Developing Internet Marketing Strategy

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jtjpicTo help us in developing Internet Marketing Strategy let is look at those who have been or still are marketing products on the Internet, not the gurus who have only one interest, to empty the pockets of the beginners.

Mark Ling was a student in Christ Church, New Zealand in 1990 who was delivering pizza for $5.00 an hour to pay for school expenses. Mark’s father was a statistician for the government and was not able to pay for all of Mark’s schooling. But Mark’s parents gave him a good mind and plenty of energy so it was a given that he would be successful in life. Mark Ling has that Oriental Zing. Do you know what I mean?

Mark had a friend who was making a little money on the Internet. Mark was curious so he asked him how he was doing it. Mark’s friend soon  helped Mark set up a website and Mark was able to make some money. He duplicated the site and made a little more money. Soon he had other students working with him  and they scrounged up computers, even taking junk monitors out of garbage cans , and were soon creating more sites.

This reminds me of when I was a boy and my friend, Paul, came over and said he needed my wagon. We walked on Highway 30 west of Salt Lake City and gathered up bottles. These we sold at the corner grocery to Ken Horsely who paid us the deposit. That was not the end of it. We did not go back to the highway to gather bottles, we went to one of two junk yards and bought bottles. These we sold to Ken making a cent or two on each bottle. We kept doing this until Ken said, NO MORE BOTTLES! (Then we blew part of the money in the store.)

Just as we made a small profit on each bottle, Mark and his friends made a few bucks or more on each site they build. Later his friends wanted Mark to teach them how to market on the Internet so Mark, the new Internet Money Maker set up his site  He wrote up a blueprint for marketing (which has been plagiearized by many) to use as a teaching aid. Now days he give seminars which he reproduces and which you can see on his site (those who paid for the seminars paid big bucks. They will cost you nothing at all to watch as is a Free Membership site and many tools and much information and courses are at NO CHARGE. (A premium membership and paid courses are also available.)

This story reminds me of my friend, Corey Rudl. (Who died in an accident on a race track in Southern California some years back right after getting married. I still morn his death and his bride’s loss.) Corey wrote a book still available on the Internet about buying a car. (Car Secrets Revealed at Amazon and other sites and probably on his original site.) He set up a website and sold many thousands of this book. He sold auto parts and put these up for sale on the Internet. Soon his friends asked him tell him how to sell. He published what I called the Nine Pound Wonder, a two volume set of Internet strategies.

Being a student making enough money to support oneself, using the Internet is not uncommon. Not only Mark Ling but Ryan Moran (who  made over $500,000.00 in college) and the famous Carson and Kyle, founders of Wealthy Affiliate University, but many other students have and continue to make money on the net to help pay for college cost.

What is the difference between a Guru and these men I have been talking about. Well, basically they are Internet Marketers. Mark claims, if I’m quoting him correctly, that he makes  85% of his profits from marketing, not his training activities. Mark is a super affiliate with a top ranking at and other affiliate networks.

Gurus simply sell to those who want to sell on the Internet. They have little desire to make marketing other people’s products on the Internet their main activity. In fact, the gurus are your competitors. What they want to do is empty your pockets of money while Mark and Kyle and Carson and some others want to fill your pockets with money. So do I want to give you a little help.

Here are some things that I have learncd from Carson, Corey, Kyle and Mark and others which I hope will be beneficial to you. I can’t help adding my own philosophy here:

1. Do one thing at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time and do that one thing right.

2. Don’t get lost in the forest of knowledge. You don’t have to know everything to start making money on the Internet. You only need to know a few things. Those who get lost are overly educated people like me. We know a lot but we don’t apply a little. I just made that up. Do you get the idea? Newbies that learn a few basics often do much better than other with more education and experience.

3. Repeat what works. Say that you have a simple website like, one of Mark’s sites that is making some money. Well, use the same techniques to build a new site with different products in a new niche or marketing focus. Let’s see: You have one site averaging $20 a day or $7300.00 a year. Now you add 9 more sites making $20 each day on the average and you are making $200.00 a day or $73,000.00 each year. Mark Ling told his father to quit his government job as a statistician and he would help him make a larger salary without as much work. This is exactly how he gave his father a new more profitable career.

4. Improve your sites: What I mean is to perfect each site to the point that is making maximum income. Say you double the average income from your site each month from $20.00 to $40.00. You figure it out. Let’s see, 10 sites at $40.00 or $400.00 each day times 365 days in a year and you get….. To do this, you need to test your text or content, your graphics, your every little thing.

5. Go where the gurus tell you not to go: The gurus are your competition so they will tell you not to try to enter their market of selling to people trying to learn Internet Marketing. They say it is too big and their is too much competition. Well it is big and their is a lot of competion. So what? Stick your head into a niche in this market and then your shoulders and then walk right in. What if those I have mentioned had listened to that rotten advice? The bigger the market, the more money being made.

6. Spend some time on a firm schedule of driving traffic to your sites:  This is very important. No traffic, no profit.  I don’t care if it is PPC, SEO, blogging, social networking, jabbering on forums, sending emails or what, do something every day or several days each week.

7. Collect Names and Email Addresses: Use Aweber or GetResponse or some other commercial or your own method of collecting names. To get the names give a free gift for the visitors efforts. Tell the visitor that you never, ever give, sell, loan or pass on such information to others. You keep that information secret. A nice gift is a 6-part short course of some kind delivered over a six (6) day period by your mail service who has the tools to do it.

8. Watch your pennies: Some folks don’t seem to realize that Internet Marketing is a business and that the rules of business apply and one of those rules is to keep cost down. That means from buying domain names and hosting and software and training. If you make some money, put some away for your future, put some back into your business and live on the rest.

Now I know I’m supposed to have ten (10) items on a list. I’ve written articles and PDFs and ebooks that have twenty (20) items but I’m trying to help others, not bury them in too much crap. So I’ll  let it go at that.

Did this help you in developing Internet Marketing Strategy? Let me know.



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