook and start blasting you with emails. They will sell you one worthless program after another until you are broke and have no money left to invest in a real business. They offer you get-rich-quick schemes that just don’t work.

Making money on the Internet is a rather simple process. However, you have to pay your dues to learn the process details. The process starts with you:

1. What is your passion or major interest? Are you willing to share what you know with other like-minded people? Are you willing to become an expert in what you have a love for. You will not stick with a market if it does not appeal to you. You will be willing to work hard in a market that you love. A small special market of buyers is what we call a niche market.

2. Are you willing to obtain a business sense? Marketing on the Internet is business. If you were to start a storefront business you would have to think about financing the business startup and operations, how you would attract customers, how you would present your products and services, etc. An Internet business does not require a building, heat, light and running water, etc. You can run it from your home if you have a computer and a high-speed Internet connection. You can operate with a more limited Internet connection but it will slow you down. But for an Internet business, you need no inventory unless that is what you want to do. You can simply promote other people’s products and services. This is called Affiliate Marketing. But whatever you do, start with a Business Plan.

3. Can you create a website? It is very easy to do and you need know little about programing and HTML, the code used by some of us old guys at times. WordPress or other such program will create your site for you in a few minutes. But you will have to supply the content. It must be relevant content to your site. Any links in or out of your site must be directly related to your site purpose.

4. You will need to drive or attract traffic to your site. That means you must tell the world that your site exists. A beautiful site with lots of good information can draw little or no traffic for years on end. You must use social marketing, article marketing, blogging and other methods to attract traffic. You must post to your blog (site) often and tell the world about your post.

5. Your site can be a blog or content site. I have been changing my sites to blogs so that went a visitor comes to my site, he will see my most recent post. However you can have a visitor visit a static page full of introductory information. If you want folks to come back to your site, consider the blog option. Folks are looking for good information. Loading your post with banners and image ads can be a detriment so use them sparingly. It is better to link directly to words in your content.

Well, that is enough for one session. I’ll be back!


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Six Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

logo2I have a friend from Sweden named Veronica who is a very good blogger. She is a member of WAU and she wrote an excellent blog on making money with  your blog which I would like to share with you so just CLICK HERE!


P.S. Have you made your free keyword searches at JAAXY. Why not? It is the top affiliate marketing keyword tool with accurate information. CLICK HERE!

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