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Start Business No Money

Get plugged into SBA Training Now!

Get plugged into SBA Training Now!


You got right to the point with that search term: Start Business No Money. It indicates that you have a very strong desire to start your own business but that you have little collateral to do it. Don’t feel alone. Many are in the same situation,

No matter what kind of a business that you want to get into, I suggest that you go to and develop your free business plan. That will help you define your goals and make plans for the future. It’s hard to follow a trail if you don’t know where it is going.

The Internet

At first, let’s not think about the Internet. Let’s assume that we are going to use the Internet to bring folks to our business but that it is not our business.

Here are some transitions that I’ve witnessed:

Doll Parts

A couple had a business in their home. They sold doll parts. People contacted them directly by walking into their storeroom, by mail, and by email. When daddy decided to put a site on the Internet showing their merchandise. They set up the site and emailed their customers or notified them by mail that they had a web presence. Their sales quadrupled overnight.

Here you can see that they already had a business and that they were already making business decisions.

Irish Flutes

My son did this very thing. He is a veterinarian but he was selling flutes on the side. He told me that he wanted a website which we set up. He had a large email list of his customers worldwide. When we had the site going, he email them and from that point on, he did most all of his business on the Internet. But his business was selling flutes, not the Internet.

Niche Markets

Both of these examples show that they were working in niche markets. A niche market is a small part of a larger market. A niche market can be broken down into a sub niche. I think I just invented that term. But the market in Irish flutes is part of the flute market which is part of the musical instrument market.


I had a connection years ago, still do, with my friend Ty Hicks in New York State. Ty has put many people in the business. He has authored many books and reports. I went to visit and set up a bookstore. Bizland furnished the e-commerce (credit card) function and the traffic. I too was in business on the Internet almost instantly. But my business was selling books.

I also had a large quantity of books’s stored at my home in Arizona. I bought them at yard sales and estate sales, often paying $.10 for a book. I sold them on and (I wrote a booklet of this some years ago which is sort of obsolete, but it will tell you how to get into the business.Send me two dollars for shipping and handling if you want to copy. TJ Books, 213 3rd Ave. N., Buhl,ID 83316)

A fast way to start in a business is to go to yard sales and estate sales. You can sell antiques and handmade items directly on ETSY and other sites.

Baby Hats

Two of my granddaughters are in business together. They make baby hats. They have about 10 employees and they sell them exclusively on the Internet. They make good full-time incomes to support their families while their husbands are in college.


Another granddaughter and her partner import special leather from China. They have it fabricated into mats that are moisture proof and stain free. There used to change babies diapers when they are on the road or at home.


My vet son, who once sold Irish flutes (he sold the business last year), got into the herb business. He is very busy in his vet business but his herb business is very demanding and profitable.

We Mentioned a Niche Market

It’s hard to compete with Walmart and Sears and Home Depot and supermarkets. Some years ago Saturday Night Live had a skit where a man and his wife opened a store that sold only one thing, Scotch Tape. They stocked the store and the mans at behind the counter smoking his pipe waiting for a customer to come in. He sold only one roll of tape.

The point is that a niche market may not be profitable and it may not even be a niche market. Think about it. Where do you buy scotch tape? You can get it anywhere so you don’t go to a special store for scotch tape. It is not a niche market. It is like a commodity, bread, milk and carrots.

Hobbies are Good and Can Be Profitable

Business often develops because of the hobbies or interest of an individual. A good example is the gentleman who loved to juggle who opened a store on the Internet which sold juggling supplies and equipment. It was very successful, A niche market stays successful until competition destroys it.

As I have illustrated, you need a product for your business.

It is best to have control over your own products.

Promoting or Selling Other Peoples Products

Some folks promote other people’s products on the Internet. Others deal with the distributor or manufacturer and sell the products on the Internet but have them delivered by the manufacturer.

Sometime back I was selling flagpoles and flagpole accessories from my website. My supplier was the manufacturer who drop shipped the product for me but I handled the customer relations.

Affiliate Marketing

If you do affiliate marketing, you will be promoting products, not selling them. You link to the vendors site and he does the selling. If he makes a sale, he pays you a commission. You don’t know who the customer is, but he does. He will pay you a high commission just so that he can take that customer away from you and make subsequent sales–which is where the profit is.

Yet affiliate marketers can earn good incomes. One source says  the average income is $5000 a year. However, most of the earnings are made by 10% of the affiliates while the other 90%’s earnings are essentially zilch. The reason that they are not earning income is because they thought they were going to get rich quick but didn’t realize that they would have to work very hard to build up an affiliate business. They drop out or just piddle along.

Various sources give various views on the income of affiliates. As a guess, beginning affiliates lose money, low-level affiliates earn up to $300 a day that some earn nothing at all, intermediate affiliates earn from $300 to $3000 a day, high-level affiliates earn above $3000 day, and the very top affiliates think that anything under $10,000 a day is crummy. Source:

Four of my friends earned their way through college. One made over $500,000. Another had a full-time business running after six months so he went full-time in the first year. Another had so many websites that he had to hire English majors at his university to provide the content for his sites.

I know quite a few folks who are earning from &30,000 to &100,000 a year. They are very hard workers and they know what they are doing.

Where to Learn Affiliate Marketing

The premier site for learning affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate University. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2008 and I’m still there. I’m 84 years old so I won’t be much longer lol.

Business Start-up Decisions

if you have decided to start a business, start locally. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and asked them where you can learn how to start a business in your area.

Contact your state and local colleges to see if they don’t have a free program to benefit you. A number of educational, business and civic organizations use retired business executives to teach new people how to start a business.

Talk to local business people in your area. Talk to your banker. If you seek an SBA loan, it must be initiated through your bank.

At the very beginning go to and start a business plan. Don’t worry about it being the actual plan you will use, at least not at the start. Keep revising your business plan until it is what you want. If you do have a retired executive working with you, have him review your plan.


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Legitimate Work Home Jobs


How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

Folks often ask about legitimate work home jobs on the Internet. Are there illegitimate work home jobs? I think they are talking about jobs that are not scams promoted by Internet so-called gurus.

Gurus start out with a free offer. Then they sell you something for $37 promising you the world. Then they say that if you really want to own the world, you should buy this $67 product. What all of these things don’t work, and the groove knows they will not work, he offers to consult with you for $297.

There are many folks who have tried to earn money on the Internet you have instead been scammed by some guru who is actually taken them for thousands of dollars.

It’s no wonder that folks are looking for legitimate work home jobs. There are a number of ways to earn money on the Internet. However, these are the main ways that have worked for me.

1. Selling Your Own Products on the Internet

You can create your own products and sell them online. You can start by opening a free store such as ETSY. You will get immediate traffic to the store which is a major problem in starting any business on the Internet.

If you’re making the products by hand, and you get to the point where too many orders are coming in, you can contact local folks and asked them to help you in the production.

If your product is a digital product such as a book, you can publish it easily on Amazon and they will sell it for some

What kind of skills do you have? What have you learned from your past experiences?


A. My wife’s caregiver’s son made a key ring holder in my kitchen using my tools. He put it up on a new ETSY store and sold it immediately. It was simply a board with some burned-in writing, which he created with my soldering iron, and some hooks which he screwed into the board. He has made many of these boards since.

B. Two of my granddaughters create and manufacture baby clothing. They have about a dozen employees helping them. Each of them is earning enough money to support the family and to send the husbands through college. They have an Etsy store and and their own website,

C. Another of my granddaughters has a partner. They import special leather from overseas and then manufacture waterproof and stain proof mats. They recently built a 3000 ft.² warehouse to house their product. My granddaughter says she’s going to start another business soon.

D. My No. 3 son is a veterinarian that he has an herb business. He sells books and lessons which he creates, other people’s books, textures and herbs which he sells on the Internet and that conventions in the Inter-mountain area. This business is also very successful.

E. By daughter is a RN, but she is also a professional artist. She started as a portrait artist, but because I started her painting when she was four-years-old and I painted landscapes and wildlife, she has started painting landscapes. She was in town this last weekend, and we went out in the countryside and photographed old barns and then went down to the Snake River where we photographed river scenes. She is is as persnickety about her photography as she is about her paintings which she sells from her own website and at local sales.

2. Selling Other People’s Products on the Internet

Here I am talking about real products, that must be shipped to the customer, that you did not create.

For example, you might go to a local manufacturer or craftsman and set up an arrangement to sell his or her products.

You can contact manufacturers and deal with those who will drop ship products to your customers.


A. I sold books on the Internet for many years. Many of these were books that I bought at yard and estate sales. I sold them through and The first book I sold was Birds of New Mexico. I purchased it for $.50 and immediately sold it for $150. Since I am a birder, I wished I had of kept it. (I still have a booklet, somewhat now obsolete, that I wrote some years back: How to Buy Books for Pennies and Sell Them for Dollars. I will send you a copy if you put 2 1-dollar bills in an envelope and sent it to TJ Books, 213 3rd. Ave. N., Buhl, ID 83316)

B. I have a friend in New York, Tyler Hicks, who publishes many books on how to make a living in business. I went to and set up a store with e-commerce capabilities so that I could take credit cards. All I had to do was place inventory in the store. I traffic package came with the store and so I was selling books immediately. I also listed books from other publishers.

C. I sold flagpoles and flagpole accessories for many years from my own site. They were dropship to my customers after they paid for them using my PayPal account which allows people to buy using credit cards.

D. A number of friends of mine use the Amazon Fulfillment Program. They decide on what product they want to sell, contact a foreign manufacturer to create and personalize it, have the product shipped to Amazon where Amazon handles all of the orders and customer relations. If you decide to do this, be prepared to create the Amazon sales page for your product. My friends are becoming very rich doing this. There are risk.

3. Promoting Other People’s Products on the Internet

I’m talking about promoting products, not selling them. The process is simply promoting products and sending the reader to the vendors sales page. The vendor ships a product and steals your customer from you because you don’t know who buys and who doesn’t. The vendor pays you commissions on the first sales, but not on subsequent sales.

I have a lot of friends that are making good money in affiliate marketing. The premier place to learn this is a Wealthy I have four friends in particular who worked their way through college as affiliate marketers.

It is best to do affiliate marketing from your own website. The website must be focused on ace certain segment of a large market called a niche market. People coming to your website are not looking for product in particular. They are looking for information and solutions to their problems. Therefore you must continually supply quality relevant information to your readers, suggesting products almost as an afterthought.


Kyle and his bride and daughter. Kyle is co-owner of WA

A.  Kyle while in college, created an affiliate marketing business and six months and went full time at the end of his first year. Independently, Carson did the same thing. Both paid all of their college expenses in this way. They are the founders of WA.

B. Mark, from New Zealand, copied a friend and put a single batter on a single website and earn $50 a month just as his friend had. Mark set up many sites. He paid his fellow students, those majoring in English, to write copy for his websites. He had to rent a large home as office space for these writers. His father was amazed and went into business with him. He is the founder of Affilorama.

C. Steve and his wife, members of WA, met Dom and his bride-to- in Hawaii a few weeks ago and attended their wedding. Dom is an American living in Taiwan and is also a member of WA. These folks travel and are supported totally by affiliate marketing.

about me

Veronica is a from Sweden and likes to stay home with her kids.

D. Veronica is from Sweden and she wanted to stay home with her children. She supports yourself through affiliate marketing, she is also a member of WA, and she travels home to Sweden several times each year to see her family.

4. Blogging

Blogging is performed from a website. This site is a blogging site. The requirements for your website are the same as for affiliate marketing. You can earn money on your site through affiliate marketing, allowing others to post ads on your website and by allowing the search engines to place ads on your website. The main search engines are Google and Yahoo/Bing. You may be able to see some Bing ads on my site.

Conclusion to Legitimate Work Home Jobs:

These four ways are the ways that I use or have used to make money on the Internet. You can take surveys if you want to misrepresent yourself and earn money. The problem here is that you must fit the profile for the survey and so you may have to tell some lies in order to be allowed to take the survey.. There’s nothing like taking part of the survey and then being told that they really don’t want you to continue so you don’t get paid.

Data entry jobs are available on the Internet. I would rather’s toss hamburgers at McDonald’s. To me it was tedious and low-paying work.

You can make money as a writer on the Internet by peddling your services at or and other such sites. You also can create banners and logos and such and do the same thing many are doing this and earning money.

That’s enough for this old man! I have to eat some breakfast so that I can take my meds. Besides my wife’s caregiver will be here in a few minutes and I have to make sure that my wife has her meds before she gets here. I don’t want her to chew my ears out. You would think that she would have more respect for an 84-year-old man and her employer.

Consider a lifetime free membership at WA: Click Here!

Start On Your Trail to Success Today!

Start On Your Trail to Success Today!

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.


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Generate Passive Income

Introduction to Generate Passive Income

Build your website and get going!

Build your website and get going!

Times have been tough and they’re not getting any better. Many day jobs are not paying enough money to support a family. If investments are available, they are being used to educate children and to provide the daily needs of the family. There is nothing left for retirement.

This is a very serious situation. Some folks who are living on only Social Security are actually in poverty. You see them welcoming folks into Walmart.

Breadwinners who have to leave home to work a part-time job to supplement their income, are losing precious time with her family and working themselves to death. They need to be working in a situation that they control’s so that they can work from home if they like and earn enough money for the present and future.

Have you read Rich Man Poor Man? You probably have. That book gives the key to putting your energies into your own businesses and investing.

What Is Passive Income?

From Wikipedia we learn:
“Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of “unearned income”.

“The American Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, active (earned) income, passive (unearned) income, and portfolio income.

“It defines passive income as only coming from two sources: rental activity or “trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate.
“Other financial and government institutions also recognize it as an income obtained as a result of capital growth or in relation to negative gearing. Passive income is usually taxable.”

Examples of Passive Income

My friend, Paul, purchased single-family homes, then with sweat equity he remodeled these homes and converted them to multifamily homes and rented them out.

Doing this over and over again, he generated a large monthly income. Then he create multi-family structures from scratch which generated even more income. He hired a manager to handle his real estate investments. He moved on to other things. This income was generated from assets, rather than from the active participation in a business.

As you can see it may take a lot of time and energy to generate passive income, but once you have accomplished this, you can invest in other instruments that pay you continually but do not require your active participation.

In the first case, the passive income is coming from a business that you no longer have an active part in.

In the second case, passive income is coming from investments which require no effort from you.

Well, I Think I’ve Driven That into the Ground.

I have either confuse the heck out of you, are you know the difference between active and passive income. No matter what it is, the IRS will try to take part of it away from you.

Over the years, I used employer investment plans.  We mainly live on the passive income from these plans. We also have Social Security, with my wife and I contributed to. That sounds passive to me.

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

You probably have read this book. It explains the differences in working at a day job and building a business with later contributions to an investment portfolio. Oh, did I mention this before? Well, I am old and senile and often repeat myself.

How to Generate Passive Income

1. Build a business. You should generated a business plan first do

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

this at If your business is an Internet-based, can do most of your work from home. There are  educational institutions and business organizations that will also help you get up and going. Call your local Chamber of Commerce and local institutions to learn more.

2. Invest money that you earned into bonds, dividend paying stocks, retirement funds and annuities. My stocks were converted into annuities to preserve the capital.

3. Invest in real estate for rental income.

4. Consider network marketing which requires much toil to get started and to keep it going. It’s not for me!


You can generate passive income if you first generate active income so that you have the resources to acquire assets that will then pay you passive income.

Although passive income is hands-off, to get started is hands-on. To generate passive income for retirement or because your day job is not generating enough income to support your family in a way that you want to support, then consider Internet marketing.

In Internet marketing, you can sell your own products or you can promote other people’s products and let them do the selling. Either way works.

In my family, we have always preferred to sell products of our own creation. My children and grandchildren and a number of very successful business. I once sold products but now I’m 84 years old and I prefer to promote other people’s products which is called affiliate marketing.


Watch out for scammers!

To learn to do affiliate marketing you have to watch out for the many scam artists who are there to take your money and teach you nothing.  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2008. It is the premier training site for affiliate marketers and there is no scams in operation there, no gurus to pick you up by the heals and shake the coins out of your pockets.

There are two membership levels of Wealthy Affiliate. I suggest that you start with the free membership which will give you two websites to practice on.

Later you can join is a premium member which costs $47 a month. That is active a lot cheaper than going to college (where you can learn affiliate marketing anyway) and the cost drops to about one-half if you pay annually. Wealthy Affiliate has two affiliate programs that you can join. One is to promote memberships and the other one is to promote the JAAXY keyword tool. I have never had to pay one red cent for membership because of these two programs.

If you have a number of websites, and if you’re a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can host up to 30 websites and as many free sites as you like.

Quite a deal! (P.S. I’m tjbooks at Wealthy Affiliate.)

Here is a summary of membership levels at Wealthy Affiliate:

Let’s generate passive income!

Start On Your Trail to Success Today!

Start On Your Trail to Success Today!


Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

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How to Survive on Minimum Wage

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

How Can I Support My Family. Minimum wage is not doing it?

Do you know how to  survive on minimum wage? You can’t!

States have a minimum wage from $7.25-10 per hour. Exceptions our Alabama that has no minimum and Wyoming which has a minimum of $5.15. Many families have one or two family members who work one or more minimum wage jobs trying to make ends meet.

Food Cost

It would take about $300 per month for food needs for the average adult in the U.S.  Actually, about $200 is spent so some are undernourished.

Housing and Other Cost

Over all annual cost for one person is about $20,000.00 which includes food cost.

Let’s See?

A man and a wife have three teenage children and they both hold minimum wage jobs to support them. For a 40 hour work week at say $8.00 per hour, they earn together $33,280 each year. That is enough to support how many people if the cost of living is $20,000.00? Almost 2 people.  They are 5 people.

Food Cost Estimate $2000.00/month

Housing Cost Estimate $600.00

Insurance and Medical $400.00

Car Payment $350.00

Clothing and Such $100.00

Utilities $300.00

That’s $3,750.00 each month.  That’s $45,000.00 each year. But that is not all the expenses (and I’ve low-balled here). There are educational expenses, business expenses, medical expenses not covered by insurance, entertainment, eating out and donations, etc. The family might pay over $3,000.00 in taxes.

Such  a family would be hurting!

Many families are hurting!

Thinking Outside the box can get you on the road to earning sufficient money again.

Thinking Outside the box can get you on the road to earning sufficient money again.

Just think about a single-parent family with one source of income. Some are on welfare. Some end up on the street.

Not only minimum wage folks are having problems. Some folks with good incomes have been forced out of their homes due to economic conditions. Those who have been able to keep their homes, have found that the value of their homes has dramatically dropped. The loan value on their property is now zero whereas not long ago, they would have been able to take a second mortgage to get through rough times.

Many people have lost their jobs due to downsizing and outsourcing. They have become underemployed with some taking minimum wage jobs as second jobs to supplement their income. Many of these are at the age where they are trying to put children through college. You know what has happened to college costs having gone up 1200% in recent years.

Retired people get few increases in retirement income. Small increases by Social Security don’t do much. Savings put away in 401 and other plans have diminished dramatically. Some have tremendous costs to take care of the aging. (It cost about $60,000 a year for me to take care of my wife who has a ALZ. I have insurance but the company is facing bankruptcy.)

If seniors cannot pay for their care, the states gobble up all of their assets when they die to pay in part the cost for the care that the state provide. There is nothing left as an inheritance.

Work From Home Jobs

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

Many workers have become tired of the workplace. A day job has expenses such as transportation, work clothing, eating outside meals, and other business expenses. If they can work at home, they don’t need a day care center to take care of their children. This works well for stay-at-home mothers. But finding the  right work from home job can be difficult.

If a person has special skills, he can often provide those skills from home. For example, after I retired some 20 odd years ago, I did engineering consulting which included travel to foreign countries.

Those with secretarial skills can provide those skills to local offices. Accountants and medical professionals can work from their own.

If you are a writer, and you can learn income from your writing. I have written a number of novels and that is certainly a work-at-home job.

The World of the Internet

WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to  learn and that take time.

WAU will train you to market globally. There is a lot to learn and that take time.

There are ways to make money on the Internet. From my experience, and that of my family, creating your own products and selling them on the Internet is a fast way to earn income. If you have skills such as knitting, sewing, crocheting woodworking, metalworking and such, you can open up a store on a site such as ETSY at no cost and start selling immediately.

Three of my granddaughters are making good incomes by creating products and selling them on the Internet. My son is a veterinarian, but he has had two good businesses Internet-based. One he sold musical instruments(which he sold last year) and the other is in herb business which he operates on and off the Internet.

Two of my granddaughters are putting cousins through college. They have children and marketing on the Internet allows them to earn a good income. They have about a dozen employees working for them.

My other granddaughter imports materials from China and then has products created locally which she and her partner sell on the Internet.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.

You can promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. You must be careful here. There are too many gurus that will give you a free gift and then grab you by the hills and shake the coins out of your pockets. They will drain you dry.

The premier training site for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. They have a free membership which is lifelong and it will get you started. They will give you two free websites.

Like so many college students who have worked their way through college through affiliate marketing, Kyle and Carson, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, did the same thing, joined up a created training center. I joined WA in 2008.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

I suggest that before you start a business of any kind that you have a business plan. You can prepare a business plan at no charge at

John T Jones PhD

Buhl, Idaho

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Work from Home Jobs for the Disabled

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underware.

One advantages of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underwear.

Work from Home Jobs for the Disabled

Disabled folks not only have to deal with their ailments, they also have to deal with financial problems. For the disabled person by himself or herself, the problems are multiplied. I have a number of friends who are in this exact situation.

A friend of mine, a horse trainer, was thrown from a horse which injured her spinal column. She lives by herself with her dog. Times are tough for her, but she still is trying to earn a living using her computer.

Another friend was a professional musician. He no longer can work a regular job. He still has to support his family. He does it using his computer.

It sad that too many disabled people do not receive the help they need from family, friends or from the church they belong to.

Actually, it is pathetic.

Many handicap people, some under very difficult conditions, go to work every day outside the home. Some have specially equipped vans for a wheelchair or specially equipped cars so they can drive, some even have a service dog to help them. So they have to get up in the morning, get dressed, find something to eat, and then travel to work. I’m sure that many are exhausted by the time they get to the workplace.

Some handicapped people must stay at home confined to bed or a wheelchair. Some have the use of their hands, but some do not. Not having the use of your hands is a severe complication. However, at this minute, I am dictating into my computer. The main reason that I dictate is because I have carpal tunnel. But others cannot manipulate a keyboard and they must give their computer voice commands to accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Work at home jobs using a computer can be a very good alternative for a handicapped person. Still, he or she needs the ability to write.

Writers can always be hired, but that is an added expense.

If an individual has the use of his or her hands, she can create products. My granddaughters have a business which hires a dozen or so people. But their employees must have the use of both hands.

However, a person with the use of only one hand who has artistic capability, can produce artwork which can be sold on the Internet or in local shops. Even some souls without hands sometimes do this.


Even I have an ETSY Store

You can market your own products on the Internet in a free store such as Etsy.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also market other peoples products which you never have to handle. You simply promote products on your website and direct folks to click on a link that goes to the vendor’s site. The vendors ships the product and pays you a sales commission. That is called affiliate marketing.

I suggest two places to go for training in affiliate marketing, not ignoring the fact that you must have a computer to do this. One is Affilorama. They have a number of tutorials there to help you get going.

Another place that is free is ClickBank where they have excellent training for affiliate marketing. ClickBank will provide you with digital products to promote.

The premier place for affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate. They recently added a free lifetime membership which will give you two free websites and will give you the initial training you need to be an affiliate marketer. From the start, they offer two affiliate programs that can help you pay your way. If you later decide to take out a premier membership which costs $47 a month (cut in half if you pay annually) , you will be trained extensively in marketing.

Although I have always sold products on the Internet rather than doing affiliate marketing, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2008 which has helped my grandchildren and my son to create very profitable businesses. But now I’m 84 years old and I no longer sell products, I am doing much more affiliate marketing.

How Some Have or Are Hitting the Jackpot

The owner of Afillorama was a college student in New Zealand. A friend of his had a banner on his website and he received $50 a month from that banner, so he made up his own website and learned he could earn money.

Then he made many websites and hired English majors to write content on them. His dad saw that he was earning money and he joined him. Later, he decided to help others become affiliate marketers.

Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate University, began affiliate marketing when he was a college student. He used what is called PPC or pay-per-click, to drive traffic to his websites.

In the first six months he got to the point where he was earning a full-time income. By the end of the year, he decided to go into the business full-time.

Carson, Kyle’s friend, both to live in Vancouver, Canada, was also a student and he was pursuing the same path as Kyle. That’s when they join together and created Wealthy Affiliate.

Steve joined WA a year after I did. He is independent and he and his wife travel around the world with Steve working from his computer wherever he is. Steve earns over $30,000 a year just by using the WA affiliate programs. That is only part of his income.

Dom lives in Taiwan and he very recently took his fiancee to Hawaii, met up with Steve and his wife, and got married. He also makes his living as an affiliate marketer. Both of these gentlemen are good friends of mine.

Another dear friend, is Veronica. She has a  site called along with many other sites. She likes to work at home because she can be with her children. She was born and raised in Sweden and so she likes to go there every time she can. She goes several times a year all paid by affiliate marketing which she learned at WA. Vicky has a number of interest but seems to specialize in babies and children and promotes products in that area.

Pot Pie Girl, Jennifer, lives down south had always has made a great income by affiliate marketing. She is a longtime member of Wealthy Affiliate. She is a pro golfer so she likes to play the game and affiliate marketing gives her the time.

Rich, who lives in London, was experienced in advertising before he joined WA. Needless to say, he has been very successful as an affiliate marketer.

Getting Started!

I guess I could go on here all day mentioning people who are making their living as affiliate marketers had have been trained by WA that however, will not help you very much. What will help you is going to WA, signing up for a free membership, go through the Affiliate Boot Camp, starting two free sites and start promoting.

If you like what you are doing and have the ability and time, then I suggest that you become a Premium Member and start a new website using your own domain rather than a free domain.

You will be able to start your website from day one.

WA uses WordPress, as do many domain hosting companies, so you do not need to know any computer language to prepare your website. You will be given every detail in the boot camp.

To start, you will write a privacy page and the details of the page will be given to you. You will also write an about page where you will tell people about yourself.

You will easily import pictures into your documents from your computer. You will be given the links and be told how to promote wealthy affiliate.

You will be shown how to join the JAAXY keyword tool affiliate program. Your sales commissions from WA and from JAAXY will be paid through PayPal so you will need to set up a free account over there you will need an email address to do this.

You’ll be shown how to find a niche market which is a small part of a larger market. You can join the Amazon Associates program and then you can promote any Amazon product that you want to.

For example, say that your niche market is toddler’s. You can go to Amazon and find products and even brands. You can get the links to these products and place them on your website.

Another place to get links is

You will want to promote products that you know about so that you can recommend them or advise people not to buy them. To do this you have to be able to write because your website will not be recognized by the search engines unless you are providing a sufficient amount of quality information to your niche market.

For example, you could write an article about problems with breast-feeding. You could reference government links, Web M.D. links and Wikipedia. The search engines like you to link to these kinds of sites. (Notice that none of these sites will be in competition with you.)

In your article, you could recommend some good books on breast-feeding and link them to the Amazon site. You could also describe clothing for the mother that allows breast feeding and salves for sore nipples, etc.

You will want to set yourself up as an expert.

You do this by writing and advising. You might want to start an email list so that you can communicate further with your niche members.

The more desirable your site is, the higher the search engines will rank you. You want rankings on the first page of the search results for the keywords you are using in your articles.

You probably have the idea by now.

The following chart shows the different memberships at Wealthy Affiliate:


Finding work from home jobs for the disabled can be complicated for some individuals, but there are ways to make a living using the Internet. You  can even avoid the worries about computer technology. You can do what others are doing.

Using affiliate marketing to earn a living is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. Each blog (website) must be updated often, at the start at least two or three times a week (later, once a week). You need to learn how use a keyword tool. I use JAXXY but you will have a good free tool at WA. It can take up to a year to generate sufficient income but you should be going in about three to six months or so. After all, it is a business.

Three of my granddaughters have product businesses, two making products and one importing materials and then making them. It is a lot of work and you need to learn a lot about business. Put if you have product and get into an Internet store like ETSY, you can earn money almost instantly.

No matter which way you go, I would have a business plan. You can

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

Small Business Association. Start a business plan here now.

create one at

A Business Meeting

Right now, I have two of my granddaughters in my home visiting. They live in different states but they  each have a business which sells their products on the Internet. This morning has been one big business meeting between the two. They are very smart business women and it is fun to listen to them help each other in their businesses.

That too is one thing about WA. You will never be alone!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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Internet Business from Home

Edison learned a thousand things that did not work, but he never stopped working.

Edison learned a thousand things that did not work, but he never stopped working.

There Has to Be a Reason for an Internet Business from Home

There are a number of reasons that folks want to put up a business online, an Internet business from home.

1. They have a storefront business and they want to go online.

2. They have an existing home business that they want to put online.

3. They want to start a new business online.

There are Advantages to Putting a Storefront Online


The greater presence brings in many more customers. It is not quite like walking into the store where they can pick up the product and bend it and squeeze it and smell it, etc., But if the descriptions are good on the webpages, they make a pretty good substitute,

I have watched the sales of such business increased dramatically, especially if the storefront business already had a mailing list. Then you can just inform those on your list that you have a new website where they can purchase product.

One of my sons had an existing home business and a mailing list. We build a website and told his mailing list that we had the new site. It not only was a great service to his customers but it brought in customers worldwide.

He recently sold his business ( so he could put more time on the second business that he was working on ( My son has 15 kids he has to educate so he needs the extra money to supplement his income (he is a veterinarian).

The Reasons Why

Many folks  want to start a new business online. They know the power of the computer and the Internet and may think that if they can get online, they can gain income in a short time. They may need money to support their children in college. They may want to travel to Europe. They may need a new car or even a new home. They may want to eat and pay the rent on a heated home.

Women who stay at home enjoy profits from Internet businesses.

So do handicap people. I have a number of  friends who are handicapped who support themselves online.

You Have to Have Passion

Having a reason to go online is important. You have to have a driving force to succeed. If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you probably will not be successful.

The reason for this is that Internet marketing is difficult, especially for those starting a new business. It usually takes at least a year to start earning significant income. Some do it in six months, but not many. Those who can stick it out for several years, can generate a full time income.

Friends and Family

I have a number of young friends who travel the world because of the income from their business. If travel is not your cup of tea, maybe those needs that I have mentioned such as to educate your children, and requiring a new home, come into play. But the bottom line is that increased income allows you to live a better life.

One of my friends just took his wife to Hawaii to meet another friend who was getting married there. The second friend lives in Taiwan. All expenses for both were provided by the two businesses that these men own. They do business exclusively on the Internet.

Both learn to be Internet marketers at Wealthy Affiliate University. They promote other people’s products from their websites which is called affiliate marketing.

In my family, we have always preferred to sell products that we create or manufacture ourselves or products for which we are distributors. I’m 84 years old and pretty much out of that business. For that reason, I am now emphasizing affiliate marketing. Because it takes $60k a year to keep my wife at home who has a full-time caregiver. Some of my retirement funds have been diminished over the years so I would like to sustain them.

Two or my granddaughters are earning good incomes to put their husbands through college. One purchased a new car the other day as the wheels are falling off the old one. They have about a dozen of the employees working for them. All of their employees are’s day at home mothers.

Selling Your Own Products Online

If you want to make products and sell them from home, I suggest that you go to to set up a store at no cost. Other sites are AFTCRA, ArtFire, Big Cartel, Bonanza, Craft Is Art, DaWanda, RebelsMarket, Storenvy, Supermarket, Yokaboo, Zibbet and Ziibra.

If you want to sell your products from your own website, consider Shopify. Here are some alternatives to Shopify:
OS Commerce
Drupal Commerce

The above are free sites. Some require certain programming skills (HTML).

Paid Services

You can use a paid service for your website such as I used it for years setting up a bookstore simply by plugging in the the information for each book. The site had a traffic feature which immediately brought enough traffic for me to earn money almost instantly. The e-commerce was very inexpensive so that I could receive payment by credit card or other means. I think that Weebly is free at least in part, but provides such services. There are many others.

And if You are a Distributor

If you’re a distributor of products and you either ship the products yourself or you have the supplier drop ship them for you, you will need your own website. You will not just be promoting products, you will be selling them.

I once had a flagpole site and also a book store site which I sold books and flagpoles and flagpole assessories. The supplier shipped the stock but I handled all customer relations.

Amazon Fulfillment Program has a program called Fulfillment which allows you to have Amazon stock your goods. You have to put the good descriptions on Amazon, but Amazon handles all customer relations including shipment of the products, handling complaints and returns, and handling all transactions. You can also list your products on Amazon and ship them yourself (or have them drop shipped).

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers set up a website from which they describe and promote products. Each product links to a supplier. The supplier has a landing page which describes the product and provides a way for the visitor to purchase it. All selling is done from the supplier site.

The best way to promote a product is to own it so that you can describe it exactly, how well it performs, its good and bad points, and why you suggest it. The products are promoted to a niche market which is part of a larger market.

You focus on servicing the niche market, providing solutions to problems that people in the niche have. Your suggestions may or may not have an affiliate link. It is your job to provide a significant flow of high quality information to your niche market.

Folks in your niche need to know that you are part of the niche community. If they think you know what you are talking about, they will consider you to be an expert and they will take your suggestions. It takes time to build such a reputation, so it may take time to get a place in the market.

Best Way to Become an Affiliate Marketer

On May 29, 2008, I joined Wealthy Affiliate University. Wealthy Affiliate was established by two young Canadians who worked their way through college as affiliate marketers. They are Kyle and Carson.

It took Kyle 6 months to gain a full-time income. He joined up with Carson that they started Wealthy Affiliate to train others to market on the Internet.

Two Membership Levels

Fairly recently, Kyle and Carson decided to give a free lifetime membership to anyone who would like to get started in Internet marketing.

Free members, once they decide that they really want to do affiliate marketing, should join as a Premium member.

The difference in the two membership is shown on the table below:

Start Free at WA with the Affiliate Bootcamp

Lesson 1: Starting Your Foundation (Introduction)

There are 10 Lessons in the Bootcamp. Read them all to get the basics of affiate marketing, two set up two free websites on SiteRubix, and to start promoting.

A Few Hints

To make money as an affiliate marketer, you will need to:

1. Build a website
2. Continually provide high quality content.
3. Describe product and promote those that you know provide a solution to your niche market members.
4. Link to product vendors will sell product.
5. Start a mailing list so that you can stay in contact with your readers. This can become your major source of income because those who read your newsletter or emails are following you will believe what you say.

Two Losers

Those who cannot sustain themselves in business are those who never start and those who never stick with it.

You must be motivated.

You must be passionate about what you’re doing.

You have to want to help other people solve their problems by providing them solutions.

If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “Who can I help today? How can I help them?” You will succeed!


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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Best Ways to Make Money from Home

Thinking Outside the box

Thinking Outside the box

Some Ways to Make Money from Home

As children, we’re conditioned to believe that the only way you can make money is to get a “real” job that takes you out of the home. This is because, in reality, this was the only way that our parents and grandparents could make money. The world has changed since the proliferation of the internet, and you can now make plenty of money from the comfort of your own home, if you only know how. Here are some of the best ways to make money from home:

Stop Using Google

There are search engines that will provide you with the same results that you get on Google, but they will actually pay you for searching. Why? Because they get paid for getting websites in front of people and for collecting data on what people are searching. When you search, they get paid, so they pay you.

Take online surveys

Most people assume websites like these are scams. Why? Because it feels like a scam when you hear that all you have to do is answer a few surveys a day to get paid. However, these companies pay their survey takers because, again, they get paid to collect information about consumers. You’re a consumer—why not give your opinion and get paid?

Sell your old clothes

Yes, it’s great to give to charity, but if you’re looking for a couple extra bucks, you can make them by selling your old clothes online. If they’re still in good condition, all you have to do is post pictures with the brand, size, and condition information and then ship them off when someone buys.

Transcribe audio

Becoming a transcriptionist doesn’t mean years of training—you can transcribe right now. Just find a company that hires people to transcribe at a cut rate; you usually get to pick your own hours and choose how much you make each month.

Become an affiliate marketer

If you like helping people find products and services that improve their lives, you can do this from the comfort of your own home and actually make money doing it. You’ll need a good keyword research tool on your side to help bring people to your website and some writing skills to keep them there, but if you’ve got those two things, you can find plenty success.

Sell Antiques and Stuff You Make

My Granddaughters sell baby hats to support their husbands while they are in school.

My Granddaughters sell baby hats to support their husbands while they are in school.

You can sell used books on, and You can sell antiques and stuff you make on or, etc. My granddaughters make big money with their baby hats. It’s easy to start and you can do it.


PS: There are may ways to make money from home but work one at a time until you get it going. Wealthy Affiliate had a free membership to help you learn the ropes.

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Easy Affiliate Marketing

John T. Jones, Ph.D. Buhl, Idaho

John T. Jones, Ph.D.
Buhl, Idaho


There is no such thing as easy affiliate marketing. At one time, it was easy. Folks were clicking on banners and if you linked a banner to an affiliate link, you could make a sale for which you would gain a commission. Placing banners on your website will not make you rich as an affiliate marketer.

The search engines upon which affiliate marketers depend, hate affiliate marketers. So they do everything they can to make life miserable for them. The search engines want folks who are using their search function to find information that is relative to the information they are actually looking for. So crappy websites geared simply to pushing a product are dumped from the listings or buried so deep that it would take a month of Sundays to find them.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Business

If you’re going to go into affiliate marketing you need both training and a business plan. In my opinion, since I’ve been a member since 2008, Wealthy Affiliate is the premier site for learning affiliate marketing. You can join for free but if you want the whole shebang, you will need to be a premium member which costs $47 each month. I suggest that you pay annually where the cost is about one-half.

You can go to and prepare a business plan at no cost.

You really need to know where are you going before you take your first steps to success as an affiliate marketer.

Advantages to Being an Affiliate Marketer

There are some advantages to being an affiliate marketer:

1. You can work at home, if you have a computer. If you don’t have a computer, you can use a computer at the library.

2. Once the you have made enough money to leave your day job, you can save money on transportation, clothing, union dues, child care and other costs associated with working a day job.

3. Affiliate marketing can lead you to selling your own products, or products for which you have an exclusive, on the Internet.

4. The startup cost for affiliate marketing are low. The minimum cost are for purchasing a domain and having it hosted.

5. You have the potential of making a substantial income.

6. If you have a portable computing device with Internet access, you can work wherever you are.
7. You can work in your underwear if you want to.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

1. You do not have control of your own products. You are dependent upon vendors who may discontinue their affiliate programs or even compete with you.

2. You do not have control of your customers. Your vendor will pay you a high commission, often up to 100%, for your first sale. But you don’t know who the customer is and the vendor will make all of the back sales where the big money is.

3. You need to give your readers, the visitors to your website, a free gift to get them to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter. You probably will have to pay some like AWeber or GetResponse to maintain your list. You must sell (promote) to this list.

4. You must attract traffic to your website which can be either a lengthy or expensive procedure.

Writing Relevant Content

To be an affiliate marketer, you must supply continually information that is relevant to the niche you are working. A niche is a small segment of a larger market. You must work within that market to learn what people are like, what they want and what they need. Your job is to promote, not to sell. Selling is the job of the vendor.

You need to begin with keyword research. I use JAAXY because it was designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Your keyword should be in your domain name and in the first paragraph of any post or article that you put up on the web. Using more keywords may be considered to be “stuffing”by the search engines. However, relevant keywords will come up natural as you write in the search engines will use these two characterize your article. Articles need to be at least 500 words for the search engine to determine its relevance.

Many affiliate marketers purchase content from writers at or other sites. Whoever does the writing, it must be checked for proper spelling and grammar. is a good place to purchase banners, logos and many other functions related to affiliate marketing.

How To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

1. Find a niche market. Sometimes the best niche markets are based on your own skills, talents and education. Avoid the money-making niche at least to start. It is very competitive. It is better to look in a niche in relationships, expensive hobbies and health and beauty. But don’t limit yourself. A good niche should have magazines associated with the niche. Then you can see what the niche members are looking for by reading the magazine and am looking for related advertisements.

2. Go to and start preparing your business plan.
3. Learn how to do affiliate marketing. Just stay away from the gurus who will give you a gift and then sell you one thing after another and may actually give you harmful information that will delay your progress. Remember that the gurus are your competition in the money-making niche. I suggest you start at Wealthy Affiliate. If I were you, I would pay for a one-year premium membership because of the low cost. That also will help you to make the required commitment that you will have to have to be successful in Internet marketing. There will be no up sales or back sales by the owners, Carson and Kyle. If you don’t have the money, then use the free membership at WAU to get started.

4. Go to the affiliate networks for the companies themselves to obtain affiliate links. is very popular. For Digital Products, I suggest that you use

5. Develop your own products or get access to products that you have an exclusive on. You can start with a free web store at to sell products that you make or older products that you may pick up at garage sales. My story is MyStuffy and my granddaughters’ store is YumBaby.
Having your own little store can bring you some extra cash that can be used to get you established in Internet marketing.

6. Buy your domain name, get it hosted, and build your website. is a good place to buy your domain names and is a good place to host them. I use Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting because I’ve been there since 2008. Most all hosting companies provide themes and plug-ins. You will learn to do all of these functions if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Keep updated on what is going on in the Internet. That is one reason it is nice to be part of a community of Internet marketers such as WAU.


P.S. If you visit WAU, my ID there is tjbooks.

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Your Internet Business Can Flop Before You Get Started

disappointedWhy Businesses Fail

Businesses fail all the time. Would you like to read a good article on this point from Forbes magazine? Click Here!

Eight out of 10 businesses fail within 18 months. The main reason is often given as lack of finance. Actually, businesses reach that point before that point in time arrives.

Back In Iowa

Years ago in Iowa, I was designing and building a furnace for two men who had an SBA guaranteed loan to build a ceramic detailing company. Their business model was simply to purchase blank dinnerware plates, place a decal on them, and sell them.

They had been in this business for a long time. But they had other factories decal the plates for them. These companies were purchasing blanks and placing the decals as ordered. The two new businessmen decided they would cut out that process. They would buy the blanks themselves, make their own decals, place the decals on plate blanks, fire them in my furnace and then ship them to their customers.

They told me after they failed that the only thing that worked for them was the furnace that I designed, installed and show them how to operate. The reasons they failed were not the major reasons for new start-ups failing (read the article).

Here is why they failed:

1. They blew a good portion of their money on things that had nothing to do with the business.

2. They didn’t understand the manufacturing side of their business.

3. They didn’t understand that new employees had to be trained, and it goes without saying, that they didn’t know how to train them. They were impatient and callous and new employees walked out the door as fast as they came in.

4. The selling function that they did so well in the past was neglected because of their panic while trying to start their new manufacturing operation.

5. They gave up before they really got started.

What Could Have Saved Them

The solution to their problem was really simple. Only thing they had to do was to hire an experienced manager of a decal operation. If  hey have done that and stuck to sales promotion, at least to start, they would have been very successful. But they felt this business was going to start itself and that they could sit back and live a life of leisure.

Unfortunately, they started living that life of leisure to soon.

Requirements for Business Success on the Internet

You will not succeed in this business unless you:

A. Choose a profitable niche market where there is competition but not so much that you can’t succeed. Don’t go into competition with General Motors nor your local hardware store.

B. Work your niche from within, communicate with your potential customers and discover their wants and needs. Then supply those needs and wants.

C. Become an expert in your field and share important knowledge with your potential customers. Stay in contact with your customers continually to determine changes in the market. Remember that Internet customers can not kick the tires and feel how smooth that jacket is. You have to tell them all the details and show them many pics or videos so they can see the product from all angles. You need to tell them that you use what you promote.

D. Attract potential buyers to your store (website), make them feel comfortable and welcome when they get there, provide them valuable information. Use traffic generating methods to entice Internet searchers to come to your website.

E. Remember that you are in business, that you should have a business plan (, and that you communicate with the business community.


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How to Waste Time Effectively

Try Netflix for Free!ACTOR SLEEPING jpgDo you know how to waste time effectively so that you don’t do what is important? Here is how to make sure you fail at your real purpose?

  • Have that extra cup of coffee. Savor it.
  • Take an extra half hour in front of the mirror. Did you miss a spot there?
  • Call that friend on your cell. Chat for an hour or so about nothing. You must keep up relationships.
  • Push off what you can do tomorrow until next month when the weather is warmer. Have another cup of coffee.
  • Don’t miss that all important TV show, LIfe is So Grand. You can call the doctor tomorrow. That lump on your pelvis, which has turned black, is probably not all that important.
  • Spend a couple of hours at the gym. Work until you are completely exhausted and not able to do anything useful. Get another cup of Latte de Minte.
  • Read that novel you like and have read six (6) time before. What a joy.
  • Break out those Netflic movies on the Crusades. Watch all four (4) disk. Don’t miss the Children’s Crusade.
  • Get on a chat board and a forum. Chat about your Aunt Bessie.
  • Get on Twitter and tell everybody about your new hobby, Wasting My Time and Everybody Else’s Time.
  • Decide that  a long walk in he Mall would be good for you. Talk to all the vendors in the aisles, high school kids selling sun glasses and cell phone cases from a kiosk.
  • Buy a pack of Oreo s and gobble them down with a half-gallon of chocolate milk. Now take a long nap in front of the TV.

 For You Internet Marketers

  • Focus on Google rankings. Study them in great depth. You can write that post later.
  • Write a post on gardening on your fishing site. Your fishermen readers will be thrilled.
  • Write several post that are cozy and make you feel warm. Stay away from offering a solution to a problem that could bring in that filthy lucre.
  • Follow the gurus watching endless videos and e-books that tell you all but what you need to know.
  • Spend a great deal of time chatting with other marketers. Maybe you will learn a new trick or two.
  • Read e-mails from gurus and follow their links. The solution to your money-making problem must be in there somewhere if you only spend more money so the gurus can work from Hawaii.

Conclusion: If you work at it, you can waste all kinds of time that will keep you from doing what is important to your success.


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