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Here are some of the things you need to do or learn if you are in Internet Marketing:

Evaluate Your Background and Interest

If you go into Internet Marketing you will be going into business. Some of your past activities will be directly applicable to your new business. If you are taking an existing business onto the Internet, more power to you. Your education and talents and desires will be important to you. The Internet is not completely impersonal. You will have clients or customers, etc. You probably have passion for some interest you have generated over time. That passion is valuable to you as an Internet Marketer. Say you love cats and know a lot about them. Then you can make contact with other cat lovers, seek their needs and then supply them with what they want and need. And you will do it with enthusiasm.

Learn About Markets

You need to know about broad markets and the many small markets that a broad market contains. Go to, and and see how broad markets break down into small markets. These special, small markets are called niches and you will want to find a few niches that you can work.

Learn About Search Engines

Search engines respond to search request from computer users. The words used in a search are called keywords. Some keywords are very popular. Others are rarely used. You need to know how to find that important difference. Keywords are used in web page design, ads, articles, domain names, etc. Know that web pages are rated according to how well they answer a searchers question. That is called relevant information. Links from web sites must also link to more relevant information. Links coming into a web site should be from quality sites.

Learn to Use Keyword Tools

There are many free keyword tools available like the Google External Keyword Tool and the many tools that tie into it. I mentioned that I use JAAXY because it is especially suited to affiliate marketers. WordTracker is an excellent keyword tool and they have a free tool for beginners.

Learn Something About Web Site Design

I have always designed my own web sites for better or worse. I still use Coffeecup software for some functions but the site itself always in generated in WordPress. It is a fast and easy way to build a site but at first it seems like a strange new world. There is plenty of inormation on the Internet to get you going and the site is a good place to start.

Learn to Use a Block and Social Marketing

Twitter and FaceBook and other such sites are great for letting folks know what you are up to. WP has a module which will but the social icons below your text. So is someone likes something you wrote, they will let the world know about it.

Build a Mailing List

Money is not made usually on the Internet when a customer comes to your site once and never returns. You make money by keeping in contact with your customers. As I said on another page, I use AWeber to manage my email list, send out routine messages, and send out my newsletter and such. Some messages are set, others are just broadcasted when I have some decent information to pass on.

Learn to Write Articles

Articles easily published on the Internet are valuable in bringing folks to your web sites. I write on any thing that comes to mind but others restrict their article writing to one area. Whatever you do, be an expert in what you write. That often simply means that you write a lot in one area and that the information is good. Just don’t be a copycat. The search engines and article sites look for this.

Use Audio/Video on Your Web Sites

It is simple to find YouTube or other videos that you can use on your web pages. It attracts interest.

Find Products You Can Sale

Sell your own products or those you have control over. You can sell products as an affiliate too, but there is much competition and you must know what you are doing. There is much to learn.

Never Stop Learning

As an Internet Marketer you will see an ever changing world. Things do not get easier with time. You must stay up to date with what is going on. Obtaining traffic is a major challenge and an amateur using Pay-Per-Click can lose is shirt. Also, you can make money without selling by allowing ads on your site. So, a smart operator can do very well indeed on the Internet.

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