Firefox Versus Chrome

Firefox saved me some time back. Explorer was crashing and I was not happy. Firefox performed well for a long time. But as time went on, it started to hang up and crash. It sent messages to MS but that did nothing whatsoever.

Everybody was telling me to try Chrome, especially all the computer experts around here (kids). But I resisted. After going to Firefox’s site for help, I decided rather than go through a zillion steps to resolve the problem, some of which I had already tried, I decided to give Chrome a try.

After trying Chrome and finding that it solved most of my problems, I switched over. I learned that Chrome has increased its position dramatically, leaving poor Firefox in the lurch. I do hope that Firefox solves its problems, whatever they are. It has some nice features needed by some people. I don’t understand these features but evidently they exist.

The bottom line is that like Firefox once did, Chrome is saving me from one heck of a lot of headaches.

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