Tip of the Week: When Is Easter in 2015?

Easter 2Easter in 2015?

Here it is the last week in December and I am asking, “ When is Easter in 2015?”

I am trying to make a statement. The statement is this: Are you ready for 2015?

(Easter comes on Sunday, April 5, 2015.)

Easter 1If you are an Internet marketer, you will want to know when Easter is if you focus on that market. My granddaughters are trying frantically to get ready for that market now. They have to think ahead to predict the market for the products they make and sell. They know that they will have at least twice as many sales as they did last year. But how many more? They have to plan ahead.

If you don’t service that market, then you don’t really care which day Easter falls on.

calenderBut you do have a market, Right?

If so, is it really the same all year long? Does it die in the summer time? Do you need to plug something into that gap?

Plan you sales year now. You will be glad you did.


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