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A very early first consideration in building an Internet Business is to collect a list of names of site visitors and customers. You no doubt have seen a form pop up or somewhere on the home page where you are asked to leave your name and email address to obtain further information. To catch the maximum number of names a free offer is made, perhaps an ebook, newsletter or such.

The form you see on my home page is provided by AWeber who allow me for a monthly fee to gather names which they keep on a list. I have two list at the present time but I can add as many list as I want.

Another reliable list builder is GetResponse which is also very popular and reliable. There are many other services but Aweber and GetResponse are the most popular (and perhaps most costly).

I have set up a series of email messages that are sent automatically on a prescribed schedule to the site visitors. I also can send an occasional broadcast to my list if I have something important or special to say to them. I try to provide good information and not get pushy about selling some product.

I also publish a newsletter for my list and that is easily handled using my AWeber account. Sometimes I get a little confused so I call the site help which is available at all hours to give me a hand. That just because I’m getting so old.

The gurus love to brag that they made $34,973.48 in only 36 hours. They want to make you think that you can do the same. Well, maybe you can after you have built a list of many thousands of names of people who think that you are a source of good information. That is, they trust you. So you need to give folks good information in small doses until you have made a lot of wonderful friends who will take sound advice.

So here is what happens: The guru gets a call from another guru and says he is starting up a new program and would the first guru like to promote it? The first guru sends the offer to his list of believers. Then the orders come pouring in and overnight he has made a ton of money. OF course he will tell you he was sitting on the beach in Hawaii while all this was going on, the orders being filled automatically. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t. Just remember it took a lot of time and effort for the guru to build his list and he put in the midnight hours doing it.

Just stay away from the gurus. They will drain you dry in the short term and you won’t afford anything else to build your business. Gurus ARE YOUR COMPETITION. Remember that.


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