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Best Content and SEO Marketing Blogs


My Home Page at WAU. John

My Home Page at WAU. John

With the advancement in search engine metrics and outburst of social exchange on social media networks, the digital marketing industry has seen a major boom. More and more brands, producers, re-sellers want to launch themselves on social media channels and get in touch with their buyers directly. Social media networks, along with SEO marketing techniques provide brands to promote their goods to millions of customers online. This has given rise to a number of content and SEO marketing blogs which help in providing marketing strategies to brands interested in promoting their products on the Internet.

Blog Marketing

The blogs are mainly run by professional web marketers and SEO specialist who advise on how best to market your products and service to your target audience without spending too much on advertising. They provide tutorials as well as tips on creating quality content and how best to optimize it in order to get more traffic on your website and boost your ranking on Google search engine.

Getting Google Rankings

In order to rank in the top results of Google you need to have a lot of technical knowledge of SEO and these blogs will provide you exactly that. All the tips and tricks that you can use on your website to improve its SEO and get maximum traffic. In this article we will list the most informative and reliable blogs that provide daily updates on Google metrics and strategies that web administrators must follow in order to improve their website’s SEO.

1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the best SEO marketing blogs on the Internet with over a million subscribers. Moz posts articles regularly on content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, link building, inbound marketing, as well as copywriting. All the tricks to make your website appealing to your visitors.

2. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another leading SEO marketing blog that is loaded with hundreds of valuable article about search engines, social media, SEM and SEO. The writers at this blog are accomplished SEO professionals and provide great insights regarding search engines, social media, and SEO on a regular basis to their visitors for free. Visitors can subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feeds to benefit from their insights daily.

3. BackLinko

BackLinko is run by SEO Specialist, Brian Dean who shares his insightful SEO tips that he learns himself daily through his own experience and shares them with the whole world. He also discusses viable link building strategies that can help your website improve its SEO considerably. Today he has over 70,000 monthly visitors.

4. Pro Blogger

Problogger is considered as the ultimate resource blog for effective copywriters and content marketers. It offers various tips and suggestions to improve the way people write content on the web. From highly appealing short ebooks and guides to very detailed blog, Problogger promises to give its readers a fantastic learning experience.

Some content and SEO marketing blogs also offer professional consultancy and training to clients who are interested.

Want to Start Your Own Blog? Why Not?

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Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

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JAAXY Keyword Tool Review

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

I have been using the JAAXY keyword tool since it was first introduced by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, my friends Kyle and Carson. This tool is specifically designed for affiliate marketers. In just a few words, tool gives the following properties of each word on a list of keywords that come up during your search. The best way to see this is by simply opening the window to

1. Here you will find a list of your keywords.

2. The average number of keyword searches the keyword receives each month.

3. The number of visits that you receive on your website if you rank on the first page of Google.

4. Search results: the number of competing websites ranked Google for this exact keyword.

5. A keyword indicator light which is color-coded to show you which sites are best (green) to market your site.

6. Your SEO score which shows how likely you will write for this keyword on the first page of Google. A high score (90 – 100) indicates that an article written based on a particular keyword will be successful in ranking on Google.

7. The availability of a domain with your selected keywords.

8. A list of related keywords that will help you improve your search results.

If you’re a member of JAXXY like me, you will be able to promote JAAXY and receive commissions for others to join. This has always made taxi profitable to me.

My rating for JAAXY: ***** or 5 Star.


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How Keyword Research Improves Your SEO


Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.

Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.

If you haven’t done keyword research at all or haven’t done keyword research recently, your SEO campaign probably isn’t reaching its full potential. No matter how awesome your website is or how informative your content is, if you don’t have the right keywords, you’re not going to be reaching the right readers, and that means you might as well not even have a website or any content. Keyword research is integral to a robust search engine optimization campaign. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Keyword Research Ensures Your Website Actually Shows Up in Search Results

Use the wrong keywords, and your SEO campaign will have so much competition that is has no chance of showing up anywhere near the top of the search results. You might end up on page three or four, but if you really want significant traffic, you need to be on page one or two. In fact, 98% of searchers won’t click behind the first page of Google. If you want to be truly visible, that’s where you want to be. Keyword tools make it possible for you to find keywords that would actually allow you to do this.

Keyword Research Helps You Reach the Right Audience

If you use the wrong keywords, you will not be reaching the right audience. Why? Because the people that you really want to find your content won’t be able to find it and those that do find it won’t be interested in it. When you properly research your keywords, you can reach out to the audience that is actually going to be interested in what you have to say, instead of wasting your time and budget trying to reach people that do not want to read your content.

Keyword Research Improves Your Content

How can finding the right keywords improve your content? One of the biggest benefits of using a keyword tool is finding suggestion for new keywords, and therefore new topics, that you might never have considered writing about before. The right tool will be able to tell you want people are looking for. This can help you produce better content that reaches out to your audience to provide them with information they actually want to know. It really is as simple as that!


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Tool of the Week: The Blog Process

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Korea 1951. Ted Olean of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Olean of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

 Lesson Objectives:

What is the purpose of your post? What is the objective of your blog post? How long should it be? How often should you post on a new site and on an older site and on a seasonal site? How should you attract readers to your post?

When you write a blog, what is your purpose?

Your purpose should be to give your readers useful information that they want or need. So let’s look at that first. Let’s consider:

● Content: What information do you want to impart?

● Length: How long should my blog post be.

● Purpose: What is my objective.

Your blog should start with a keyword search. If you are an affiliate marketer, I recommend that you use JAAXY. It was designed for affiliate marketers and it is more accurate than other keyword tools. It was developed by Wealthy Affiliate, the premier affiliate marketing training center on the Internet. (I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since May 29, 2008 although I started affiliate marketing long before that.)

You should have some idea of the subject you want to cover before you start. Do a keyword search. Enter this topic in the JAAXY search bar (the link will give you 30 free searches on Jaxxy). Now a fairly long list of keyword searches will come up. Click on QSR and look for a green light. Stay away if there is a red light think twice, if there is a yellow light. A green light will meet that you will have less competition.

JAXXY Clip 4

I also look at the number of visitors each month, the higher the better. So with a green light at a high visit count, you are in business. But don’t stop there. Look at the suggested keywords too. Click on the good ones and save them at JAAXY or download them. Now you have narrowed your topic down. You will be more focused in your writing.

eyeglassesNow how long should your blog post be? I have a tendency to write short post. However, that may be fine for my thought of the day, the it is probably not long enough if I am really trying to teach. A friend of mine, a longtime member of Wealthy Affiliate, suggested that I make my blog posts 1000 words long. I started that recently, but I am long-winded when I get started and my first blog post after learning that was 1500 words. But that is okay too. I suggest that you very your post late just to keep your readers in a good mood to follow your post. (This post is about 900 words.)

Now you know your topic and you know how long it will be. Good for you! But we also need to think about our objective. There should be two objectives. First you should follow the objective of your website. I suggest that you go to SBA and set up a business plan for your site. It is free to do so, you just have to fill in the blanks, and when you are finished, you will know what your business (site) is all about.

traffic 4Now you decide what the main objective of your post really is. Again, there may be more than one objective. The obvious one is that you want to teach your reader about your subject. Another purpose might be to introduce your readers to you. You also may have the purpose that you would want readers to click on one of your affiliate links or perhaps an e-book that you wrote.

SBAHow Often Should You Post

In my opinion is an old man who’s been on the Internet for a long time, I suggest that you blog on your site every day if it is a new site. You should do this for a year and you should watch the traffic on your site to make sure that it is growing. If it is not growing, then you must think again about your niche, the market that you have focused on, and your content.

For older sites, you should post at least once a week. If it is a site where you’re promoting seasonal products, then you should post every day throughout the season. For example, I am an affiliate of and I have been for many years. Right now is a holiday season so I post every day on that site which is my gift site.

Attracting Readers to Your Site

When I write a post and publish it, I send it to the social networks. I use the Sociable plug-in on WordPress. I always make sure that there are illustrations in my post, even if it is only my mug, so that I can pin it to one or more of my boards.

business manYou can advertise your post, pages or your sites by purchasing advertising. Buying ads from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are low cost ways of promoting your site. You can also use paid ads from Google, which I do not recommend because of changes they have made on their site, or Yahoo/MSN. Need to learn how to use pay per click, PPC, and pay per action, PPC ads. You must have a budget and you must set your limits so that they cannot put you in the poorhouse. You also will want to narrow down your market when you use a PPC site. If you can write in a second language, then consider posting to countries where that language is spoken. Check on that with your affiliate manager to see where the market is for your product. You might be surprised at the affiliate manager’s answer.

Well that should be long enough!

Good hunting!


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The Best Way To Get Free Traffic

I vana PicNOTE: I have repaired the links on this post. You will now be taken to the product, not the affiliate central. Sorry about that! I’m getting old and senile. Don’t bother with the sales funnel. Look at the top of the page and click on your product. The funnel is a guru thing. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Now, download the .pdf file from each lesson. Use these to learn more than the videos. That is the best way. John


I first met Ivana on May 29, 2008. She is a good friend and she and her partner create great products. She was one of the first to welcome me when I joined WAU.

SEO and Facebook marketing are difficult, time consuming and often requires investment.

Pinterest is the easiest way to get traffic if done correctly.

There’s no huge learning curves, no softwares needed.

Traffic from Pinterest often converts better than traffic from SEO or even Facebook. Pinterest traffic gets you more social signals and in turn helps with your SEO anyways…so more traffic. You get PinApex Pro WordPress plugin with dev. rights with the training. Pinterest traffic creates engagements…perfect to get optins, comments, likes etc

Secret to free traffic revealed [see bonuses]

Best Kept secret traffic source.

This should get you 500-1000 visitors daily…without SEO

Easiest way to get tons of free traffic without Google.

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Giga PinTraffic is all about leveraging and getting massive tarffic from Pinterest in a very short time.

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No more waiting around month to try to rank for a keyword and compete with 100s, if not 1000s trying to do the same. Best of all, no need to freak out when Google releases another animal  update…you’ll stay far away from them for good.

Note: A great keyword tool to use in marketing is JAAXY. John

Imagine if you could get all the traffic you needed, without doing any SEO, without buying any crazy expensive SEO software or doing any kind of paid advertising…with Giga PinTraffic, you’ll never have to worry about any of these.

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To Your Success

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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A Bit More

How to get more free traffic

What’s better than SEO?

Secret to free traffic revealed [see bonuses]

Best Kept secret traffic source

This should get you 500-1000 visitors daily…without SEO

Easiest way to get tons of free traffic without Google [bonus inside]

“Traffic is the life blood of internet marketing!”

If you agree to the above statement, you would want to

read this email till the end.

Just about a month back Google release a deadly update

called Penguin 2.0 that pretty much killed the business

of tons of marketers…

…just like the first Penguin update did a little while


…and like the Panda update did last year.

Will this ever end?

Do you really need to rely on Google for your free traffic needs and build your business under a risk?

If no, I’ve got something that will change the way you

get free traffic.

==>> Check OUT the new system that brings in floods of traffic within days…without any SEO.

You see, you’re not the first person who got frustrate with all those updates that killed ranking and traffic for everyone.

Ivana and Abhi saw that coming and so they researched and found out something much better than Google…something that you can  leverage to get ton of free visitors to your sites within days…

…without spending a single dime or worry about building links

or other crazy SEO stuff…

They call it Giga PinTraffic and it’s all about strategically leveraging Pinterest to get 500-1000 of visitors every single day without having to work day in and day out…

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Giga Pin Traffic lays out a complete blueprint to drive tremendous traffic via Pinterest. Step-by-step, no fluff.

John T. Jones
Internet Business Tool Center

PS: Don’t forget to grab your free 30 keyword searches at JAAXY

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