Blogging for Internet Income

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Blogging is a great way to start Internet Marketing. It may take you a year to start making a buck but it can be worth it as it has been for others.

It is easy to get a free blog site but that is not the best way. You want your own site and the way to create and maintain that site is by using WordPress, a WordPress application from, not .com. The .com version has limitation you do not want.

I suggest that to start you blog everyday, supplying information to those who become “attached” to your blog. If you do not blog on a regular basis, on a schedule your readers know and expect, you will lose your readers.

I blog using the training of John Chow because he is very experienced and has fantastic training materials. I’m a cheap old bugger so I like the low-cost of John’s Training. Grab a copy of John’s free ebook.

So, find a group that you want to “live with” and start blogging. Become a member of that group, joining forums, and getting your name and mug out to them.

Who knows where you will go from there?

Yes, it will be a lot of work but I’m sure you will fall in love with your readers and the income you generate.


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