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10123428-man-working-on-a-laptop“It’s easy to start your online business today. Just set up a website and then sit back and watch the money come rolling in.”

I guess you have heard that before, the favorite line of the Internet gurus. It is easy to set up a website. Getting the money to roll in is another thing. Money will not fly into your account.

“Website Traffic” is the missing element. No traffic, no money rolling in.  Sad but true!

Where Does Website Traffic Originate?

Search Engines

Most site traffic comes from the search engines People are looking for relevant information on a certain subject. If your site has that exact information, then you will be ranked higher by the search engines and you will get more traffic.

Direct Hyperlinks

If you have a link to your site on articles, your outgoing emails and such, then a click takes the reader right to your site.

Back Links

Back Links are links to your site by other sites. The search engines once put heavy emphasis on this. Now, however, they are more interested in your site content because back links can be purchased from phony sites geared up to provide links.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is a fast way to get traffic from a search engine ad or social site ad. However, you will have to watch your sheckels. You must understand ROI, return on investment, or you can lose your shirt. If you have the value of a click and you subtract the cost of a click, you will have a number that is positive or negative. Negative is bad.


You buy 100 clicks at $0.25 each or $25.00. Ten people go to your website. Two of these go to your venders site and buy the product you are promoting. The profit on each product is say $45.00. Therefore you have $90.00 in your pocket but you have to pay for the clicks. So your net profit is $65.00. You are in Fat City so you can ramp up your PPC campaigns.

Ezine Advertizing

Ezine advertising is often overlooked by Internet marketers but it can be very effective. Yes, you can create your own ezine but I’m talking about putting ads on high readership ezines. You must pick an ezine that directly relates to your product and I mean, “directly.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is needed to attract website traffic from search engines. PPC is faster but is costly and requieres experence and skill. Search engines are looking for relevant content which is continually updated. So posting good information often is the key to SEO success.

Article Writing

You can write articles and link them to your site. But the article should be based on keyword research so that it is relevant to your website content. A good article will rank high with the search engines and link to your site. There is also the advantage of an article site linking back to your website, double whammy!

Social Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Pinterest and other social sites are a boom to Internet marketers. Post and pages and articles and such can be and should be posted on social sites. This easily done from WordPress and other type sites.

Social sites also sell ads that can be very effective, but as with PPC, testing is required to make sure such an ad is profitable.

Conclusion: If you use a number of different methods to increase traffic to your site affectively, then you will be able to attract enough traffic to make your site profitable.

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