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My Home Page at WAU. John

My Home Page at WAU. John

With the advancement in search engine metrics and outburst of social exchange on social media networks, the digital marketing industry has seen a major boom. More and more brands, producers, re-sellers want to launch themselves on social media channels and get in touch with their buyers directly. Social media networks, along with SEO marketing techniques provide brands to promote their goods to millions of customers online. This has given rise to a number of content and SEO marketing blogs which help in providing marketing strategies to brands interested in promoting their products on the Internet.

Blog Marketing

The blogs are mainly run by professional web marketers and SEO specialist who advise on how best to market your products and service to your target audience without spending too much on advertising. They provide tutorials as well as tips on creating quality content and how best to optimize it in order to get more traffic on your website and boost your ranking on Google search engine.

Getting Google Rankings

In order to rank in the top results of Google you need to have a lot of technical knowledge of SEO and these blogs will provide you exactly that. All the tips and tricks that you can use on your website to improve its SEO and get maximum traffic. In this article we will list the most informative and reliable blogs that provide daily updates on Google metrics and strategies that web administrators must follow in order to improve their website’s SEO.

1. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the best SEO marketing blogs on the Internet with over a million subscribers. Moz posts articles regularly on content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, link building, inbound marketing, as well as copywriting. All the tricks to make your website appealing to your visitors.

2. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another leading SEO marketing blog that is loaded with hundreds of valuable article about search engines, social media, SEM and SEO. The writers at this blog are accomplished SEO professionals and provide great insights regarding search engines, social media, and SEO on a regular basis to their visitors for free. Visitors can subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feeds to benefit from their insights daily.

3. BackLinko

BackLinko is run by SEO Specialist, Brian Dean who shares his insightful SEO tips that he learns himself daily through his own experience and shares them with the whole world. He also discusses viable link building strategies that can help your website improve its SEO considerably. Today he has over 70,000 monthly visitors.

4. Pro Blogger

Problogger is considered as the ultimate resource blog for effective copywriters and content marketers. It offers various tips and suggestions to improve the way people write content on the web. From highly appealing short ebooks and guides to very detailed blog, Problogger promises to give its readers a fantastic learning experience.

Some content and SEO marketing blogs also offer professional consultancy and training to clients who are interested.

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Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

Korea 1951. Ted Oellien of Minnesota is on my left. May he rest in peace.

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