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jtjpicFor information to be suitable for publishing on the Internet, so that everybody on this green earth can see it, the information must be stored in files on a server. This server is called the host because it provides a specific place for you to store and access your web page files. Those who provide this service are called hosting companies.

How to Load Files to a Server

Internet files are read on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Netscape, etc. A browser can not read normal test. It speaks a different language. The main language it can read is called Hypertext Markup Language designated as HTML. It also reads Java scripts and other codes.

There are strict rules for laying paragraphs, tables, lines, columns, text, color and what have you.

When I started in this business, I had to be able to write HTML. Now I don’t. I’m spoon fed by such programs as WordPress that set up page designs and layouts and formats whatever text I need as content. It places pics and it inserts links wherever I need them. It’s pretty much Duck Soup.


Once you have your files properly encoded (written now days), you need to FTP them to your server. When you sign up with a host for space for your domain, they will email exact instuctions on how to upload your files to the server. There are plenty of free FTP programs to upload your files.

I happen to use Direct FTP from Coffeecup but you don’t need to buy one. Your HTML editor, if you use one, may have an FTP function build into it. Coffeecup does but I no longer use it.

The home page file that you send up to the server must be called index.html and if you don’t have such a file, you will be disappointed when your site looks strange to you. You can find your home page and rename it right on your FTP program.

To connect to your server, you will need a user name and a password as will be explained to you. I have a lot of sites so I need lots of user names. I always use the same password. Maybe I could use the same user name, I’ve never tried it. I don’t see why not. But I use a simple code which is usernameXXX where username is always the same but the XXX is the abbreviation for my site. For example usernamehci is for I’m very clever.

HTML Editors

Now that I’ve told you that you probably don’t need an HTML Editor, I still use my Coffeecup Editor and some other software they provide. I just want some code now and then and I can create it in seconds on the editor and insert it into my documents. I no longer compose documents on my editor. It is just there and I use it. There are plenty of free editors on the Internet but I have used Coffeecup for so long that it is like an old shirt, comfortable.

Dedicated Servers

If you have lots of domains you might consider a dedicated server. I use to use at where I still buy and store my domains. But some hosting companies have unlimited hosting like and you don’t need to reserve the space for a dedicated server. Essentially, that is what you are getting anyway. Since I host at WealthyAffiliate, I don’t have that problem. I put up as many sites as I want or need.

Using WordPress to Build Sites

At Wealthy Associate where I have my domains hosted, I can move any domain into WordPress with a couple of clicks. Then all I have to do is to add the content as the instructions tell me. And I can blog all day after I get a site up if I have something of interest to say.

Check your host to see if they have WordPress access. If not, go to and do what they tell you. Just don’t get panicky when you first try WordPress. Just take it one step at a time and after you have built one site, you can build the next one in your sleep.

I do use the reference WordPress for Dummies but only as a reference. You don’t want to read that thing. It has a good index to help you with a problem.

Free Servers and Commercial Servers

You have an ISP if you are on the Internet. It is your Internet Service Provider. It might be your telephone or cable company or a special service. They will give you space for one free site and you don’t need a domain. They take care of everything, even giving you simple instructions for creating your site.

Google, Yahoo and such offer a free site. Just put Free Site in the search box of your browser. It is fast and easy and often worthless.

It is best to buy a domain name based on a good keyword search using a tool like JAAXY or the Google External Keyword Tool which is free. WordTracker also offers a free tool. Don’t buy premium domains. You are getting ripped off.

Host your domain with a commercial hosting company like HostGator or Godaddy. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, host there. Just remember if you leave Wealthy Affiliate you will have to move your files.

Commercial servers offer multiple domain hosting at reduced cost. They also provide technical help if you get into trouble. They have great services to help you prepare and upload your site.

And they have a bunch of crap you probably don’t need too.

My head spins when I go to check on my domains, renew domains or add domains at GoDaddy. I just keep clicking to get me to the shopping cart so I can check out. You don’t have to buy everything they have to offer.

Other Servers

Do you know you can own your own server? A server is just a computer with a certain identity. Every computer has a certain identity like 209-367-7, etc., right? The last time I looked, servers were expensive. I’m sure you could buy a dandy used one. You need to get the thing hard wired to the Internet.

Is there a technician in the room?

Fly Old Glory!


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