The Sad Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital MarketingThere are two (2) ways to make money in affiliate marketing:

  1. You are the supplier of the product and you enroll affiliate marketers.

2. You are an affiliate marketer representing the supplier.

If you are the supplier, you only need a few super affiliates to make good profits. They will bring potential customers to your website where it is your job to sell the customer the product.

If you are an affiliate marketer, despite that you are being told, you need a website to promote the product.

Here Are The Problems for Affiliate Marketers:

1. You build affiliate income and the supplier drops his affiliate program.

2. Only a small percentage of affiliate marketers earn significant income. About 95% of the income goes to 5% of the marketers.

3. It usually is very time-consuming to get established despite what you are being told.

4. You need a lot of sites, one to work each niche market.

5. Choosing too-competitive niche markets waste time and energy.

6. Choosing what is not a true niche market waste time and energy.

7. Time-consuming work often requires outsourcing of content for each site.

8. Lack of income early in the establishment of an affiliate marketing business discourages continuation.

9. Lack of market research and competitor evaluation weakens marketing endeavors.

10. Poor traffic generating skills destroys profiting. (PPC can put you in the hole.)

11. Not having contact with customers eliminates back-end sales. (The supplier takes the customer and does the backend selling and takes the profits.)

12. Not collecting the email addresses of visitors before they are directed to the supplier eliminates the possibility of back-end sales.

13. Not using email marketing where most profits are made.

14. Not having a sales funnel with products.

Can you make money in affiliate marketing?

If you develop the skills and have the patience required, you can. For example, you find a true niche, you put up the site, and drive traffic to it until you see profits, perhaps several hundred dollars a month or more. Then you start a second true niche site. You keep building your business in a business-like manner.

The best way to learn to do this with no B.S. is to join Wealthy Affiliate University.


John T. Jones, Ph.D. My Over Nine Years at WA.

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