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Looking for a NIche

I don’t know what it is but new Internet marketers often have one heck of a time trying to find a niche market. A niche market is just a sub or subcategory of a larger market. For Example if we go to and start clicking on categories and then subcategories we will dig deeper and deeper into smaller and smaller markets. You can do same thing with or Ebay.

But you don’t have to do the above to find a niche market because we are swimming in a sea of niche markets and when we are first getting started, we are gasping for air and looking up into the heavens instead of down into the water here thousands of niche markets are swimming around.

On Monday morning this week, I decided to grab some niches while I was READING the comic strips and cartoons in the local rag. I listed almost 100 subjects that could be niche markets. Then I went to and expanded the list to as many words as I wanted, thousands, and then went to Google Suggest to let Google give one heck of a lot more.

Now, from Google, I had real keywords identifying true niches by the hundreds, as many as I wanted or would ever need. Then I put these keywords into the JAAZY Keyword Tool designed for affiliate marketers and came up with the competition for each keyword.

Now I had more keywords than I would ever use on my list, but I began cherry picking the best ones for articles and website content. I decided to write an article describing exactly how to do it.

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This link is on the WAU site so if it grays out when you go to read the second page, just find the link at the top of the page that will not only let you read the rest of the page but also read all my other tutorials. You will be able to chat with my friends there and the owners of the site. When you are there you may see me on chat. If hot, just put @tjbooks in the search bar of the dashboard. That will take you to tjbooks which is my page you will be able to send a PM while you area there if like. You will be able to stay at WAU for 10 Full Days on my invite: Click Here! If you do this, the article is Finding Niches in the Funnies which you can access from the search bar or going to my page.


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