Simple Ways to Do Keyword’s Research

10123428-man-working-on-a-laptopKeyword research is essential to Internet webmasters. It is a daunting task for many but in reality, it is not difficult.

Google Suggest

One easy way to start a keyword search is to use Google Suggest. When you place a keyword in the Google search box, it will suggest other keywords.

For example, if I put “keyword” in the Google search box it will suggest:

keyword tool ( 13372)

keyword spy (499)

keyword density (2951)

keyword generator (4375)

which is most likely NOT in order of popularity. The numbers in parenthesis are the monthly searches from JAAXY.

ABC Method

An easy way to make this more effective is what is called the ABC method. In this method you put the keyword plus a letter in the search box. This will bring up keywords that use the letter you added.

For example, if I put “keyword a” in the Google search box, I get:

keyword arguments

keyword analysis

keyword advertising

keyword academy is a great way to find many hundreds of keyword phrases. It will go through the alphabet with you finding your keyword phrases. It is like the ABC method but you don’t have to add the letters. It will do it for you. You will have so many keywords and keyword phrases that it will put you in a tizzy.

So it is easy to find many hundreds of keywords and keyword phrases. Now what we need to do is to evaluate those keywords.


I suggest for affiliate marketers the JAAXY keyword tool. For one reason, the Google external keyword tool is being retired. You will still be able to reach a new keyword tool and use it at no charge at Google as long as you are in the Adwords program.

If you are using a keyword tool for which you paid good money and it is based on the Google free keyword tool, the external tool, the program will probably go the way of the Dodo bird. It will not be able to generate data.

JAAXY is not based on the Google analytics. You can do 30 free searches at JAAXY to see what it is all about.

You will be able to find your keywords and keyword phrases and evaluate them as to popularity and to competition. You can test your keyword phrases from the ABC method and by entering them into the program and you will be able to save them to a titles list.

You also will be able to find domain names and affiliate programs.

So JAAXY is the way to go.

It is the best keyword tool.

It is the most accurate keyword tool.

To get your free trial at JAAXY with thirty Free keyword searches, Click Here!


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