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Let’s watch a video to get the idea about what we are talking about:

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It refers to preparing your site so that it is favored by search engines that scan the site and extract information useful to a keyword search. SEO keyword tracking refers to obtaining information about keywords and keyword phrases use on the site.

Search engines have changed criteria for rating a site over the years. The changes are frequent and sometimes monumental, putting some sites in the lime light and others into the garbage dump. I am not an SEO expert but the search engines are looking for:

Relevant Content: I talking about content relevant to the search being made. If a person is looking for “varieties of rabbits,” he is not looking for a recipe for rabbit stew. Note the quotation marks around the keyword phrase. It is a very specific search. Your site must be a relevant target and better say something about rabbit species or varieties. The content should be properly written meaning grammatically  and with proper spelling.

Video: I’ve learned that video is all important on a website. It is favored by the search engines. You can create it or borrow it from YouTube but you need it on your site. The following program will get you making videos for your site:

Outbound Links: These are very important but not just any links. The links must point to more relevant information.

Inbound Links: Also from quality sites with relevant information.

Now should see why SEO keyword tracking is important. Keywords drive the searches on the search engines to sites having those keywords in their title and in the content. Too much keyword stuffing will be a negative to the search engines but you will want to have about a 1% keyword density. So in a 400 word article, you would have your keyword or phrase about 4 times in the content. You should not start the article with the keyword in the first sentence, or at least, not starting the sentence. In a way you are in a Catch 21 situation. You must have keywords on your site but not too many or in the wrong place.

If keywords are required, then folks will compete for them. You must find keywords that are not buried by the competition. You need a great keyword tool like JAAXY to find them. JAAXY will tell you how many visits are made each month using a particular keyword or phrase, how much traffic to expect, how many sites compete for the keyword phrase, if the domain is available and what affiliate programs are available to Internet Marketers. You can  try JAAXY for free.

SEO keyword tracking is fairly complicated but there are lots of places on the Internet to learn about it. I like YouTube. A pic is worth a thousand words, so they say.  The following is one way to do your tracking, including the competition:
Jonathan Volk, a super affiliate, explains on how one needs to conduct competitive analysis before entering a niche.
 It’s educational and brings value to the reader and establishes authority before before pushing the offer. This and Zac Johnson’s reviews are the kind of review that converts. No wonder they’re super affiliates!

Well, we need a video here:

Video On Using A Keyword Tool

Here is a video on tracking keywords:

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