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Well, the year 2015 is almost in the bag. It’s time to look ahead to the future to see what we can do to improve our situation during the next year.

Failure to Plan, Is Failure

We all want to improve our lives. Maybe we want to improve our minds by increasing our educational activities. Maybe we want to improve our health through diet and exercise.

Some folks want to improve themselves in the area of increasing income. Some are looking for an Internet income opportunity. This will be the main emphasis on this article.


ACTOR SLEEPING jpgThe one thing that stops people from progressing is the lack of motivation. When it’s time to get up and go, they sit on their can and end up doing nothing.

Motivation is best generated by need

If you will starve to death if you don’t find a source of income then you become motivated. This kind of motivation can be overpowering. This type of motivation is much greater than that induced by a desire, at least in many cases.

Motivational Aids60c5350b3f117af607d0c334da0e7b9d_thumb

A lot of people listen to motivational tapes to become or to remain motivated. Others read books on motivation.



Some fall into the traps of the Internet gurus because the gurus are motivated.

A guru is a teacher who has special knowledge. That is in the true sense of the word. However I’m not talking about that type of group, the one where you climb to the top of the mountain in India to gain the meaning of life. I’m talking about Internet swindlers who are out to get your money, who will turn you upside down and shake the money out of your pockets.

Internet Income

There are lots of ways to make money in this world. First off, we may think of a local business such as a donut shop or an automobile tuneup shop or a pizza joint. There are many local entities that will help us do this.

Local Business Start-up

To find these helps to business start ups, go to the Chamber of Commerce or to the local college where you can take a class in how to get started in business (for free). That’s right, for no cost at all to learn about it. But such a business usually calls for capital which some people just don’t have, but this too can be overcome by going to the Small Business Administration.

If you have some capital, you might consider a franchise. A good place to look for a franchise is the Inc Magazine site.

Internet Online Income

Thinking Outside the box

Thinking Outside the box

Two of my granddaughters (sisters) pay themselves $2000 a month EACH from money earned on the Internet. They pay themselves healthy bounuses at the end of the year. Their business is growing rapidly and could double next year.

My son is a veteranarian but he has had two very profitable online businesses. He sold one and one he is still operating.
In both of these cases, there is a need for more income. My son has 15 children and his two daughters, which I mentioned, have spouses in college. So they need the dough and they put in the work required to earn money on the Internet.

I helped start these businesses much from what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

Earning College Expenses from Internet Income

I have not a few friends who paid their college expenses through affiliate marketing on the Internet. They became very proficient at pay-per-click marketing (PPC). They all had many websites clearly focusing on one small area in the marketplace. These are called niche markets. They are a small segment of a larger market. Some of the best marketplaces are health and beauty, making money, relationships and expensive hobbies. But you must must find a niche and not try to hit the whole market. A niche is sort of like a kiosk in a mall, if you get the idea.

Legitimate Internet Income

I warned you about gurus who try to get you into their sales funnel by offering you some free but worthless gift such as an e-book, selling you their secrets of success for $67, and then there more secrets of success for $279. Then they get you to hire them as your personal consultant so that they can drain you dry. This is happened to a lot of us in Internet marketing.

Be aware!

There are legitimate training sites on the Internet to help you get started in business. Much of the training on the Internet is free and that is a good way to get started, by using free resources.

Internet Income Opportunity

Here are some ways to develop your Internet income opportunity:

1. Read all you can about Internet marketing.

There are many free books on Amazon but it might be better to pay out some good cash for books that don’t spend all her time trying to get you into some program you don’t need.

2. Take advantage of free training at

I will soon be in my ninth year at wealthy affiliate and I know that you will learn how to start your business there. If you are sure that you want to go into marketing on the Internet, then I would join a wealthy affiliate for one year which really reduces the cost of being there and will give you numerous advantages as shown in the table below.

3. Find a true niche market.

If possible make it one that is based on your experience or education in this area. Make sure that it is an area that in which you have a very high interest. Internet marketing is a requires a work ethic. Won’t work if you’re bored.

One way to find a niche market is to look at niche magazines. Study the ads at the end of the magazine, the classifieds, see which of these ads is being repeated month after month. It is profitable. You can probably find such magazines at your local library.

4. Use a keyword tool such as JAAXY to help identify your niche market.

Also use DMOS and eBay and Amazon to identify your niche market. Use JAAXY to see if your desired domain is available. Build your site according to the instructions at wealthy affiliate. JAAXY will give you 30 free searches.

5. Internet Income Comes from Traffic

Learn how to create traffic to your website. You will want to create a list of possible customers and you want to use in social networks to publicize your side. You’ll want to update your site frequently, I suggest twice a week by adding quality posts and pages. Using WordPress on your site will make this easy and almost all hosting companies provide it.

6. Free Internet Income

The best way to make money on Internet is to sell your own products. However, you can make a lot of money by selling other people’s products. Actually you do not sell a product but simply promoted it and lead buyers to the vendor site. It is the vendor’s job to sell it, not yours. You are paid a commission on each sale.

7. Multiple Streams of Internet Income

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Having a number of small sites that are very specific to niche markets is better than one large site that does not focus enough on a niche to be profitable. You now have multiple streams of Internet income.

8. Passive Internet Income

If you can create income from a site such as a membership site that occurs monthly, you are in Fat City.


This introduction to making money on the Internet does not really help you much. It simply guides you to the training that is needed. Like I said, much of the training is free and you should take advantage of it. If you want to be spoon fed and make a more rapid advance into the marketplace, then I suggest Wealthy Affiliate University. Start out with their free course of study before you decide to put any more money in the process. But if you are sincere about earning income on the Internet, then all means join wealthy affiliates. Since the mostly in part me since the monthly fee is $47 which is much cheaper than a university course, is still high for some people. For that reason I suggest you buy a full-year membership and renew it annually. This way you will say about half of that membership which can be significant over the years. You can also take advantage of wealthy affiliates program which allows you to market their products. I have used this over the years and it has been a source of income to me which has paid for wealthy affiliate a number of times over.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Buhl, ID

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