How to Get Traffic for Your Website

I recently commissioned Kathryn Wilmot to write a book about how to attract traffic to your website. Kathryn is a professional writer who is active on the Internet. I served as editor of the book.

The book focuses on SEO and social network marketing. She shows us how to track our website traffic and how to use the social networks to their full capacity. You can see why I had Kathryn write the book. I have never got to the detail that she commands and I’m too old to even think about doing it now.

If your website has quality information in good quantity and is frequently updated, the search engines will favor you and give you a top page ranking. If you have a lot of traffic to your site, the search engines will recognize that to and bump you even higher in the rankings. But social marketing can greatly increase traffic to your site at no cost to you.

Internet marketing is not easy. It requires a lot of work. This guide will help you to reach your markets and to bring many visitors to your site. If you have a “money-making” site and folks know that your site actually exists because of your marketing, then traffic will bring profits. Too many quality sites are not know to Internet users.

Some folks are not in the Internet business because of money. They want to be an influence on this fast-moving globe. They can only accomplish that by increasing the traffic on their site.

We prepared this book for you.


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