How to Increase Website Traffic

eyeglassesThink about mobile users if you want to improve your website traffic. If you don’t, you are eliminating about 1/3 of your traffic. So when you work on your site, think about design. Think about mobile users when you put in pics (not too large), type and color, etc.

The first thing is to check your theme. Some WordPress themes are better than others. I have found that many themes are improving greatly with each revision and they are more suitable for mobile devices.

I recently decided to look at my sites. I looked at 17 of them and found some wanting. I checked the ones that looked good on my Kindle Fire HD and changed the themes on the other to the one I was using. My wife’s caregiver checked on her fancy up-to-date cell phone and found that things looked much better.

When I was finished, I checked with my out-of-date not so smart AT&T LG. Things still looked good.

So What Was the Problem?

A good example was on my site Home Church International, not to be confused with Home Churches International.

It was a mess on my mobile devices. You couldn’t read the lessons. The lessons were not even complete. The site was useless on a mobile device.

After changing themes, the site look great on mobile as far as I can see.

Other Traffic Generating Methods

There are many ways to increase traffic on your site other than site design. Social Marketing can be effective. Make sure you have a social plugin on WordPress so that you can Ping to Pinterest and Tweet to Twitter and post to Facebook and Linkedin and Digg and Google+ and such sites.

Posting to your blog frequently and updating content, adding pages and article writing using powerful keywords can be effective.

PPC is good if you are brave and knowledgeable. An Introduction to PPC.

Using announcements on or off line can be helpful. I use to put single line ads in a publication that was simply my website address. I posted articles in the same publication. Very effective, sadly, the publication was closed because of the owner’s health.

Using ads on Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters related to your site and other such sites can be effective. Make sure you test your ad headlines until you find one that works. Ads on your site from others can bring you income. Adsense is an example.

Email marketing can be very effective. Use Aweber or GetResponse or such to manage your email accounts (participants) and autoresponders. And free giveaways work too.


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