Tool of the Week: Think About Amazon

money to burn
logo2Amazon can be used by Internet marketers in a number of ways. One way is to promote Amazon products. Some folks take a look at the animals on commission schedule, compared with products that pay have much larger commission, and run. That can be a big mistake.

10123428-man-working-on-a-laptopWhen you promote an Amazon product, your reader goes to the Amazon site and looks at that product but stays there to shop around a bit. You might advertise a $10 necklace and the person who read your article purchases a new television set at Amazon. And anything else he or she buys in the next 24 hours provide you a commission.

One nice feature of Amazon is that you can copy anything on their site. You can make a convincing argument for a person to look at that product.

JAAXY 1But Amazon is valuable in another way. It has a tremendous list of categories that will help you find a niche market. Once you have decided on that niche, you will be able to find the keywords that buyers, not tire kickers, are using. You can take these buyer keywords along with keywords that you get at eBay and process through JAAXY or other keyword tool as you build your niche.

Amazon invented the affiliate program. That is why they have sold more stuff on the Internet than anybody else. They know how to sell and you can learn from them.


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