Are You in a Guru’s Sales Funnel?

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the guru’s path to his own personal wealth. He leads you down the Yellow Brick Road into his funnel. Now he has you directed to where he wants you to go.

A Guru is Your Competition if You are in the Wealth Category

New marketers often want to get rich on the Internet. They may decide to get into one of the major categories:

Wealth, Relationships, Health or Expensive Hobbies.

They do not suspect that the Guru is really their competition.

How the Guru’s Funnel Works

The guru wants you to stumble along on your road to riches so that he can continually help you up. He helps you up often by feeding you what is free on the Internet by:

1. Giving you a (worthless) free ebook.

2. Selling you a get started guide for $37.97.

3. Selling you “The Key to Making Money on The Internet” for $67.00.

4. Offering you tutoring for $187.00.

5. Lets you into his Inner Circle for $47.00 a month.

6. Bombards you with emails offering the products of his cronies.

What he does, is milk you dry. He works day and night to do this.

Some competent marketers yield to becoming gurus.

Two who have not and will not are Carson and Kyle at Wealtlhy Affiliate University.

Other than paying your tuition, there are no other cost and all you need to become successful in Internet Marketing is there. There is no product pitching. It is all part of the tuition.

The membership is free for a Life-Time Start-Up Membership and you get two websites for no cost whatsoever.

You will learn what you need to know to earn your tuition times over.

Stay away from the gurus.


P.S. This may sound like a sales pitch but I’m serious about keeping folks out of the hands of the gurus. Some have good products but it can become a very expensive way to learn.

P.P.S. I have been retired for almost 19 years and I took care of my financial needs years ago. I just have a great interest in business so I stay active at age 81.


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