Part Time Jobs College Students

Introduction to Part Time Jobs College Students

One advantage of marketing on the Internet is that you can work at home in your underwear.

Most colleges and university have a department that helps people find jobs. The problem is that the jobs are often low-paying and it may be hard to find the time to work them.But there are part time jobs for college students


Students usually have a lot of homework. Sometimes it is possible to do some homework on the job. You might find a job as a guard or night watchman which allows you to do homework when you are not making your rounds.

I worked a number of jobs in college. I usually worked in a university laboratory doing research on materials. I also drove a cab. My department head wanted to know why I was not working in the laboratory as much. I told him that I could average $1.75 / hour driving cab while he was paying me $1.00 / hour. He instantly raised my pay to $1.75 / hour. I still drove a cab in the evenings and on weekends.

Many companies hire college students. Sometimes you just have to go to the company and ask. Before I went to Korea, I worked for an asbestos contractor. When in school, I drove a truck, worked in the warehouse and worked as an asbestos mechanic.

Having special skills can earn a student more pay. Engineering students can often find jobs as interns or technicians. When I was in graduate school doing materials research, I was able to hire a fellow student as an analytical chemist. He was from Taiwan and needed money.

Students use to come into my building as maintenance workers. Some of these were athletes who were given jobs by the university to supplement their expenses. These were usually not in the major sports, wrestlers for example.

When I was an undergraduate, gas was still being pumped so I could work in my uncle’s service station in the evening and on weekends. I could do some homework, usually math problems. That has all changed except in Oregon and New Jersey where students can still find jobs pumping gas. In fact, the reason for those states still requiring attendants still pumping gas is to supply youth jobs.ud

The Student Loan Problem

I went to school on the G.I. Bill which lasted three (3) of my first five (5) years. When my first son was born, my wife had a tough time, requiring a number of blood transfusion (graciously supplied by my two (2) brother-in-laws. I could not give because of malaria symptom suffered by many of us on the ship returning us to the States).

My had a physical problem requiring surgery the next morning. I realized I was in trouble financially. I quit school and found a job in an industrial supply company. After a couple of works, the company called me to the office and told me my department head was calling. I talked to him and he told me to get back up to the campus and get back into my classes. He would find me help.

The company was very understanding and wanted me to get back to my engineering studies. My calculus teacher gave me a “special consideration”. The math department rule was that no grade could be given below the grade on the final exam. He told me it was not fair to the other students who had attended class and done all of their homework. I got a B+ on the final. He gave me a D but allowed me to move on to the next class. I did not have to repeat the class.

I was sent to the assistant president’s office at the university. He gave me a check for $1200.00, a lot of money in those days. The doctor who did my son’s surgery charged me only $80.00. Everyone wanted me to stay in school. My parents brought groceries.

My children all worked jobs during college. Most all had some college debt. The youngest son attended an expensive law school and is still paying off debt. One of his loans, I signed and I have been paying it off even though he tells me to stop paying on it, now that he is established. I’m too lazy to tell my bank.

One of my sons worked through the Purdue University veterinary school by selling vacuum cleaners and raising fish, which he sold to pet stores. He has always been very clever about making a buck.

The ideal job for a college student allows him or her to work from the computer. Then you have some control over your time and income.

Part Time Jobs for College Students Listing

Customer Support Representative

This work involves helping customers with problems requiring support by telephone. Dish Network, for example, hires many support representatives. One of my young friends works in a call center helping folks with computer problems and such. The solutions are provided on the computer. All you have to do is identify the problem, which the computer shows you how to do, and then read the solutions one by one until the problem is solved.

Retail Clerk or Assistant Manager

When I decided to go back to graduate school, I decided to work an evening and weekend job to make a few more bucks. I worked at JCPenny selling shoes. It was more fun than anything. I was the third highest seller, the full-time manager and a lady clerk who could smell the size and style a customer desired, out sold me. Before I got there, the sales people received commissions. To loss of all of us, that system was discarded.

The problem with this type of work is that it is tiring and low-paying. A part-time employee can sometimes get promoted to assistant manager, but that may not help much. Well, as a student, you have to do what you need to do.

Engineering Intern or Technician

Some college specialties like engineering and engineering technologies are needed in industry. If you are in such a field and if there is a company near the campus, they will not only pay you for your time, they may help you with college expenses.

Laboratory Assistant

Most colleges and universities have faculty members doing research. They will train you to do the work so don’t shy away because you think you don’t have the skills. You can go back and forth from work to class, a big advantage and you choose the hours.

Campus Maintenance

Pushing a broom may not appeal to you but not having to leave the campus has its merits.

Campus Police

Were you an MP in the military, you might be able to find a job with the campus police. Don’t assume you need that training.

Campus Book Store

This is a convenient on campus job.

Campus Library

Just think what you will learn!

Package Handler

UPS and FedEx, for example, need workers 24 hours a day to load and unload trucks.


You can drive a cab or bus or truck providing transportation or making deliveries A pizza driver can make some good tips.

Internet Business

Affiliate Marketing

This business was much easier to get into than today. It takes more time to get established, perhaps several months until you get the first sale. I know a number of people who were successful making significant sums of money while in college:

Mark Ling (Affilorama) started making websites with a banner that sent visitors to vendors who paid commission on sales. While still in college he hired English majors to write content or his websites. He was soon making more than his father who was a statistician for the New Zealand Government. He now offers free training to new marketers at Affilorama.

Ryan Moran was a starving student in college trying to support his single-parent mother. He earned $500,000.00 while in college. Then he opened storefront businesses based on his “health nut” status. Now he has products shipped to Amazon where they do all the selling and customer service. Someday, he will own the world.

Carson and Kyle own Wealthy Affiliate, the premier affiliate marketing training site in the world. They each worked his way through college by affiliate marketing using PPC. Now PPC is very expensive and it is harder to get started. If you have the patience to start a business, this is the place to start. You Can Start Free Now: Click Here!

Remember This: If you join Wealthy Affiliate, ignore the social features like reading and writing to the blog and hanging out on Chat. Study the tutorials, don’t take shortcuts and do EXACTLY what they say. Use the question box at the top of the page.

Product Marketing

Three of my granddaughters and my son earn full-time incomes by selling products they create and manufacturer on the Internet. Some websites help you do it. I suggest as a good place to market your products.

I sold business start-up books and flagpoles for years, both of which were drop-shipped by the suppliers. I just generated the orders from my websites and faxed them to the supplier who shipped them directly to the customers. I suggest that you contact businesses who manufacture products you are interested in selling. See if they will drop-ship for you. Stay away from pricey drop-ship directories and lists.

Office Worker

A lot of companies hire part-time staff to take care of office routines, handle mail, do e data entry, etc. Look around. If you get some training, such as medical vocabulary and transcription, you can make more money.

Temp Service Employee

There are a lot of temp employee services. You might be doing one thing one day and another the next. Computer skills can help you get a job.

Server or Dishwasher

Being a server in a high traffic upscale restaurant can bring a good income in tips. Working hours can be convenient for a student. I would stay out of the kitchen if you can help it.

Tutor / Reader

This is a good one for students although not always high paying. If you have special skills like math or science or foreign languages, you should able to tutor a student or in homes.


It can be hard to make a living while you are trying to learn how to make a better living. Stay out of as much debt as possible. It will smother you when you first go to work. Get in the habit of saving and investing as soon as you can. Make it a habit. That one thing alone will make your life more manageable in the days to come.

Good Luck in your pursuit of education!


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