What Makes a Good Keyword?

JAAXY 1Introduction:

A good keyword has essentially three components. It has:

High search volume
Low competition

Each of these components breaks down into a number of different sections. Understanding what makes a good keyword can mean the difference between a successful website that reaches your target audience and just another dead website that has no relevant visitors.


Is your keyword targeted? Or is it too broad? Is it actually related to the topic of your website, or is it just a high search volume keyword? You do not want your keywords to be too broad. Finding targeted keywords means finding keywords that people who are actually looking for your website will search.

It’s the difference between “shoes,” and “black leather combat boots.” If what you sell are black leather combat boots, but you’re using the keyword “shoes,” you’ll find some people who are interested in your product, yes—you’ll find many more if you used “black leather combat boots,” however.

High Search Volume

This simply means that the keyword is likely to be searched. Many keyword research tools will provide you with this information because they know that the right keyword is on that gets plenty of traffic. You might have a really good idea for a keyword, but if no one is actually ever looking for that keyword, no matter how great your content is, no one will ever find it. The higher the search volume on a keyword, the better.

Low Competition

Picking a keyword that has low competition, in addition to relevancy and high search volume, means that you will not have to work very hard in order to get your website to the top of the search results. Keywords with a lot of competition are difficult to top, while those that your competitors have ignored, but which are still being searched by your target audience, will send plenty of traffic your way.

Which Is Most Important?

None of these three components is most important—they are all equally important. A good keyword is one that has all three of these aspects. It may be impossible to find a keyword that has very high search volume and very low competition, but one that has a good compromise between these two aspects is still great, as long as the keyword is still highly relevant.


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