IBTC Tool of the Week: Niche Market Ideas

Finding a Niche is Hard for Some

Over the years I’ve watched many newcomers who enter the Internet world struggle to find a niche market. The simple concept that a niche market is just a small market within a larger market does not help them.

I send them to DMOS and I have them dig down into the categories. But some don’t want to do that.

I send them to Amazon to dig down into the Amazon categories and find what the buyers are looking for. They don’t do that either.

I send them to ubersuggest.org to find keywords and phrases that will ease into a niche market. They don’t do it.

I tell them to dig into their past experiences, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, their passions, their skills, their interests, their education, but they still can’t find a niche market where people with pockets full of money are eager to buy.

Your Niche Site May Not Be a Store

Some think that a niche market is a store and that you need to sell something. Well unless you have your own products, you don’t have to sell, you shouldn’t even try to set, you simply promote. But no one is going to follow your lead to click on a link where you might make a buck, unless you are fulfilling a need, a want, or a solution to a problem.

That means that you must write meaningful content and I mean lots of it. If you want people to follow you, then you must be a leader, one who works with in the niche and wants to communicate with and help others of like interest.

JAAXY 1One way to find that niche is to break out a keyword tool and to start digging. Then you look at the competitive sites to see what they are doing. Then you see how you can make a site that is a bit different from the others so that you will gain a certain group of followers.

Too many people fail at Internet marketing when they don’t have to. It’s because they don’t want to pay the price. It requires a lot of study and hard work. It requires communicating with other marketers.

Some think that making money on the Internet is automatic. It is in the case where you take an existing business onto the Internet and you have a long email list of customers.

What My Family Is Doing

One of my sons has done this twice, selling the first business and starting a new one. And my grandmother’s make a lot of money on the Internet because they design and produce their own products which they sell at their ETSY store. Even I, have an ETSY store.

I also sold books for many years and I had hundreds of flagpoles drop shipped to those who came to my website. But if you are an affiliate marketer, things take a little more time to develop. Right now I’m enticing folks to go to Amazon. If they buy something, I get a commission. Most Internet sales are made during this holiday season so I post every day.

16 Most Additive Sites

Now here is a hint. Take a look at these sites. It may give you an idea for a niche: http://piledhigher.com/

(You want the post on Stumble Upon 16 Most Additive Sites.)

If this doesn’t  give you an idea for a new niche, I don’t know what will.


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