Tool of the Week November 4, 2014: JAAXY Affiliate Keyword Tool (again)

JAAXY 1Some time back Wealthy Affiliate University created JAAXY, the keyword tool developed especially for affiliate marketers. Although you can make 30 free keyword searches on JAAXY, it is not free for regular use. There is a monthly charge. But if you purchase JAAXY, you automatically become an affiliate, so the monthly cost is free to bring in just a couple of members. (I actually make a little money each month from promoting Jackie as I am doing here.)

But JAAXY is a very valuable tool for affiliate marketers. For one thing, the information is much more accurate than that presented by other tools. It will give you a better evaluation of your competition and that will tell you whether or not a domain is available. It will tell you how powerful a keyword is for article marketing. It will recommend other keyword phrases that could be important to your marketing.

JAXXY Clip 4









traffic 4One feature is the green light that lets you know that it is good to go. Red means, “NO” and Orange means, “Maybe.”

So why not give JAAXY a spin? It is free to try.


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