Book Review: Make Money Online by John Chow and Michael Kwan

Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul by John Chow and Michael Kwan, Morgan-James 2010

This book has been around a while but I was not familiar with it. John Chow sent me an email asking if I wanted an autographed copy. I just grabbed a copy for ten bucks at Amazon and I had it the next day.

John Chow is a super blogger and generates large amounts of income. He is a hard worker, a Canadian, and has been on the net for many years, about as long as I have. Michael Kwan is a fantastic writer. The two of them have created a very coherent book which describes in detail how to set up your blog and how to monetize it.

I was and still am amazed at the amount of detail in this small book. It is only 150 pages long. He concentrates on WordPress, warning not to use the limited version if you want to monetize your blog (make money on your blog). Use the version. He tells you how to install WordPress and how to use plugins to create a successful blog.

I have only had my copy of this book for a few days. I told my Number Three Son (That is all the Chinese I know) that I was going to bring it over to him in a couple of days.

Then I decided I could not part with it right now as I am still making one heck of a lot of changes in my blog using his instructions. Last night, I ordered a copy for him and he will have it Monday.

This is a great book and a great education.

Congratulations to John Chow and Michael Kwan!



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