Have You Got Bootstraps?

Have You Got Bootstraps So You Can Pull Yourself Up?

I have a friend in Texas who is suffering all the time while she is waiting for back surgery. If it was not for her puppy, I would really be worried about her, but she does get comfort from her dog.

She has financial problems and difficult situations to resolve before she has her surgery. The surgery will be expensive and she will have to pay for it.

She gets little help except from far away friends like me.

We All Have Problems

All of us have problems at one time or another. Hopefully we have family and close friends to give us a pick up when we needed it. But there are times that the only one who can help us is You Know Who. We a have to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps.

In the early days of computers we heard the term bootstrapping all the time as a computer digs down into itself, metaphorically speaking, and boots itself up.

Now you may not have boots or bootstraps but you do know what I mean, don’t you?

Sometimes we just have to help ourselves.

Robert Lewis Stevenson (See Pic)

The great author said he never was well enough to write. He had not been well for one day in his life. But he said that if he didn’t get out of bed and start writing that “Nothing would be accomplished.”

So he got out of bed and wrote his great stories. Do you member them as a child? Did they bring you joy as they have for millions?

Robert Lewis Stevenson died when he was in his thirties. We remember him only because of his great works. If he had not worked when sick, he would have passed into oblivion.

We Have to Overcome the Barriers to Success

Resolve to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Do what you are able to do. Take one step at a time to improve your situation. That will lead you to success.

As Red Green says, “I’ll be pullin’ for ya!”

Have a Great Valentine Day!


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