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I vana PicNOTE: I have repaired the links on this post. You will now be taken to the product, not the affiliate central. Sorry about that! I’m getting old and senile. Don’t bother with the sales funnel. Look at the top of the page and click on your product. The funnel is a guru thing. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Now, download the .pdf file from each lesson. Use these to learn more than the videos. That is the best way. John


I first met Ivana on May 29, 2008. She is a good friend and she and her partner create great products. She was one of the first to welcome me when I joined WAU.

SEO and Facebook marketing are difficult, time consuming and often requires investment.

Pinterest is the easiest way to get traffic if done correctly.

There’s no huge learning curves, no softwares needed.

Traffic from Pinterest often converts better than traffic from SEO or even Facebook. Pinterest traffic gets you more social signals and in turn helps with your SEO anyways…so more traffic. You get PinApex Pro WordPress plugin with dev. rights with the training. Pinterest traffic creates engagements…perfect to get optins, comments, likes etc

Secret to free traffic revealed [see bonuses]

Best Kept secret traffic source.

This should get you 500-1000 visitors daily…without SEO

Easiest way to get tons of free traffic without Google.

Easy to Follow

Giga PinTraffic, the easy-to-follow traffic generation training

that leverages Pinterest just got live…

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Giga PinTraffic is all about leveraging and getting massive tarffic from Pinterest in a very short time.

It sounds impossible but it’s not…

No more waiting around month to try to rank for a keyword and compete with 100s, if not 1000s trying to do the same. Best of all, no need to freak out when Google releases another animal  update…you’ll stay far away from them for good.

Note: A great keyword tool to use in marketing is JAAXY. John

Imagine if you could get all the traffic you needed, without doing any SEO, without buying any crazy expensive SEO software or doing any kind of paid advertising…with Giga PinTraffic, you’ll never have to worry about any of these.

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To top it up, I’ve going to offer my epic bonus to the first 50 to grab this today:

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If you ask me, this is a real game changer training…your chance to get out of the mess you’re in trying to rank and get traffic from Google and start leveraging something far more better…

To Your Success

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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A Bit More

How to get more free traffic

What’s better than SEO?

Secret to free traffic revealed [see bonuses]

Best Kept secret traffic source

This should get you 500-1000 visitors daily…without SEO

Easiest way to get tons of free traffic without Google [bonus inside]

“Traffic is the life blood of internet marketing!”

If you agree to the above statement, you would want to

read this email till the end.

Just about a month back Google release a deadly update

called Penguin 2.0 that pretty much killed the business

of tons of marketers…

…just like the first Penguin update did a little while


…and like the Panda update did last year.

Will this ever end?

Do you really need to rely on Google for your free traffic needs and build your business under a risk?

If no, I’ve got something that will change the way you

get free traffic.

==>> Check OUT the new system that brings in floods of traffic within days…without any SEO.

You see, you’re not the first person who got frustrate with all those updates that killed ranking and traffic for everyone.

Ivana and Abhi saw that coming and so they researched and found out something much better than Google…something that you can  leverage to get ton of free visitors to your sites within days…

…without spending a single dime or worry about building links

or other crazy SEO stuff…

They call it Giga PinTraffic and it’s all about strategically leveraging Pinterest to get 500-1000 of visitors every single day without having to work day in and day out…

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Giga Pin Traffic lays out a complete blueprint to drive tremendous traffic via Pinterest. Step-by-step, no fluff.

John T. Jones
Internet Business Tool Center

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