Are You Sleeping, Brother John?

You Remember the Jingle, Don’t You?

Listen to the Jingle.

Everyone needs sleep. It is the favorite activity of some folks. They love to sleep in front of the television. They love to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays. Late to bed and late to rise. Just the opposite of what Ben Franklin said: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Thomas Jefferson use to grab cat naps rather than spend time sleeping. He knew that time is our most precious asset. Maybe Methuselah lived 969 years but we seldom reach one-tenth of that age. Why waste half of our life sleeping, as some do?

But we waste out time in many ways. Maybe it is sipping coffee. Perhaps it is watching television. We let our precious liquid gold seep out between our fingers. It is a bad habit.

So much more can be achieved in life if we cherish our time.

I tell new Internet marketers to find a few hours to promote their business by getting up one hour earlier, going to bed one hour later, “I’ll be right up, Honey Pot!” By grabbing some hours on the weekend.

They can gain about 16 hours a week without even trying. This is about one-third of the normal work week. Maybe you can earn enough to give up that day job and save even more time by not commuting to work, by working in your pajamas, by staying away from television and other daytime temptations.

I do most of my work from five or six until ten in the morning. Then my wife’s caregiver gets here and the hours of quiet are over. I like to take photographs and paint pictures, good hobbies for and old man in his eighties. I have time for those things.

Oh, and don’t forget fishing with the grandchildren.

During the day I have a hard time staying away from the computer. But I do need exercise if I’m going to be around here much longer.

Our health is as important as our time.

I’m pullin’ for ya!


P.S. Don’t you ever get tired of me ranting?


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