Any Real Money in Affiliate Marketing?

Can you make money with an affiliate program? Is there any real money in affiliate marketing. The answer is yes and no. Most affiliate marketers do not make much money. Here is what I have seen over the years:

1. Those who make money find a real need, understand the people they are trying to mingle with, and establish themselves as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

2. They do not concentrate on selling. They concentrate on being helpful and providing reliable and useful information.

3. They build one website at a time, get it functioning, perfect it, make it a place where their people (niche) want to visit.

4. They continually update their site. They build a mailing list and continually blog and email to inform others what is going on. They write articles and attend forums.

5. Some are smart as hell and they all hang out with other Internet marketers. (I’m not kidding.)

You can see what is going on instantly with these folks, old teaching new, if you drop in and browse around Wealthy Affiliate University. Just drop into the site and see what is going on. Drop right in! 

You can say, “Hello,” to my friends there. Tell them tjbooks sent you. You will see the the Open Education Project in action.


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