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You have just been invited to join Wealthy Affiliate University – the Open Education Project!

You are not invited for a free 10-Day Trial, you are given a PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP to WEALTHY AFFILIATE. It is not the Premium Membership that cost $47/month or about half that if you pay annually. But it give you websites and all the tools to get into business. When and if you prosper, you can buy the Premium Membership. But you will be able to afford it!


To check out the worlds most valuable Online business and Internet marketing community, please visit
Wealthy Affiliate University Open Education Project: CLICK HERE!

I have been a member of WAU for four(4) years. The site is owned by Carson and Kyle who worked their way through college by marketing on the Internet. One of our members, Ryan Moran, earned over $500,000.00 while in college. Anyway, Kyle and Carson are experts and the site is the premier affiliate marketing site on the Internet. It has always been the source of great tutorials, tools, forums and great WordPress site hosting which is free to members. You could always get a question answered but things were not as fast moving as they are.

You are invited to see and join this site in action. If you are concerned about your finances, your life-time Free Membership could lead you to financial independence. This is not guru get-rich-quick scheme. WA is a training center and you will be trained by not only Kyle and Carson but by many members. You can get on the Chat and get answers to your questions in minutes. I write blogs and tutorials there as do many other members. WE spend time teaching each other but the greatest stuff always comes from Kyle and Carson. There other major contributors. Meet Jay, who will train you in the WAbinars given live or you can review them at any time after the live presentation.

What is best, small product sites or large content sites? How do you make money with each?

How do you use WordPress and why should you use it?

How do you search for keywords and use them in the free methods of driving traffic to your websites by article marketing and blogging and such?

To start you will use the 30-Day Plan. It will have you doing the very things you need to do to earn money. You will be starting a business based on sound principles. You will be able to share with others and you will NEVER be left in the dark.

Look for me there on chat, the blog, or on the tutorials. I’m there as tjbooks.

Thank You for reading this too long email. I guess I got carried away. But the NEW WAU is Amazing.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.
Internet Business Tool Center

Wealthy Affiliate University, The Open Education Project

Open Education Project

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