Learn Product and Affiliate Marketing from ClickBank Videos

Learn Product and Affiliate Marketing from  Official ClickBank Videos

There are many videos with the same name that are not produced by ClickBank. Some are good but why not go with the ClickBank insider?

What is ClickBank?

There are two parts to the operations at ClickBank.com:

1. ClickBank allows creators to place their digital products on ClickBank servers.

2. ClickBank allows affiliate marketers to promote those products and receive a commission for each sale.

If a product creator has a large number of affiliate marketers promoting his product, he can earn a great deal of money.

He not only all makes money up front, he also makes money on the backend by reselling products to those who by the first product. That is where the creator makes most of his money. It is also why some creators give 100% commissions and that is the only commission that the marketer will get. He will get no commissions on future sales made by the vendor to his customers. That is the only negative for affiliates.

The vendor (creator) must sell the product. He almost always has a page created by a professional copywriter. That page may cost up to $10,000.

Orders are processed automatically by ClickBank. They collect the money and deliver the product automatically. In other words the creator makes money day and night all year long without doing anything further than making important updates to his products and helping his affiliates.

It is easy to see that the vendor (product creator) makes one heck of a lot more money than the hundreds of affiliates that are promoting his product. The vendor may give instructions and helps to affiliate marketers so they can sell more of his products. He is in business.

The Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate marketer must first learn that he is not to sell the product. His job is to know the product firsthand. The vendor may give him a copy at no charge or at a discount. If not, he should buy the product and use it. Then he can promote the product from his inside knowledge. That gives him a powerful edge over his competition. Internet visitors will believe what he says.

If you, as an affiliate marketer, purchase the product but you find that you cannot recommend it, then return it to ClickBank and they will give you a full immediate refund.

The ClickBank Training For Affiliates


Nicolas Scordamaglia

ClickBank has a lot of training for both creators and affiliates. Here I’m referring to the four step program presented in the videos. I have placed some notes under the videos just as a reference if you want to go back and look at the video again to find some specific information. Here and there, I also add my great wisdom. LOL

Video 1. Choosing Your Niche


A niche market is part of a large market. Your choice of the niche should be something that you are passionate about. If you’re not passionate about your subject, you will either stop writing about it or your writing will be flat.

You also need to know if people are spending money in your niche. You can determine this if you look at the advertising connected to your niche products. Study ads, magazines, books, etc.

If people are advertising your type of products, then it is obvious that folks have money and are spending on the products.

Note that if a niche has no competition, forget it. There is no money to be made. For a new product where you have no competition, you will soon have competition as the buzzards wing in.

It’s obvious that your niche must have products to promote. That’s where ClickBank and other affiliate networks such as CJ come in. The largest network is Amazon.com. It also is the original and oldest affiliate program.

Clickbank list some of the niche areas, the nations that produce the most money. My list is:

1. Making Money which is a difficult list because there is so much competition but most of all new affiliate marketers tend to jump into it.

2. Relationships is very strong and also very competitive. But it is a huge market and has many niche markets within it.

3. Expensive Hobbies such as golf and polo and yacht racing has many niche markets and can be very profitable. Maybe you promote left-handed ladies golf clubs.

4. Health and Beauty is a very strong market and there also are many niche markets in this area. Perhaps your niche is reducing skin blotches.

My markets are not exactly the same as those recommended by ClickBank. When I look at their markets, different from what I suggest, I can see it is based on their experience. They are:

1. Hobbies what are so many niche markets such as fly fishing, growing orchids, model building and such.

2. Problems come in a wide range. It might be in losing belly fat, dieting, depression and Clickbank even list home repairs.

3. Passions includes fitness, causes and education according to ClickBank. The video will explain this to you.

4. Trends  can be in healthy living, organic eating and homeschooling, things that people are into right now.

Working Within Your Niche Market

One thing that I have always emphasized, and which is emphasized by ClickBank, is that you must work within your niche market. You have to be an insider. If you try to work your market without being part of that market, you will surely fail.

How can you become an expert in a market if you are not part of that market?

You can’t!

If you’re not in the market, then you have no passion for it. You will get tired of writing about it. You cannot get excited about new developments, in fact you will probably miss them. You will fade away like General McArthur.

Products for Your Niche

Think of real products, not just digital products.

I have always made a lot more money with real products rather than digital products.

My son and my granddaughters create their own products and sell them themselves.

It is much easier to sell products like books and flagpoles, doll parts and many other products that you own or produce or have drop shipped than it is to sell digital products.

If you have a site that sells real products, then you can add some digital products which you can promote to your readers. You get the best of both worlds.

For years I sold products that were drop shipped by my supplies. I created some products that I gave away, but I never did sell them,

Is Your Niche Too Large

If you go to Amazon, eBay or DMOS and look at their categories, you will be able to narrow them down to specific niche markets.

Category >>>Niche>>>Sub-niche

Cooking>>>Baking>>>Gluten Free Baking

Video 2. Building Your Platform


The Clickbank trainer recommends that you do not rely on third parties for your success. The reason is that if the third party fails, changes or just disappears, you will be affected. For that reason you will want to have your own website where you will have control of your brand, be able to build up trust and reputation, and be on a better road to success. Use your website to:

Create a Brand: That may be you.

Add Domain and Hosting: You can buy domain names at GoDaddy or NameCheap. Host your domains at HostGator or other site with the best deal.

Create Blog with WordPress: It is best to buy a theme. That will set you apart from those using free themes. Your hosting company will provide WordPress.

Build a Mailing List: Aweber, GetResponse or other company will maintain your list and give you the tools you need to mail to your list.

Consistency: You have to be there for your readers. If you get lazy, they will go away and not come back ever.

Video 3. Grow Your Audience

Research on Audience: You need to know who your site visitors will be in as much detail as possible. What are they looking for? Who are they? How do they walk, talk and think?

Great Content: This is what the search engines are looking for. Be original and do not spin articles or plagiarize.

Your Personality should show through.

Rookie Mistakes: Learn how rookies fail at marketing.

Your Activities: Your readers will want to know you before they trust you.

Your List: Work your list by providing useful information. Don’t push products too soon or products you can not vouch for.

Video 4. Refer Products


Promote what you believe in. If you are not passionate about your niche, you will not show through positively in your writing. You have to be excited.

How to Promote: There are many ways to promote. Banners are not worth much but can be used in your text.

Bonuses will add to your sales. Maybe your vendor will provide them but better for you to prepare your own materials.

Recommended Resources page is a good way to show that you know what you are talking about and that you want to help your readers.

Your List Promotions: Don’t let your list die on the vine. Provide information at least twice a month.

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer: It is the law. You have to tell your readers that you may get a commission from a sale. Thank them for that. There I a WordPress plugin for this. FTC Note: This document has a few affiliate links. If you buy something I will get a small commission for which I will be  grateful. John


This ClickBank training should help you improve your Internet marketing, not only for digital products but for anything you have to offer. I suggest that you provide both.


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