Learn To Be Creative

Some folks are more creative than others can learn to be creative. Here an example:

Looking at the figure, we have colored circles labeled A, B, and C. They are light years apart. Actually they are great spheres of knowledge and we will let them roll around in space. We just for fun create a mouse trap. A will be the World of Mechanics, B will be the World of Chemistry and C will be the World of Electricity. Trap A is a spring loaded wire that slaps down on the mouse when he takes he peanut butter or cheese. B Is cyanide gas released when the mouse enters the chamber for his last snack. C zaps the mouse as he squeezes between electrodes to get to the bait.

Now the globes have come in contact with each other. AB in yellow is the Mechanical / Chemical World. AC in magenta (purple) is the Mechanical / Electrical World. BC in gray is the Chemical / Electrical World. And finally we have the three worlds combined in ABC shown in white. It’s small. Can you see it.

People who are creative blend worlds of all kinds. You can create as many worlds as you want and then have them cross paths, art, science, music, history, literature, philosophy, you name it. You can have these large world come together or you can create small worlds of special knowledge and have them mesh. You can have small world mesh with large worlds.

The mouse is zapped by touching the electrodes, is picked up by a mechanical crane and dropped into a vat of sulfuric acid for disposal.

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