How Not to Do Affiliate Marketing

jackassAffiliate marketing is a great way to make money with a popular website or blog, without having to slap advertisements all over your website. The problem is, however, that so many people go about affiliate marketing the wrong way.

Here are five biggest mistakes you should avoid making in affiliate marketing:

You’re not talking about the product, you’re just trying to sell it.

Isn’t the entire point of affiliate marketing to try to get someone to click on a link and buy a product? Yes. But selling that product is the sales page’s responsibility, not yours. Your job is to talk about the product or service and explain how it can help the reader. This is far more likely to get someone to click through and buy than if you just tell them to buy it.

Don’t join every single affiliate program.

Why? Because you don’t have time or space on your blog or website to handle that much selling. You need to pick the ones that are offering products or services that are actually relevant to your readers, not just the ones that promise to make you money.

You don’t test the offer or product before writing about it.

You don’t necessarily have to test every single product that you affiliate market for. You should, however, test the offers. If the offer is going to end up spamming your readers or commit some other deadly inbox sin, you’ll lose your audience’s trust if you point them in that direction.

You haven’t been tracking your page traffic.

Tracking your page traffic is the only way to know if you’re reaching the right people, how effective your content is, and whether or not the people who click through on your ads are actually taking the time to purchase or use the product or offer you marketed to them. Sure, you may be getting paid, but you could be getting paid a lot more if you were tracking and analyzing that data.

Not using the right keywords.JAAXY 1

Not using the right keywords to bring targeted traffic to your webpage is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Using a generic, but applicable keyword will bring you generic, uninterested traffic. Using a specific, targeted keyword will bring you targeted traffic. Use a keyword tool to find relevant keywords.


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