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Internet Business Tool Center Newsletter April 2016

IBTC Newsletter for April 2016

Editor: John T. Jones, Ph.D.

We Decided to Put Out a Book

How To Attract Traffic to Your Website

How To Attract Traffic to Your Website

I had Kathryn Wilmot write a book for me on social marketing and these SEO: How to Attract Traffic to Your Website. I as editor. There were two reasons that I asked Kathy to write the book. First I’m too old for such activities, and secondly, she is the expert. I set the price is low as Amazon would allow. I hope it is useful to our readers.


5 min blogging

Great Book on Blogging

Here Is an Enjoyable and Informative Read on Affiliate Marketing

Penny King wrote this very coherent and informative book on blogging: 5 Minutes a Day Guide to BLOGGING

My Latest Blog Post at Wealthy Affiliate

Did You Make a Misttrraake?

From my experience, the problem is not in making mistakes, but in repeating them. If doing something incorrectly is wrong or unproductive, then repeating the error will not make it correct nor make it productive.

Did I Waste My Morning?

I spent the first hour and 15 minutes this morning helping others. Did I waste my time?

My Latest Video Tutorials at Wealthy Affiliate

Do You Make These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes? VIDEO

This video list some common affiliate mistakes (most of which I have made) and a link to a solution. Most all of the links are to training  at WA, but there is a link to and to Veronica’s site (on traffic). JUST PAUSE THE VIDEO TO COPY A LINK.

Should You Purchase Web Content? VIDEO

Should you purchase web content. There are plenty of writers online who will gladly take your money. Many marketers hire content writers to write blog post, pages, etc. I even had a writer prepare a book for me because she was an expert in an area that I am not. I put her name as the author and me as the editor even though I had no requirement to mention that she even existed (I don’t like ghost.)

One very successful web marketer hired English students to write content for him while he was in college. He had a lot of sites and needed lots of content.

I know a number of our members who buy content. Why? They don’t have the time to do everything. If you can make money by hiring writers, why not?

Although you may not get enough hits on a link in a certain blog to warrant the cost of the writer, it may still pay off in your rankings and may bring an overall financial benefit to your site (or sites).

Have You Followed my Wealth Success Trail?

This is one way to succeed in business on the Internet. Several members of my family are generating full-time incomes in part from the information I learned on this trail and provided to them. I’m talking about good incomes that keep my granddaughters husband in college and give my son, a veterinarian, an extra income to take care of the needs of his 15 kids (9 are adopted).

So Long For Now!

I hope you had a great Easter / Passover. We had an Easter egg hunt for my wife’s caregiver’s grandson under the fruit trees out in the back yard. His mother and grandmother made it too easy. I said, “Stop pointing! He will find them!! Such fun for and 84 year old man.


Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

P.S. Email me at if you sign up for a free membership at WA. I will send you a free .pdf of our new book How to Attract Traffic to Your Website. WA members can just PM me.

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