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emailEmail Management Companies

There are a number of email processing sites that can help you build your email list. They gather email addresses for you, make it easy for you to send emails to the individuals on your list, and they handle those who want to unsubscribe from your list. You can send out newsletters to your lists. You might have a number of different list on your account and the email manager will allow you to handle each of them separately.

The top two email processing managers are AWeber and GetResponse. They are fairly expensive and perhaps too expensive for new marketers.

Handling Your Own Email Functions

You can handle your own email list for a start. You’re allowed on milling accounts to have separate lists. But you have to do all the work. It just doesn’t cost you anything. For example at Yahoo Mail, you can name and keep those in that category on that list. So then you can mail to that list. If you don’t get out of hand, Yahoo will put up with it.

But there is a lower cost service that is even free to start. It is So that may be a good place for you. They have no affiliate program so that is not an affiliate link. However, if you join, they have a rewards program and you will be able to earn mailing credits when you refer new members.

Building Your List

If you can build a good list of like-minded individuals, you can market to that list. You will find that your marketing efforts are much more rewarding than in other ways of marketing. For that reason, many marketers create a funnel to gather email addresses. Everything is automatic. When an individual joins the list, the mail managing company handles it.

newsCreate A Newsletter

Now that you have a list, you send out a newsletter crammed with good information. After you have built up your reputation as being an authority, you can influence the members of your list to buy your products or to click on your affiliate links.

Your Product Versus Affiliate Products

When I say products, I mean created products for which you have an exclusive. You either make them yourself or you them created for you. You’ll probably make a lot more money selling your own product that you will with affiliate marketing. Your affiliate marketing will just be icing on the cake.

How To Keep People on Your List

Folks will stay on your list as long as you’re giving them valuable information and insights. If you are not original and spend all your time trying to sell them something, they will unsubscribe and you will have lost that part of your business forever. Nope! They will not be back.

You can contact your list every week. Your newsletter can be monthly or bimonthly or even weekly. If you have a weekly newsletter, you can probably send one additional newsletter each week without angering the members of your list.

goodbyeHow To Lose Subscribers

Just remember that people unsubscribe to list all the time because they’re getting too much email.

That is, they’re getting too much email it is not of interest to them.


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